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Vickery Place Dallas Texas

February 7, 2023 | Yamilet Timaure
Vickery Place Dallas Texas

Vickery Place, located in Dallas Texas, is a bustling neighborhood located in the eastern part of historic East Dallas. It is located near Downtown and to the east of Lower Greenville Avenue, Vickery Place offers easy access to the city’s finest attractions, such as galleries theatres, specialty shops, and award-winning eateries.

The center of Vickery Place is located at the intersection of North Henderson Avenue and North Fitzhugh Avenue which is where the locals gather to shop for items at the farmers market in town or browse through the local stores. The residents are able to enjoy an eclectic mix of traditional houses and apartments that are upscale and have the art deco style in this adored historical district.

If you’re searching for activities outdoors, Vickery Park offers plenty of green space. The park covers 3.2 acres The park has a basketball court, a playground as well as an area for picnics. It is located in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood adjacent to the park and offers numerous trails for cycling and running.

People who live in Vickery Place can enjoy everything this distinctive Dallas neighborhood offers thanks to its central location near downtown as well as its well-established transport system. With events like Vickery Place’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt or Sunday afternoon performances in the Park, It’s easy to see why people from all walks of life love living in this lively part of Dallas.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-history

Vickery Place Dallas Texas History

Vickery Place is a historic neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. It is bordered by Henderson Avenue on the east, Central Expressway to the north along with Cole Avenue to the south. The name of the area is derived from Andrew L. Vickery, who came to the area in 1902 and later became an eminent businessman.

In the 1920s and 1930s, wealthy people began to build houses within Vickery Place such as doctors lawyers, lawyers, and other professionals. At this time, numerous mansions with stately architecture were built which are still in use to this day. Following World War II there was an influx of people who came from Europe and Mexico to the neighborhood, which significantly changed the city’s character as time passed.

Presently, Vickery Place is undergoing another change as it is now one of the top sought-after areas in Dallas. Vickery Place is home to numerous high-end restaurants, shops, and cafes, in addition to a lively nightlife scene. Furthermore, new developments for housing are appearing all over the neighborhood, providing contemporary amenities and luxurious living alternatives for people looking to move to the region.

Vickery Place is a modern, yet historic neighborhood with an array of activities for all. With its stunning streetscapes and fascinating cultural sites It’s not surprising that many are flocking to this particular area of Dallas. From low-cost starting homes to luxury lofts, there’s something for all regardless of style or budget. Whatever era and hobbies might be, Vickery Place is sure to offer something for you. It’s a wonderful area to work, live and play!

Vickery Place Dallas Texas Today

Vickery Place provides a range of things to do for tourists and locals alike. The lively neighborhood is the home of several of Dallas’s most acclaimed bars, restaurants, and cafes and also a variety of renowned boutiques. The neighborhood also has an array of entertainment options, including art galleries and live theatres, music venues, and museums. There’s plenty to do or places to visit.

If you’re searching for outdoor activities the region is home to a variety of parks like Reverchon Park where locals can unwind or engage in numerous recreational activities. If you’re looking for a family for something more energetic, there are numerous sports facilities in the vicinity, such as tennis courts and swimming pools.

No matter what your interests are There’s something for anyone within Vickery Place, Dallas Texas. With gorgeous homes and exciting activities, there’s no reason to wonder why the neighborhood is so well-known! Visit this sliver of Texas history and culture every time you’re around town. It won’t disappoint!

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-cost-of-living

Cost Of Living

Vickery Place is a posh neighborhood that is centrally found in Dallas, Texas. It is well-known for its gorgeous homes and easy access to services like top schools and shopping centers, restaurants as well as dining along with entertainment and dining options. The price to live in Vickery Place reflects the attraction of this desirable location.

Housing And Utilities

Vickery Place is one of the lively neighborhoods located in Dallas, Texas with an assortment of housing choices. The cost of a single-family home in the area ranges from $400K to $600K. Renters can locate townhomes, apartments, and condos that have one to three bedrooms at varying costs based on location, size, and amenities. Gas and electricity are usually affordable, with prices ranging from around $100 to $150 per month, based on the use.

The prices for groceries are reasonable within Vickery Place. The nearby grocery store has high-quality food items at affordable costs. Customers who prefer special or organic products will find these items readily and easily. On average, people spend $300-$400 a month on food.

General Goods & Services

Vickery Place is where you can find a wide range of companies that provide products as well as services for residents. From boutiques that are fashionable to high-end eateries, there are plenty of choices for dining and shopping. Prices vary based on the kind of product or service you purchase but, generally speaking, prices tend to be moderate or somewhat higher than in other regions of Dallas.

In addition, many residents opt to deal with local vendors that provide low prices on their products or services. In general Vickery Place is expensive to live in. Vickery Place is high compared to other communities in the Dallas region, however, it offers many benefits and is convenient for families seeking an exciting living space.


The public transportation system is readily accessible within Vickery Place. Vickery Place neighborhood. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) offers light and bus rail services that run across Dallas, which makes it simple to travel long as well as short distances without the need for a vehicle. The majority of journeys cost from $2 and $5 based on the distance you travel. The commute time for Vickery Place to downtown Dallas is around 20 minutes with public transport or about 10 minutes in an automobile.

In the end, the price to live in Vickery Place is high compared to other areas in Dallas However, the abundance of facilities and amenities make it a popular location for families to settle. With low housing costs as well as low-cost utilities, moderate cost of groceries, and easy access to public transportation, Vickery Place is an ideal location for people looking for energy and convenience. Vickery Place is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a variety of things to do and enjoy yet is within easy distance of downtown Dallas. Therefore, Vickery Place is an appealing choice to look at when looking for the perfect place to live in the Dallas region.

In the simplest terms, Vickery Place is an excellent neighborhood for people looking for efficiency and convenience at an affordable cost. Its cost of living is higher than many of the other areas in Dallas however, the numerous facilities, public transportation, and reasonable cost make it worth considering for the next house you buy.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-local-economy

Local Economy

Vickery Place, Texas is an area of Dallas. Dallas. Vickery Place has experienced significant growth in the last few years which has made it one of the most desirable locations to reside in Dallas. Vickery Place is an economic hub that includes restaurants, shops, and businesses.

The region has a variety of retail options, ranging from boutiques that are small to large box stores. Locally, there are a variety of restaurants serving delicious food that are from all over the globe. Restaurants such as Cafe Momentum, Pecan Lodge BBQ, and Brewed+Pressed have been gaining popularity among residents and tourists alike. Residents also have access to farmer’s markets and grocery stores like Central Market and Whole Foods.

Job Opportunities

Vickery Place, in Dallas Texas, is a diverse neighborhood that is home to numerous local businesses and opportunities for employment. A lot of residents go to the nearby downtown area for work, and industries like education, finance, technology as well as healthcare, and government offer plenty of opportunities for jobs. People who are looking for jobs with a more local focus are able to find employment at a variety of the eateries and shops which make up the main street known as Vickery Place. If you prefer to work for yourself or work in creative ventures, you can benefit from the Network Bar’s collaborative spaces or one of the numerous open workspaces that are available in the region.

Household Income

The median household income for households in Vickery Place is $48,400 annually. This fairly high income allows residents for investing in businesses locally, buy properties, and enjoy entertainment options such as entertainment and dining. A majority of properties in the neighborhood are well-maintained single-story dwellings that reflect the steady and moderate investment from the people who reside in Vickery Place homes.

Local Investments

Locally, the economy in Vickery Place is supported by investment from Dallasites as well as other visitors. Homeowners are eligible for tax incentives for making investments in property or business ventures within the boundaries of the district. Small-scale business owners can are able to benefit from economic development loans and grants that are provided by the city in order to aid their ventures. Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Association also provides resources to assist businesses in growing and also organizes events that attract more visitors and clients to the neighborhood.

Vickery Place is a flourishing neighborhood located in Dallas Texas with plenty of jobs and high household incomes, and investments from local sources which make it a desirable area to live to work, play, and live. The rich culture of the area ensures that residents are able to enjoy everything the amenities the city offers without ever needing to leave the area. With its vibrant business scene and warm and welcoming inhabitants, Vickery Place is truly an ideal area to call home.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Vickery Place, Dallas Texas is a diverse neighborhood that has many residents. It is comprised of commercial and residential areas. It’s simple to navigate Vickery Place thanks to the accessible transportation system within the region.

The residents of Vickery Place can choose from a range of choices for moving from one place to another location, based on their requirements. Public transportation is provided through DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) which has light rail and bus routes all over the neighborhood and further. Taxi services are also offered and ridesharing applications like Uber or Lyft can get you wherever you want to go swiftly and easily. In addition, bike rental kiosks are available throughout the district and offer a sustainable method of exploring the city.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-transportation-taxis


People who require transportation urgently choose taxis that are located in Vickery Place, Dallas Texas. The popular mode of transportation is easily accessible all over the area and is available at the street corners or accessed via a range of applications. Taxis are a cheap option to travel to Vickery Place and provide an efficient way to get to your destination swiftly.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-transportation-public-transportation

Public Transportation

Vickery Place, Dallas Texas is served by a complete network of public transport. It is served by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) offers light rail services to the neighborhood with a variety of stops all over the neighborhood. The trains operate at intervals of 10 minutes in peak hours and every 15 mins at other periods during the day. Buses offer comprehensive coverage across Vickery Place allowing for fast and efficient transportation around the area. If you prefer to travel by foot, DART also provides walking routes to access any area of Vickery Place quickly and safely.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-transportation-cars


For those who like the convenience of owning their own vehicle, Vickery Place has plenty of parking options, as well as numerous roads that make it simple to travel around. No matter if you are in the area or out of it cars are usually the most efficient mode of transport within Vickery Place. They also provide more flexibility than taxis or public transportation offers since you can travel wherever you want to go without having to think about routes or schedules.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-transportation-bicycles


People seeking an eco-friendly mode of transportation could choose bikes within Vickery Place, Dallas Texas. There are plenty of bicycle lanes in the area that make cycling a safe and enjoyable way of getting around. Bicycles allow you to explore the neighborhood at your own pace and open up a new universe of possibilities inside Vickery Place. If you’re looking for your time on a bike or to get to a location quickly, cycling is the best option for this lively neighborhood.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather

Average Annual Weather

Vickery Place in Dallas, Texas is a historical neighborhood that is located within the East Dallas area.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather-summer


Summer months in Vickery Place, Dallas Texas are humid and hot. The temperatures typically range from the mid-80s to the low 90s, and there is a constant level of humidity throughout the year. The sun can shine brightly, which increases the heat during this season. Although there isn’t any rain, there are days when thunderstorms, or even hail, could happen. As a safeguard against hot temperatures, the locals suggest dressing in a light and hydrated manner and keeping water handy throughout the day when out and about. Sunscreen is also advised to shield against UV radiation and damage to the skin.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather-fall


The autumn season in Vickery Place, Dallas Texas provides a vibrant mix of yellows, and oranges along with reds, as autumn leaves begin to change color. The temperature ranges between sixty-five on cold days to eighty-five degrees on warmer ones. However, severe storm systems can also be expected at this time of the season, which can bring heavy amounts of rain and occasionally hail.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather-winter


The winter months In Vickery Place, Dallas Texas are a pleasant time of the season. Temperatures could vary from 30 to 60 degrees during cold winter nights up to seventy degrees in more mild seasons. It is common for low temperatures to occur between January and February with a blanket of snow being possible all through the year if weather conditions favor it. The average annual snowfall is approximately 2 inches which makes it relatively simple to travel during winter months. Winter attire is recommended to include a thick jacket and scarf for extra warmth in the winter months.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather-spring


The springtime at Vickery Place, Dallas Texas is usually pleasant, with blooming plants adding color to the surroundings. The temperatures range from fifty-five degrees to seventy-five degrees on days with warmer temperatures at this time of the year. Rain showers are common to make everything appear lush and green again. Rain gear is suggested to protect yourself from rain. An umbrella can be useful while out outdoors.

To guard against the effects of severe weather, locals suggest using an umbrella or safety gear while outside. In general, the autumn climate is warm and unpredictable, making it important to be prepared for any weather-related conditions that could arise during the entire season. One suggestion for locals is to go to any of the parks in the vicinity to enjoy the vibrant autumnal colors.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-average-annual-weather-local-tips

Local Tip

Locally, it is recommended to go to any of the parks in the vicinity in any season to admire the beauty that is Vickery Place, Dallas Texas. It doesn’t matter if it’s springtime flowers or autumn leaves there is always something wonderful about spending time in nature. Take a packed lunch and make an afternoon of it! You’ll not only get some fresh air, but you will also be able to appreciate the beauty this area of Texas offers. The climate at Vickery Place is mild and unpredictable, which is why it’s important for you to have a plan for any situation by bringing sunblock, rain jackets, or any other protection gear based on the time of year. Enjoy exploring!

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-education-system

Education System Of Vickery Place Dallas Texas

Vickery Place located in Dallas, Texas is home to an educational system that offers students the best base for the success they deserve. The schools are well-known for their outstanding academic standards and commitment to encouraging learners to pursue their education throughout their lives. The district has a variety of programs of studies for middle, elementary, and high school-aged children.

Public Schools

Vickery Place is a neighborhood in Dallas. Vickery Place neighborhood is served by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). DISD is the second biggest school district in Texas and has more than 158,000 students on 223 campuses. The schools within the Vickery Place area include Maple Lawn Elementary, O’Banion Middle School, and Skyline High School. All DISD schools offer an academically rigorous curriculum along with a wide variety of extracurricular activities including performing and visual athletics, sports clubs, and associations.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are becoming more popular throughout Dallas Fort Worth in recent times. They are privately funded, but publically managed schools that operate separately from ISD but allow families to benefit from local tax funds. Vickery Place is one of them. Vickery Place neighborhood is served by two charter schools: Uplift Education North Hills Preparatory and Dallas Can Academy. Both schools provide college-preparation programs designed to meet the specific needs of the students as well as career-focused courses, such as hospitality management, accounting as well as entrepreneurship, among others.

Private Schools

Private schools are abundant in the DFW region, with a number of excellent schools located within a few minutes of Vickery Place. For instance, Parish Episcopal School offers an academic program for the preschooler to the twelfth year that focuses on character development as well as spiritual growth, while also offering math, language arts, and science classes. Similarly, Ss. Felicitas & Perpetua Catholic School provides a safe and calming atmosphere for students in the 6th-8th grades as well as a challenging academic program that incorporates Latin and Spanish instruction in the language and honors classes.

Religious Schools

Schools like The Highlands School, provide Catholic education from the age of preschool to the 12th grade. They provide a strong foundation of faith-based education while also helping students prepare for college entrance.


A lot of families choose to educate their children, rather than send them to traditional schools environment. If parents choose this route there are plenty of resources that range from online curricula and tutoring in-person services. There are numerous local support groups for homeschooling that meet regularly to talk about their experiences and provide advice regarding the best methods. Homeschooling gives parents the ability to adapt their child’s education to meet their specific requirements, and still provide access to a high-quality education.

Overall it is clear that Vickery Place is a great neighborhood overall. Vickery Place neighborhood offers its residents a variety of choices for educating their children. It doesn’t matter if they select traditional public schools as well as charter schools or private schools and religious schools, or even homeschooling, parents can rest sure of their kids receive a top-quality education and will be well-prepared for the college experience and beyond.

The Dallas region is where you can find several of the most successful schools in Texas which are both private and public, giving students the chance to receive a high-quality education in a setting that meets their requirements. With the many options to choose from, it’s simple for parents living in the Vickery Place neighborhood to find the best education for their children.

Therefore, whatever your family’s ambitions in education might be, you’ll be at ease knowing that there’s an ideal school near Vickery Place. There are traditional schools for children, homeschooling, and many more, you’re guaranteed to find the right educational option for you and your loved ones!

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-local-goverment

Vickery Place Dallas Texas Local Government And Infrastructure

Vickery Place in Dallas, Texas is a wealthy area located in the center of downtown. The neighborhood is situated within Uptown as well as Highland Park, Vickery Place provides its residents with a lavish life with all the conveniences of a big city. Vickery Place is protected by beautiful green spaces, winding roads lined with old homes, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Vickery Place’s local administration Vickery Place strives to make sure residents have access to top-quality products and facilities for their day-to-day necessities. Vickery Place residents have representation at City Council meetings by representatives who are there as their customers. A very active Neighborhood Association holds regular meetings to discuss issues which affect the community, including the zoning of new areas as well as public safety issues and development plans.


Vickery Place forms part of Vickery Place is part of the Dallas Police Department, which is the largest police force in North Texas. Vickery Place Area Command Vickery Place Area Command is one of four area commandments that divide the city as well as its outlying zones into easily manageable districts for police to patrol. The department provides traditional police services, such as answering 911 calls, investigating crime, and traffic law enforcement. The department also has a crime prevention division that offers outreach programs to the community specifically designed to protect residents.

Fire Departments

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department serves Vickery Place with five fire stations across the district. It includes rescue squads, truck companies Hazardous materials teams, and special groups for High Angle rescues emergency search and rescue in urban areas, as well as firefighting, and technical rescue. The department also offers emergency medical services as well as hazardous material response mass casualty response, as well as water rescue services.


Vickery Place neighborhood is served by the Dallas Public Library system. Its J. Erik Jonsson Central Library is the primary Branch of the system. It contains collections in more than 50 languages. It also offers numerous computers as well as 3D printing capabilities and a variety of educational resources for people of all different ages. There are numerous smaller branches in Vickery Place that provide access to magazines, books, and media resources for residents of the area.


Vickery Place is the home of several public schools run by the Dallas Independent School District. This includes The Vickery Place elementary school as well as several middle schools as well as high schools.

Public Services

The area also offers many public services that are available to residents. These include easy access to recreational and parks, as well as health libraries, clinics, and churches. Additionally, the city offers garbage collection, street cleaning, and other municipal services across the district.

All in all, Vickery Place is well-served by the local government infrastructure, which is designed to provide the residents with top-quality public services. With well-equipped police, fire, and education facilities and various other public works initiatives The neighborhood is the perfect location for those who are looking for the security of a secure and safe community.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-Things-to-do

Things To Do

Vickery Place in Dallas, Texas is an active and lively area that has many activities for tourists and locals alike. Vickery Place is a thriving area with local-owned shops, restaurants, and even a historical cinema. If you’re seeking food options or are looking to discover the local tradition, there are numerous activities available at Vickery Place.


Vickery Place has a wide range of indoor entertainment for guests to enjoy. There is a Deep Ellum Brewing Company that features taprooms that serve craft beers brewed on-site along with food and drinks from local eateries. The brewery also has tours for visitors to take a peek at how their favorite beers are created.

The Texas Theatre is a popular place for film buffs. The theater is home to regular screenings of old films, new films as well as cult favorites. The audience can also enjoy live music by local DJs and bands in the theater.

If you’re looking to do some shopping accomplished, Vickery Place offers plenty of choices. A visited place is the Dallas Farmers Market, which has stalls that sell everything from food items to crafts and jewelry. If you’re looking for something distinctive, you can check out the shops that are vintage in Deep Ellum that sell one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories from the past times.


Vickery Place is a wonderful spot to enjoy the outdoors. For those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, there are numerous parks and green spaces in Vickery Place. Cochran Park, located in the middle of Vickery Place, features picnic tables as well as playgrounds and basketball courts. It also functions as an outdoor space for special occasions like music, farmer’s markets, and film screenings.

If you’re looking for something that is a little more original, Vickery Place has plenty of choices. There is the Dragon Sculpture Park is an outdoor art installation with dragon sculptures created by local artists. Visitors can wander through the park and find out about the legends and stories that go along with each piece. The park is accessible to everyone and is the perfect opportunity to discover some of the cultures in Dallas.

Whatever people are looking for, Vickery Place has many things to offer. From outdoor activities such as exploring parks and viewing artwork to inside activities such as going to breweries and shopping at the local market, The neighborhood provides an array of activities. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short visit or a long stay, there are many activities available within Vickery Place Dallas Texas.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-restaurants

Restaurants In Vickery Place Dallas Texas

Vickery Place located in Dallas, Texas is home to a vibrant and diverse food scene. From traditional American favorites to more exotic eateries visitors are bound to discover something they’ll enjoy in this vibrant neighborhood. From family-friendly meals for the kids to romantic spots for a night out there’s something for everyone in Vickery Place.


The Old Monk

It is a classic gastropub with an extensive beer selection. Offering delicious pub-style fare, The Old Monk is sure to please all palettes. From light snacks and salads to heartier meals such as their signature burgers, guests can enjoy tasty food in a relaxed atmosphere. As one of the oldest restaurants in Vickery Place, it’s a great spot to kick back and enjoy some good food.


Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

This popular spot specializes in wood-fired pizza and craft beer. With a full bar, guests can enjoy their favorite drinks while selecting from an array of pies, salads, and other starters. Pie Tap also has a large outdoor patio for those who love al fresco dining.


Mayer’s Garden

Mayer’s Garden serves up classic American fare with a twist. Offering charming indoor and outdoor seating, it’s the perfect spot for intimate dinners or group outings. On their menu, guests can find everything from hearty sandwiches to home-style entrees such as fried chicken and ribs. With its signature cocktails, craft beers, and creative desserts, Mayer’s Garden is guaranteed to satisfy any hungry visitor.

No matter what type of food you crave, Vickery Place in Dallas has something special for everyone. From classic American pubs to ethnic eateries, the restaurants here offer something for all tastes – making it the perfect destination for any occasion! With its diverse and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Vickery Place is one of the most beloved destinations in Dallas.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-parks


Vickery Place, located in Dallas, Texas is a beautiful and lively residential area that provides residents with numerous opportunities to get outdoors and take in the beauty of nature. Just to the south of downtown Dallas, The area is surrounded by urban amenities such as eateries, stores, and entertainment venues as well as professional services. The area also has beautiful parks, which provide the ideal setting for outdoor activities for both children and adults alike.

The vibrant atmosphere and various activities offered by these parks make them an ideal place for residents and visitors alike to spend a pleasant afternoon. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll through the trees, some family fun at the playground, or just want to relax in the shade on a hot day, there’s something for everyone at Vickery Place’s local parks.


Cochran Park

Cochran Park is one of the most popular green spaces in Vickery Place. This 4-acre park offers a playground with swings and slides, as well as a basketball court and picnic area. There is also a jogging path that winds its way through the trees and around a pond, offering visitors a peaceful setting for an evening stroll or morning jog. The park also hosts regular community events such as movie nights, food festivals, and outdoor concerts.


Abbott Park

Abbott Park is located near the heart of Vickery Place and is widely considered one of the best parks in the neighborhood. The park offers a wide range of activities for visitors including a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, and picnic areas. There are also plenty of shady trees around to relax under on a hot day. Abbott Park is well maintained and often used by local families for events such as birthday parties or family reunions.


Munger Park

Munger Park is a 6-acre park located close to the center of Vickery Place. This park offers plenty of activities for visitors including a large playground, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a sand volleyball court. There is also plenty of space for picnics or barbeques with tables and grills available throughout the park. Munger Park hosts regular events such as outdoor yoga classes and farmers’ markets on weekends.


Tietze Park

Tietze Park is a 3-acre park located on the east side of Vickery Place. This park offers plenty of outdoor fun for visitors with its playground, sand volleyball court, picnic areas, and walking trails. The nearby lake attracts ducks and geese, providing a pleasant setting for birdwatching or fishing. There are also several large trees around to provide ample shade for visitors on hot summer days. Tietze Park often hosts events such as concerts or community barbeques which bring residents together to enjoy the outdoors.

Vickery Place has an abundance of parks that offer something unique to its visitors. Whether it’s Cochran’s playgrounds, Abbott’s tennis courts, Munger’s horseshoe pits, or Tietze’s lake, these parks provide locals with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Residents and visitors to Vickery Place are sure to find something that suits their particular tastes in one of its many green spaces.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-is-it-safe-to-live

Is Vickery Place Dallas Texas Safe To Live In

Vickery Place in Dallas, Texas is a secure and sought-after neighborhood for those seeking an area to live in. It is popular with families, singles as well as retirees due to its central position close to downtown Dallas as well as the numerous amenities like stores and restaurants. Security is also a top concern and the area is supervised by the diligent local security and police teams that are available in the event of an emergency.

The area in Vickery Place is largely residential with lots of single-family houses and apartments that are located in close proximity. There are also plenty of parks and green spaces in which people can spend tranquil time outside in their spare time. This makes it a perfect place to live in.

Vickery Place’s streets are clean, well-organized, and well-lit. Renters and homeowners alike can have a sense of security while walking through Vickery Place in the evening or at any time of the daytime. When it comes to crime the statistics indicate that this neighborhood is significantly less dangerous than the norm for Dallas overall. The local police force is on the street to ensure that everyone is safe.

In the end, being a resident of Vickery Place in Dallas Texas is a pleasant and safe experience. From its central location near downtown to its friendly environment and low crime rate Vickery Place is a great option for those looking for an area to be home. Residents in the area can be assured of their safety is taken over by vigilant police officers that are available 24/7 should an emergency arise. When you consider all the benefits it’s not surprising that there are so many who decide to reside in this particular area.

Vickery Place-dallas-tx-why-should-i-live-here

Why Should I Live Here

Vickery Place in Dallas, Texas is a lively and diverse community that is perfect for those who wish to reside in the city, with a variety of facilities and activities nearby. It is located in East Dallas, Vickery Place is about 10 miles from downtown Dallas and offers residents the convenience of accessing all the amenities of the city, and yet feeling part of a tight-knit community.

The area has been through significant renovations in the past few times, adding to its character and charm; Vickery Place has even been named one of America’s most desirable communities in CNN Money Magazine. People can walk around this historic area, lined with gorgeous trees and vibrant homes that range from charming Victorian bungalows to traditional cottages. There are numerous parks within the vicinity for recreational and outdoor activities in addition to local cafes and restaurants with a menu for everyone’s taste. There are also numerous events and festivals that are held at Vickery Place throughout the year The community is full of the feeling of belonging and camaraderie among its members.

The attractions nearby are another excellent reason to choose to live at Vickery Place. It is close to White Rock Lake Park, Northpark Mall, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Mockingbird Station as well as The Dallas Zoo, there’s always something to do within Vickery Place! If you’re seeking an evening of retail therapy or to discover any of the parks close by there’s a fun activity just across the street for all.

Vickery Place is truly a place that has an array of amenities for every person. With its close-knit neighborhood vibe and accessibility the Downtown Dallas and other places of interest and a wealth of amenities, it’s an ideal location to live in. If you’re seeking an intimate cottage or simply wish to feel like an integral part of a smaller neighborhood, Vickery Place has everything! Experience the beauty of this historical area located in East Dallas today. You will not be dissatisfied.

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