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Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas

Winnetka Heights is a historic residential area within south Dallas, Texas. The neighborhood is located between West Davis Street to the north, North Edgefield Avenue to the east along with South Polk Street to the south. It is located just to the west on the west side of Interstate 35E which is situated adjacent to the well-known Bishop Arts District and Oak Cliff region. Winnetka Heights is renowned for its diverse mix of homes that range in styles from Craftsman bungalows to Victorian mansions.

It was recently listed among “America’s 10 Great Neighborhoods” by the American Planning Association. There are numerous places to eat, and shops along with parks, galleries, and other places of interest within the neighborhood which make it a great area for residents as well as visitors as well. In addition, the area is renowned for its solid sense of community and its numerous celebrations that highlight its culture, history, and charm. Winnetka Heights is a great location to discover, to work and live and work in Dallas, Texas.


Winnetka Heights History

The history of Winnetka Heights dates back many many years ago. The neighborhood rapidly expanded and developed over the course of the next few decades, with a variety of housing developments built in the period, Many of them are still in use as an integral element of the neighborhood’s appeal and personality.

In the 1970s the area was beginning to decline due to the urban decline and a move to the suburbs. However, in 1988, a group began an effort to protect the community from further degradation. With their dedication and commitment over the last many years, FOWH has been able to safeguard the elements that make Winnetka Heights so special while as well encouraging developments that are respectful of its past.

Winnetka Heights Today

Today, residents live in this vibrant neighborhood that is surrounded by traditional architecture, beautiful parks, luxurious restaurants, and charming shops. There are also many regular events like parades, holidays, and historical house tours which bring people together. Winnetka Heights is truly a distinctive neighborhood in Dallas and the residents are proud to be able to call their home.

It is a place with a rich past, stunning homes, and a strong feeling of community, Winnetka Heights remains an advantage for residents of the City of Dallas and is a sought-after location to live.


Cost of Living

Winnetka Heights is a neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas with many features which make it a great area to live in. The cost of living at Winnetka Heights is slightly higher than the average for all of America due to its accessibility to downtown Dallas as well as its numerous high-end eateries, shops, and entertainment places.


The housing costs within Winnetka Heights range from mid-range apartment homes to luxury single-family houses. The rent for one-bedroom apartments can range from $850 to $1300 per month, based on dimensions, location, and amenities. The prices for three or two-bedroom apartments range from $1200 to 2000 per month, depending on the location and the amenities. Single-family homes are available beginning at $300,000, and increasing from that point.


The public transportation options available in Winnetka Heights include DART buses and trains that run across Dallas city. Dallas. One-way tickets cost $2.50 or daily passes are accessible for $7.50. Ride-sharing or taxi services like Uber or Lyft are accessible for transport to and from airports or other locations in the city.

General Goods & Services

Electricity charges for residents of Winnetka Heights are typically around the cost average for Dallas which means that you should expect to pay between $75-$100 per month, depending on the amount of usage and other variables.

The cost of groceries is generally costlier within Winnetka Heights than the national average because of the nearby shopping centers like Whole Foods Market and Central Market. Costs for essential groceries like eggs, milk bread, eggs, and more. vary from $3 to $5 per item, based on the brand and the quality.

In the end, the lifestyle of Winnetka Heights can be quite expensive because of its connection to Downtown Dallas and a myriad of luxurious amenities. But, with an eye on budgeting, it is possible to take advantage of everything the amenities this area offers without breaking the bank.


Local Economy

Winnetka Heights, Dallas Texas is an active and diverse community that offers its residents numerous jobs. 

Job Opportunities

The area is home to a variety of firms, such as local law offices restaurants, retail shops, and salons. In addition, the medical center and the university offer job opportunities for those who are looking to work in health or education.

Household Income

The median family income of Winnetka Heights is $73,426; However, based on the kind of work one has, the salary will vary widely. Numerous professionals in the legal and finance sectors make more than $100,000.

Local Investment

Local investments contribute to Winnetka Heights’ economy. From buying houses that require renovation to investing in small businesses there’s no shortage of possibilities for those looking to build Winnetka Heights’ economy. Many people also love going to the numerous markets the outdoors and festivals all through the year.

In the end, Winnetka Heights has a prosperous and diverse economy, which offers its residents a wide range of employment opportunities and household incomes that are dependent on job type, as well as plenty of opportunities for local investment. With its mild climate, diverse culture, and gorgeous parks, it’s easy to see why this is an appealing location to live in.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Winnetka Heights, Dallas Texas is a vibrant and bustling area that offers a range of transport choices for residents to pick from. All in all, Winnetka Heights offers a range of options for transportation that can be tailored to suit any budget or style of living. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking an efficient method to get there or simply would like to explore the region on foot, there’s something for anyone. With its wide array of transport options, Winnetka Heights is one of the top locations to reside and work in Dallas Texas.


Public Transportation

The bus system of Winnetka Heights has an extensive network, covering a wide area of the city, and provides the best way to get through town. Buses provide frequent service, which allows you to travel to any location within the city swiftly, securely, and effectively. 



There are numerous taxi services that can assist people in reaching their destination fast and in a safe manner. 



Bicycles are an excellent method to appreciate the beauty of the area, be active, and explore the area with a green approach. 



The most used mode of transportation is the automobile as well as the roads are maintained with an easy way to get to various places. If you’re looking for an easier method of transportation, there are many beautiful walking routes around town, offering stunning scenery and nice air.


Average Annual Weather

Winnetka Heights, Dallas Texas has a moderate climate which is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. 



The average temperature during summertime is about 90°Fahrenheit. However, it could reach as high as 95°F in the course of the day. The temperature drops at night dramatically, usually to 70°F.



Winnetka Heights neighborhood in Dallas Texas is beautiful and charming during winter. There are streets lined with bright lights, festive decorations, and of course, the snow. The winter months bring an amazing blanket of white to the area and create a breathtaking scene for people who live there and those who visit.

The temperature decreases significantly in the winter months during winter in Dallas, Texas and Winnetka Heights is not an exception. It isn’t commonplace in the region, but it is not impossible and, when it does happen, the landscape is transformed over the course of a night. Snowflakes gently fall over charming homes and shops, creating the appearance of a winter wonderland.



The autumnal season in the Winnetka Heights neighborhood in Dallas Texas is truly an experience to behold. At this time of the season, the trees are glowing with vibrant and stunning shades of orange, red, and yellow as leaves change in color. The cooler mornings are an ideal time to take an easy stroll around the picturesque and charming neighborhood. The air is fresh and clean and scented of autumn spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The streets are filled with stunning and vibrant autumn foliage and the sky is often bright blue and dotted with white fluffy clouds.

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops the streets are filled with the sounds of a party. Many people meet at the local park to enjoy hot cider and chat with their friends. The streets are alive with the sounds of laughter and conversations while people relax outside. At this time of year, local businesses provide a variety of specials and discounts which makes it an ideal opportunity to visit the region.



Winnetka Heights, located in the north-central area of Dallas, Texas, truly lives up to its name during the Spring season. The mild temperatures as well as the blossoming foliage show the best in this lively neighborhood.

In spring, Winnetka Heights is alive with color. Dogwood and the other native trees that run along the streets are blooming that fill your air with a delicious scent and providing plenty of shade. The hills, ponds, and creeks create for an attractive backdrop, and the vibrant greens of the new grass and flowering plants fill the landscape.

The well-known Kessler Theater often hosts outdoor concerts during the springtime, and many of the region’s small-scale companies extend hours for special occasions. The parks around the neighborhood are bustling with people running, walking cycling, and taking in beautiful temperatures. The adjacent Lake Cliff Park provides breathtaking views from downtown Dallas.


Local Tip

Dress appropriately for changing weather conditions, particularly during the transitional seasons of autumn and spring. Also, it is recommended to have an umbrella on hand since you don’t know when it will rain! The amount of rain that falls in Winnetka Heights is typically around 40 inches each year.


Education System of Winnetka Heights

Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas offers a range of charter, public private, religious, and homeschooling choices for families seeking to educate their children with a quality education.

Public Schools

Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas is located in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) and offers a diverse selection of public schools for students. The district also has a variety of special programs like sciences, mathematics early college academies health professions academies, performance arts academies, and more to encourage students to be active and engaged in their academics.

Charter Schools

Alongside traditional schooling within Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas, there are a variety of charter schools too. These schools provide a broad range of educational options for students, such as college-preparatory programs that incorporate project-based learning as well as more advanced classes in academics.

Private Schools

Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas is also home to a variety of private schools. Schools that are private, tuition-based schools that offer a range of services dependent on the school’s requirements, such as smaller classes and specialized courses like Montessori or STEM education.

Religious Schools

In addition, Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas has a number of schools for religious purposes in addition. Schools that are religious typically provide an education based on faith that develops the student’s moral and spiritual character, in addition to academic performance.


Finally, those living in Winnetka Heights in Dallas Texas can opt to homeschool their children. Homeschooling parents are accountable for giving their children an education that is in line with or surpasses the standards of state education while meeting any legal obligations stipulated in Texas. State of Texas. Parents should then keep documents that record their child’s development throughout their schooling time.


Winnetka Heights Local Government and Infrastructure

Winnetka Heights, Dallas Texas is a residential area situated inside the Oak Cliff area of the city. The local administration for Winnetka Heights runs by the City of Dallas, which offers fire and police services, in addition to municipal works as well as other groups.


Local police forces for Winnetka Heights are provided by the Dallas Police Department (DPD). This includes detectives and patrol officers who respond to all calls within the area. The DPD also offers community outreach programs, such as crime prevention seminars.

Fire Department

The department that is responsible for fire protection for Winnetka Heights falls under the umbrella of Dallas Fire-Rescue (DFR). The DFR offers fire-related services for Winnetka Heights, which includes emergency medical treatment and other rescue-related assistance.


The area has three primary schools, and each of these schools provides an excellent education for students in Winnetka Heights. There is an emphasis placed on academic excellence and other extracurricular activities like band or sports teams.


Winnetka Heights is served by numerous public libraries located in the City of Dallas, including the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. This library offers literature, reading resources, book on CD/tape and digital media sources access to computers, and internet access in addition to numerous programming options such as story time or book groups.

Public Services

Winnetka Heights is also connected to numerous public services, such as parks and activities for recreation close by Kidd Springs Park. Other utilities include sewer and water lines as well as waste collection services.

All in all, Winnetka Heights is well-served by the City of Dallas and a range of public services and associations, which provide residents with a high standard of living. With many opportunities for education, recreation, and civic engagement projects that are in place, Winnetka Heights is an ideal place to live.


Things To Do

Winnetka Heights has a variety of activities that are available both outdoors and indoors. And, for those seeking something that is truly unique, there are many hidden gems found all over Winnetka Heights waiting to be discovered! From historic record stores to amazing street murals, this area has it all. Whatever you are looking for, Winnetka Heights has something special for you.


For those who are looking for some more adventure-based activities, enjoy the sprawling green spaces at Winnetka Heights Park. The park has hiking trails and tennis courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, and two fishing ponds. There are disc golf courses for guests to take on in.

If you’re looking for something more peaceful, there is an abundance of shopping options scattered across Winnetka Heights. The well-known Dallas Farmers Market offers fresh products from local farmers and freshly prepared food items such as sandwiches, tacos, and other pastries.


To get a glimpse of the history of the area take a look at an excursion through the historic homes at Winnetka Heights. The neighborhood houses many buildings dating to the 19th century and offers visitors the opportunity to examine their architecture in close proximity. Another way to gain knowledge about the history of the city is to attend one of the numerous festivals that take place all through the year like films and music performances.


Restaurants in Winnetka Heights

These eateries located in Winnetka Heights offer a variety of cuisines and flavors that satisfy every palate. No matter if you’re searching for classic Mexican dishes or something more original there will be something to please all. Come out and experience the great food and the atmosphere of these local restaurants.



LA HECHIZERA TORTAS JEFFERSON BLV is a Mexican restaurant that is located at Winnetka Heights. It serves traditional tacos as well as tortas, accompanied by delicious salsas as well as fresh-cut vegetables. They offer crispy tacos rolled in tortillas that are packed with chicken or beef shreds as well as cheese, lettuce and. The restaurant also serves freshly cooked caldos (soups) as well as enchiladas, quesadillas, and tostadas.



Nova It is an Italian restaurant situated within Winnetka Heights. The menu offers a broad variety of classic dishes like lasagna, carbonara linguine, and spaghetti al puttanesca. There is also an array of pizzas, calzones, and focaccia sandwiches. The most requested food item at Nova is their pizza bolognese which is made with tomatoes, ground beef mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and other ingredients.


Old Hag’s Pizza and Pasta

Old Hag’s Pizza and Pasta is an American-style Italian restaurant that is situated at Winnetka Heights. The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes such as spaghetti and lasagna with marinara sauce as well as thin-crust pizzas that are topped with fresh ingredients such as sausage, pepperoni, and onions. Old Hag’s also offers a range of specialty pies that are available, including 



With these four fantastic parks located in Winnetka Heights in Dallas Texas, there’s something for anyone to take pleasure in the great outside. No matter if you’re looking for an afternoon of relaxation at the park or discovering more about the world The parks have great facilities and activities that will ensure that your visit is memorable.


Ruthmeade Park

Ruthmeade Park is the oldest of the parks that are located situated in Winnetka Heights, Dallas Texas. It is home to an expansive playground that includes slides and swings and a gazebo with benches and tables for picnics and walks that meander across the park’s lush vegetation. There are two basketball courts that are outdoor as well as an outdoor pool.


Stone Park

Stone Park is located just to the south of Ruthmeade Park and offers a range of leisure facilities for people to take advantage of. It is home to courts and sitting areas. There are also football fields and an outdoor pavilion with tables for picnics. There are paths for walking and a pond that is stocked with rainbow trout.


Kidd Springs Park

Kidd Springs Park is the most recent park to open located in Winnetka Heights. It has something for everyone from infant youngsters to the elderly. There are two playgrounds that include swings, slides, and other play equipment. There are benches and picnic tables scattered in the park along with an outdoor pavilion that can be utilized for celebrations or other special occasions.


Twelve Hills Nature Center

Twelve Hills Nature Center is an exceptional destination in Winnetka Heights Dallas Texas due to its emphasis on environmental awareness. The non-profit organization provides classes for all age groups throughout the year, that cover topics like the biology of insects, bird-watching, and identification of wildflowers. 


Is Winnetka Heights Safe To Live In

Winnetka Heights is a beautiful neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas. It is located in the east of the city. It offers the convenience of being close to downtown Dallas and all its attractions. It is among the most popular areas within the city due to its proximity to restaurants, shopping entertainment, parks, and restaurants. This is why there are many who reside in Winnetka Heights home.

In terms of safety, Winnetka Heights is an extremely secure place to live. Residents feel safe in the community because of the low rate of crime and a strong feeling of community pride. Police officers from local law enforcement agencies frequently check the area to stop any criminal activity from taking place. In addition, residents look out for each other through regular programs for neighborhood watch.

The neighborhood is also well maintained, with numerous roads and places being regularly maintained. This ensures that the neighborhood is an enjoyable living space in regard to cleanliness and general appearance. Many parks are available as recreation spaces all over Winnetka Heights which makes it an ideal location for those who love the outdoors, such as cycling or walking their dogs. In the end, Winnetka Heights is an ideal place to live because it is affordable, secure, and appealing facilities. It’s a great area for families, students, as well as single professionals because of its proximity to downtown Dallas as well as a variety of attractions. 


Why Should I Live Here

Winnetka Heights is a vibrant and hospitable neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas. It’s situated close to Downtown Downtown, the Design District, and Lower Greenville which makes it easy to get around the most famous attractions in the city. Along with the convenience of its area, Winnetka Heights offers many facilities that make it a great area for people with families or seeking for the perfect area to settle in.

The neighborhood itself reflects the strong community spirit through its tree-lined streets as well as well-maintained houses. The variety of homes available allows you to find the perfect home for your budget, ranging from single-family homes to townhomes with larger sizes and condos. This variety of choices allows homeowners to select the ideal living space that suits their needs and preferences.

The most appealing aspect of living the Winnetka Heights is its many amenities and recreational activities available in the vicinity. There are numerous green spaces, including Kidd Springs Park, where residents can have picnics and stroll through the trails. There are lots of activities within walking distance, such as bowling alleys, movie theatres, music venues, and art galleries.

In conclusion, Winnetka Heights offers an excellent combination of easy accessibility to the city’s most popular attractions and entertainment options as well as a variety of housing choices for every budget as well as a secure and safe living space with plenty of leisure facilities and activities nearby. 

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