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Swiss Avenue Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Swiss Avenue Dallas Texas

Swiss Avenue is located in East Dallas, Texas. It is located between Gaston Avenue and Peak Street to the south. Swiss Avenue is part of the larger Belmont Addition Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. The main road along Swiss Avenue runs through mature forests, historical mansions, and bungalows as well as apartments, churches as well as restaurants, and shops. 

To the north lies downtown Dallas and White Rock Lake resides at its southern boundaries, offering peace for residents. The other nearby attractions are Deep Ellum, Fair Park, Lower Greenville Ave., Baylor University Medical Center, and Bishop Arts District. Swiss Avenue is also conveniently situated near the downtown area of Dallas, Love Field Airport as well as DFW International Airport. Due to its central location, the area has grown into an attractive location for people who want to reside in a historic district that has easy access to everything Dallas offers.


Swiss Avenue History

It is believed that the Swiss Avenue neighborhood in Dallas, Texas has a rich background that goes back more than 100 years. It first came into the East Dallas development in the early 1900s in the early 1900s. It was a popular location for professional professionals with a high net worth due to the proximity to downtown, the medical district, and the nearby communities like Deep Ellum and Lakewood.

Some of the top architects from the nation created houses on the land stretch that included homes for residents with colonnades as well as Mediterranean-style villas complete with porches and balconies. Many of these houses remain in place today and are considered the most stunning in Dallas.

Swiss Avenue Today

Nowadays, Swiss Avenue is one of the most sought-after places to reside in Dallas. The houses range from Craftsman cottages that were built during the first half of 1900, to mid-century modern homes created by famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. There are also a variety of eateries, boutiques, and other small-scale companies that have opened on Swiss Avenue over the years and have created a lively atmosphere for the residents.

The neighborhood still has its elegant feel, with beautiful trees lining the streets and open spaces for families to take advantage of. The homeowners are proud of their homes in the area and the neighborhood is a closely connected community that has an active civic group that hosts regular gatherings. Swiss Avenue continues to be one of the most sought-after locations to reside in Dallas and its past and charm make it a unique location.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Swiss Avenue neighborhood in Dallas, Texas is relatively high in comparison to other parts of the city. The overall costs to live in Swiss Avenue may be higher than in other areas of Dallas however its ease of living and amenities usually are worth the price.


Costs for housing are generally more expensive because of the neighborhood and close proximity to facilities. Single-family homes cost anywhere from $500,000 to more than 1 million dollars for more luxurious properties. There are apartments available for rent beginning at $1,000 per month, based on the size and condition.


Transport on Swiss Avenue is convenient, with both private and public transportation choices. Trolleys, buses, taxis, and buses are all readily available along with Uber as well as Lyft rides. In addition, there is you can take advantage of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail line that runs close by, making it simple to move all over the town. Monthly passes for DART are about $95. 

General Goods & Services

The electric bills in the area are pretty standard, with the majority of customers paying between $100- $200 per month depending on the amount of usage. Food prices are also a bit higher than in other areas of Dallas since there are only a handful of discount stores within walking distance. Most grocery stores along Swiss Avenue offer organic and natural alternatives at prices that are competitive.


Local Economy

The economic life in Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas is diverse and vibrant. The area has a variety of wealthy professionals, well-educated university students, and multi-generational families that have resided in the area for generations. This diversity has contributed to the environment that promotes local businesses and employment expansion.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities abound on Swiss Avenue, with many established firms in the area. Numerous tech startups are attracted by the area because of its central location and increasing popularity. Alongside these larger firms, there are many small firms scattered throughout the area offering local employment for residents.

Household Income

The income of households in Swiss Avenue is significantly higher than the Dallas average. The median income of households in the neighborhood is approximately $70,000, with a number of households earning higher than this. This wealth level creates an abundance of demand for top-quality products and services in the local area and from tourists from out of town.

Local Investment

Investments from local investors are very strong and are thriving in Swiss Avenue. There are many real estate developments taking place across the region and also local initiatives to encourage economic growth, including small business tax incentives and grants. These initiatives have helped increase employment and provide fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to establish an enterprise in Dallas or move their business to the area.

Overall, the Swiss Avenue economy is growing at a rapid pace. With its diverse jobs, income levels, and investments made locally, the region offers a huge amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses as well as residents.


Transportation Options For The Commute

It is the Swiss Avenue neighborhood in Dallas, Texas has a variety of transportation options. Whatever method residents decide to use to travel and travel, transportation within Swiss Avenue is easy and convenient. Swiss Avenue neighborhood of Dallas Texas is easy and readily available.


Public Transportation

In addition, there are many public transportation options, such as trains and bus lines that run throughout downtown Dallas Some of them include stops on Swiss Avenue.



Taxis are popular in this neighborhood, since they provide people with door-to-door service, without the hassle of parking or getting around.



The city also offers a bicycle-sharing program for cyclists searching for an environmentally friendly way to travel for short distances within the city. In addition, Uber and Lyft are easily accessible in the area as well as the rest of Dallas and offer a different option to taxis.



If you prefer driving your own vehicle, Swiss Avenue is located near major interstates which makes it easy to travel to various areas within Dallas quickly. 


Average Annual Weather

Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas provides a pleasant and comfortable climate all year round which makes it a perfect place for tourists. 



The summer months are extremely humid and hot with temperatures that average a high of 96°Fahrenheit. In the summer, you can expect to see severe thunderstorms as well as occasional tornadoes so it is crucial to be equipped with rain gear or a safe place to stay. The humidity during summer could make it more uncomfortable than temperature readings on thermometers suggest.



The winters on Swiss Avenue are mild with temperatures never dropping below freezing, but snow isn’t uncommon. The average low temperature is 41°F and highs can reach the 59°F mark throughout January, December, and February. It is usually considered to be the best time to travel since you can enjoy mild temperatures without summer heat and humidity that comes with summer.



Autumn is another excellent season to go on a trip to Swiss Avenue as temperatures decline from the summer heat and create ideal outdoor conditions, with cool, mild days and warm nighttime temperatures. The fall season usually has a light rain that makes an opportunity for dry weeks ahead. For those who want to capture the best autumnal beauty October to the beginning of November is an ideal time to plan your trip.



Spring is the perfect time to visit, with temperatures that can range from mild lows of 50°F to temperatures reaching the mid 70°F. The rain can be very heavy at this time of year, but generally, it’s short-lived and is soon followed by pleasant temperatures. Also, it’s when wildflowers begin to blossom, which makes for breathtaking scenery if you plan your trip during either April or May.


Local Tip

In any season visitors must wear layers and be prepared for an abrupt change in temperature or even rain showers all year. Also, it is important to wear sunscreen since temperatures can be extremely high during summer. 


Education System of Swiss Avenue

The educational system at Swiss Avenue Dallas is designed to ensure that students are provided with high-quality educational opportunities, regardless of where they reside or what their background is. With its broad range of private and public schools, and homeschooling options, Swiss Avenue Dallas makes it possible for students to get the highest quality education that is tailored to their specific needs.

Public Schools

The public school system of Swiss Avenue Dallas provides education starting from kindergarten to 12th grade. Students have the option of choosing from a variety of public schools, both charter and traditional, across the region. Traditional schools, also known as public or traditional ones are operated by district authorities and provide free education for students within the assigned district school. 

Charter Schools

Charter schools, on the contrary on the other hand, are public-funded but run by independent institutions that provide specialized curriculums and instructional techniques.

Private Schools

Private schools located in Swiss Avenue Dallas range from religiously affiliated schools to private institutions which offer higher-quality education programs than conventional public schools. 

Religious Schools

Religious private schools usually have Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Christian Science, or Baptist affiliations, while secular schools are not religious. 


In addition to the conventional public school, Swiss Avenue Dallas also offers homeschooling classes in which parents or guardians instruct the children of their parents in their homes.


Swiss Avenue Local Government and Infrastructure

It is the Swiss Avenue neighborhood in Dallas, Texas is served by the City of Dallas government along with local governments in the infrastructure system. 


The neighborhood is governed by the Dallas Police Department which applies crime prevention tactics to keep safe the neighborhood. 

Fire Department

 The Fire Department manages fire protection services as well as emergency medical services.


To help with education there are numerous public schools in the area, including William Lipscomb Elementary, Uplift Atlas Preparatory, and Solar Preparatory School for Boys. 


Public libraries that are within close proximity to the region include Lakewood Public Library, which provides residents with access to magazines, books computers, and wifi for free.

Public Services

In terms of public service In terms of public services, the Swiss Avenue neighborhood is accessible by major highways and mass transportation. There is the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system offers train and bus services to the neighborhood and connects residents with downtown Dallas and the towns in the vicinity.

It is also home to the City of Dallas also maintains parks and recreation facilities in the area, including beautiful parks all located within only a few miles from the borders of the neighborhood.


Things To Do

Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas is a wonderful place to experience a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors. 


If you’re seeking outdoor adventure, Swiss Avenue offers plenty of trails and parks that are perfect for cycling, walking and running, or just taking in the stunning scenery. Its White Rock Creek Trail runs across the entire street and offers stunning views of the city’s skyline. There are several public golf courses in the area like Tenison Park Golf Course. Cultural enthusiasts can check out the close-by Dallas Theater Center which offers various productions throughout the year including musicals and Broadway productions.


If you are looking for activities indoors, there are plenty of options. The historical Swiss Avenue district features many interesting galleries and shops that are enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Architectural enthusiasts will be able to admire a variety of styles through its mixture of Victorian, Tudor Revival, Craftsman, and other homes that are unique. There are many great eateries to pick from that range from classic American food as well as Mexican, African, Asian, and many more.

If you prefer to be outdoors or indoors there are plenty of things to do while you visit Swiss Avenue in Dallas Texas. From museums, shopping, and dining options, to trails and parks ideal for outdoor activities There’s something for everyone in this lively neighborhood. Come and explore all that Swiss Avenue has to offer! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Restaurants in Swiss Avenue

No matter what kind of food you’re craving, Swiss Avenue in Dallas is bound to provide something tasty. From traditional Mexican and Italian food to creative Tex-Mex cuisine, you’ll discover an array of tastes that will please any taste. No matter if you’re looking for a relaxed dinner or a quick bite to eat on the move, Swiss Avenue is sure to give you a memorable culinary experience.


La Calle Doce

La Calle Doce is a contemporary Mexican restaurant that is located on Swiss Avenue, Dallas Texas. The menu includes classic dishes like tacos and tamales along with a wide selection of innovative dishes that show the delicious tastes of Mexico. Customers can select from grillable meats, seafood dishes such as Ceviche and burrito bowls Enchiladas and many more. La Calle Doce also offers an extensive range of mezcal and tequila cocktails to complement the flavorful menu.


Gallo Nero Dallas

Gallo Nero Dallas is another well-known option located on Swiss Avenue, specializing in Italian food with Mediterranean influences. Its menu Gallo Nero offers a variety of pasta dishes like ravioli and pappardelle. There are also freshly baked pizzas that are made in wood-fired ovens. The menu also includes wood-grilled fish as well as chicken and beef entrees along with a variety of salads and other sides to finish the dinner.


Mi Cocina

E Bar Tex-Mex is an excellent location for casual Mexican food on Swiss Avenue. The menu is filled with all the classic Mexican dishes you love like burritos, quesadillas, and tacos, as well as dishes like shrimp fajitas, grilled steak, and Enchiladas. The restaurant also has an assortment of margaritas as well as mules that wash your food. E Bar also features live music on select nights to bring some energy to its cozy setting.



The parks on Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas provide a wonderful recreational experience for all visitors. They have many amenities and large green areas for recreation and enjoyment. If you’re looking for an ideal spot for a picnic in the afternoon or just want to spend time with the family.


Garrett Park

Garrett Park is a 4.8 acres neighborhood park that is located on Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It has a huge playground, restrooms with barbecue grills and picnic tables, and grassy areas for relaxation activities. It also features basketball courts and walking trails for people to walk around.


Munger Park

Munger Park is located at the intersection of Swiss Avenue and Gaston Ave in Dallas, Texas. It’s a 5-acre park that has lots of greenery for picnics, sports, or simply relaxing under the shade of its trees. Its amenities include benches swings, playscape equipment, and swings for youngsters, along with drinking fountains and restrooms.


Monarch Park

Monarch Park is located at the intersection of Swiss Avenue and Ross Ave in Dallas, Texas. The park includes a playground for children with grills and picnic tables as well as open areas for leisure activities and hiking trails, restrooms as well as a basketball court. The park also has an outdoor classroom that connects kids with nature and educational programs.


Willis C. Winters Park

Willis C. Winters Park is located at the intersection of Swiss Avenue and Abrams Road in Dallas, Texas. It is a seven-acre park with amenities like playgrounds for children as well as picnic tables, grills, drinking fountains, restrooms, and large green areas.


Is Swiss Avenue Safe To Live In

Swiss Avenue in Dallas, Texas is a secure place to reside. The neighborhood is situated near downtown Dallas and offers a variety of features that make it a desirable choice for people looking for an apartment within the urban. Swiss Avenue is comprised of homes that date from the 1920s which are well-maintained and provide charm and character. This area is regarded as among the top desirable cities and is characterized by its luxury shops restaurant, entertainment, and shopping alternatives. There are also many parks and recreational places nearby for you to take advantage of.

The rate of crime at Swiss Avenue is low compared to other areas in Dallas which makes it a preferred residential area. The presence of the police in this area is also helping to ensure that residents are safe. Neighborhood surveillance programs and active participation in the community have helped make Swiss Avenue a safe place to live in. Residents feel safe strolling around their community or participating in outdoor pursuits.

Swiss Avenue is a perfect location for those who are looking for the security of a house in a bustling urban area. Its vicinity to the city of Dallas gives residents easy access to cultural, amenities, and entertainment options, and its historical homes offer a unique appeal that can’t be found in other places.


Why Should I Live Here

Swiss Avenue is a beautiful and lively neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas. It is renowned for its magnificent houses, lush gardens, and walking streets that are filled with trees. The most noticeable thing at Swiss Avenue that stands out is the distinctive architectural style. The majority of the homes are distinctive designs from various styles like Tudor as well as Victorian. There aren’t many designs that are cookie-cutter; each home is unique in its design and character. These homes offer an insight into the past and give an atmosphere of timeless beauty that you won’t find elsewhere.

The streets of Swiss Avenue are filled with mature trees which create an ambiance of peace and tranquility. The area is pedestrian-friendly with lots of sidewalks for bicycles and safe walking all through. There are many parks within the neighborhood with ample green areas for outdoor activities such as running or picnics.

In the end, Swiss Avenue is an ideal choice for those looking to reside in one of Dallas’ most sought-after communities. With stunning homes, lush green spaces, and ideal access to the city, Swiss Avenue offers a distinctive blend of design and convenience.

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