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Redbird Dallas Texas

February 8, 2023 | Laura Torrealba
Redbird Dallas Texas

Redbird Dallas Texas is located in the heart of South Dallas. It is situated just minutes away from Downtown Dallas, and a mere 10 miles from Love Field Airport. Redbird sits at the crossroads of I-35E and Ledbetter Drive, making it easily accessible from all directions. The area has plenty to offer for both locals and visitors alike, with its close proximity to a variety of popular attractions such as the iconic State Fair of Texas and the vibrant Bishop Arts District. With its rich history, Texan charm, and diverse environment, Redbird Dallas Texas offers something for everyone! From trendy bars and restaurants to recreational parks and entertainment venues, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood. Redbird also features some of the best shopping in the area, with a variety of clothing boutiques and specialty stores. Whether you’re looking for a day out in the city or a night out on the town, Redbird Dallas Texas provides plenty of activities to keep you entertained. So come explore this vibrant neighborhood today!


Redbird Dallas Texas History

The Redbird neighborhood of Dallas, Texas has a long and rich history. It is located in South Dallas and was once known as Red Bird Farm in the late 1880s due to its red clay soil. The area was originally a farming community that grew cotton, maize, wheat, oats, and vegetables and even had vineyards for winemaking.

In 1931 Henry Ford purchased the land for his new plant that would become the Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant which is still standing today. This brought jobs to the area as hundreds of people came from all around looking for work after being displaced by the great depression. After World War II many more people moved into Redbird creating a thriving African American community with grocery stores, schools, churches, and other amenities that supported the local neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in the late 1950s and 1960s, Redbird began to decline as white flight became a major issue in Dallas. Many African American families moved out of the area as it became increasingly gentrified. This trend has continued over time with some areas being completely developed for new housing and commercial establishments while other parts are still struggling economically.

Redbird Dallas Texas Today

Today Redbird is starting to make a comeback with many businesses moving into the area including The Foundry District which is an entertainment district full of restaurants, bars, and music venues. There are also efforts underway to preserve aspects of its history such as redeveloping old school buildings into lofts and condos, refurbishing churches, and restoring parks in the area.

Overall, Redbird is no longer the vibrant farming community it once was but it still has great potential to become a thriving neighborhood in Dallas. With continued development and investment from the local government, businesses, and residents, Redbird could once again be a vibrant part of South Dallas.


Cost of Living

Redbird in Dallas, Texas is a thriving community with a relatively low cost of living. The median home price in Redbird is significantly lower than the national average and property taxes are also moderate. Additionally, transportation costs are relatively low, as the area offers easy access to public transportation and affordable fuel prices. Furthermore, there are many entertainment options available that won’t break the bank including theaters, museums, parks, and more. With its cost-effective housing market and plentiful recreational options, Redbird is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable place to live in Dallas.

Housing and Utilities

The cost of housing in the Redbird neighborhood of Dallas, Texas can vary greatly depending on the size and type of property. Single-family homes range in price from $150,000 to upwards of $1 million, while apartment living ranges from affordable family units to luxury high-rise apartments. Utilities such as electricity, water, trash collection, and internet services are generally less expensive than in other parts of the city. The average resident pays around $100 per month for all utilities combined.

General Goods & Services

There are several grocery stores located near the Redbird area offering fresh produce and a variety of food items at competitive prices. Major chains like Safeway and Walmart offer weekly discounts on select items as well as delivery services. On average, residents can expect to pay around $250 a week for groceries.


The Redbird neighborhood has several public transportation options available including bus lines and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Residents have access to numerous city-wide stations with convenient connections to downtown Dallas, major attractions, and businesses. The cost of public transit is reasonable, with single-ride fares ranging from $2-$4 depending on the destination. Additionally, major highways run through this area making it easy for those who commute by car or bike.


Local Economy

Redbird is a community in Dallas, Texas that has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. Thanks to a strong local economy, the area has become a popular destination for those looking to start their own business or just take advantage of its many amenities. Redbird offers an abundance of job opportunities, diverse housing options, and quality education facilities, making it an ideal place to work and live. The local economy is driven by diverse industries such as health care, retail, and hospitality, which provide ample employment opportunities. Additionally, the city features numerous cultural attractions including museums, galleries, and historic sites that add to its lively atmosphere.

Job Opportunities

Redbird is a densely populated area with numerous employment opportunities. Major employers include AT&T, Southwestern Medical Center, and Bank of America. Other companies that operate in the area include Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Best Buy. There are many small businesses located in the neighborhood offering jobs in retail, hospitality, construction, and transportation services.

Household Income

According to data compiled by the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2019, the median household income for residents of Redbird was $41,800. This is slightly lower than Dallas’ overall median household income of $47,000.

Local Investments

The Redbird Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) is committed to creating economic opportunity within Redbird. REDCO provides financial assistance to local businesses, assists in the development of new businesses, and helps retain existing companies. They have also established partnerships with other organizations such as the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development. Additionally, REDCO is working on a Redbird Business District project to attract more investment into the area. This will create jobs for local residents and provide opportunities for small business owners.

Overall, Redbird offers its residents plenty of job opportunities, a moderate median household income, and various investments from local organizations to help develop its economy. It is an ideal place to live and work in the greater Dallas metropolitan area.    ​


Transportation Options For The Commute

Redbird in Dallas, Texas offers residents and visitors a variety of transportation options. With easy access to highways and public transit, getting around Redbird is simple. Residents and visitors can take advantage of the city’s car rental services, buses, light rail system (DART), and high speed train (TRE) to explore the area or get to their destination quickly. Additionally, there are plenty of cab companies available for those who prefer taking taxis. With so many different ways of getting around Redbird, it’s no wonder so many people choose it as their home or vacation spot!



The city of Dallas is home to a number of taxi companies offering services throughout the city. Taxis can be hailed from any street corner, and are available around the clock for both locals and visitors alike. The most popular taxi companies in Dallas include Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, and SuperShuttle.


Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Redbird includes Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses, light rail trains, and paratransit vans. DART buses provide frequent service throughout the city with stops at major attractions such as Klyde Warren Park and Deep Ellum. Additionally, light rail lines connect downtown Dallas with several suburban cities, including Farmers Branch and Carrollton. Paratransit vans are also available to provide door-to-door service for those with disabilities or special needs.



Driving is the most popular method of transportation in Redbird and throughout Dallas. The city has a number of highways, including Interstates 30, 35E, 45, and 635 that connect the downtown area to its northern suburbs. Additionally, there are many surface roads that make traveling around the area easy and convenient.



For those who want to explore the area on two wheels, there are several bicycle paths located throughout Redbird. These paths offer scenic views of the city and allow riders to get out and enjoy nature while exploring their surroundings. Additionally, bike rentals are available at various locations throughout Dallas so visitors can easily find a way to get around. There are also bike lanes on all major roads and highways in the city, making it easy for cyclists to share the road with cars.


Average Annual Weather

Redbird in Dallas, Texas is known for its distinct climate and weather patterns. From hot summers to pleasant winters, Redbird offers a range of temperatures and conditions throughout the year. With mild humidity levels and an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, Redbird provides an enjoyable experience no matter the season. The area receives both ample amounts of sunshine and rain which keep things vibrant all year round. Whether you’re looking for a cozy winter retreat or a sunny getaway during the summer months, Redbird has something to offer everyone all year long! Enjoy exploring this unique corner of Dallas with its ever-changing weather patterns!



Summer in Redbird, Dallas, Texas is hot and humid. Temperatures regularly reach 90°F (32°C) with high humidity levels that make it feel even hotter. Summer thunderstorms are common in the evenings and generally clear out by morning. Rainfall during summer averages 5 inches (12 cm). To beat the heat, locals head to nearby lakes for swimming or water activities.



Fall in Redbird, Dallas, Texas is usually mild with temperatures ranging from 70-80°F (21-26°C). The humidity decreases as fall progress and there’s more sunshine throughout the day. Rainfall averages about 4 inches (10 cm), much of which comes towards the end of fall as storms become more frequent. Leaves on trees turn colors in the cooler weather and are a beautiful sight throughout fall.



Winter in Redbird, Dallas, Texas is relatively mild with temperatures reaching around 50°F (10°C). Rainfall averages about 3 inches (7 cm) during winter months, with snow falling occasionally but not lasting for more than a few days. It is still possible to get out and enjoy activities such as skiing or ice skating at nearby lakes and parks.



Spring in Redbird, Dallas, Texas usually starts off cool and wet before transitioning into warmer temperatures. Temperatures start off in the mid-50s °F (12°C) during March and rise to an average of 70-80°F (21-26°C) by May. Rainfall averages 4 inches (10 cm), with April and May being the wettest months of the year. This is also when bright green foliage reappears in Redbird and the flowers start to bloom.


Local Tip

A local tip for surviving summer heat in Redbird, Dallas, Texas is to take advantage of swimming pools and nearby lakes where you can find relief from the hot temperatures. Be sure to wear sunscreen when outdoors and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. For rainier months, be sure to bring an umbrella or jacket depending on the forecast!


Education System of Redbird 

Redbird in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant community with an excellent education system. The school district serves over 28,000 students from preschool to the 12th grade and offers teachers and staff dedicated to helping their students reach their highest potential. Redbird schools provide rigorous academics, specialized student support services, innovative technology integration, and numerous extracurricular activities. With its diverse population of nearly 40 languages spoken in the district, Redbird creates an inclusive environment for all learners. Additionally, the district has implemented many initiatives designed to ensure that each student receives equitable access to resources and opportunities so that they can reach their full potential. By providing a world-class educational experience within a supportive community setting, Redbird ensures success for all of its students.

Public Schools

Redbird, Texas is part of the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). The district serves a population of approximately 2.6 million students in grades pre-K through 12th grade. All public schools in the district are tuition-free and include traditional schools as well as magnet schools and specialized academies. The district also offers a variety of programs such as early college, international baccalaureate, Advanced Placement classes, and dual language courses to prepare students for success at both college and career.

Charter Schools

In addition to its traditional public school system, Redbird has several charter schools. These independent public schools provide options that are not typically available in more traditional settings, including smaller class sizes and alternative teaching methods. Charter schools also offer a variety of different enrichment and educational programs to meet the diverse needs of their students.

Private Schools

Redbird offers families the option to enroll children in private schools as well. These institutions typically provide a more intimate learning environment with smaller class sizes, individualized attention, and specialized curricula. Private schools are focused on providing an education that meets the needs of each student, regardless of his or her background or abilities. In addition to traditional classroom settings, these schools often include extracurricular activities such as music and art classes or sports teams.

Religious Schools

Redbird has several religious institutions that offer faith-based education for those who wish for their children to learn about and practice a specific religious belief. These schools often include classes that are focused on the teachings of their faith, in addition to traditional academic subjects. Additionally, they may also provide spiritual guidance and counseling services as well as extracurricular activities such as worship or community service opportunities.


Redbird offers families the option to homeschool their children. Homeschooling allows parents to customize their child’s education by selecting curriculum materials and teaching methods that best fit their individual needs. Parents have the ability to choose from a variety of educational resources including textbooks, online courses, and other supplemental materials. In Texas, parents who choose to homeschool must follow state regulations which include reporting attendance and progress regularly to local school districts.

Overall, Redbird offers families a variety of educational options to best meet the needs of their children. Whether they choose traditional public schools, charter programs, private institutions, religious schools, or homeschooling, each option provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and develop skills that can be used throughout their lives.


Redbird  Local Government and Infrastructure

Redbird in Dallas, Texas is a thriving community with strong local government and infrastructure. From the City of Dallas to supportinging businesses, organizations, and non-profits, Redbird has a wide range of services and amenities that help keep it running smoothly. The city provides essential services such as police protection and fire safety, sanitation services, public utilities like water and electricity, transportation systems including mass transit options and more. Additionally, there are many private enterprises that provide important goods and services to the residents of Redbird. Furthermore, state agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation work with local entities to ensure efficient roads for travel throughout the region. All of these components come together to make up an effective infrastructure for this vibrant community.


The Dallas Police Department serves Redbird in Dallas, Texas. The department has over 3,500 sworn officers and 700 civilian employees who work together to provide a safe environment for the citizens of the area. They have dedicated units such as K-9, Mounted Patrol, SWAT, Gang Unit, and the newly formed Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). The RTCC helps officers respond quickly and effectively with crime analysis and investigations.

Fire Departments

Redbird is served by the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department. This department responds to all types of emergencies including fires, medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, water rescues, and more. They are also involved in community outreach programs that focus on fire safety and prevention. The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department has over 2,200 personnel and operates 35 fire stations in the area.


The Redbird area is served by the Dallas Public Library system. This library system consists of a main library, seven branches, and three bookmobiles that offer free access to books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, streaming audio and video services as well as computers with internet access. They also host various educational programs for all ages such as storytimes for children and adult classes.


Redbird is served by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). This district offers comprehensive academic programs including early childhood education through high school. It also provides students with an array of extracurricular activities and career readiness programs. The district is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students.

Public Services

Redbird is served by several public services such as waste management, water and sewer services, street maintenance, parks and recreation departments, and more. The city also has various social service agencies that provide assistance to those in need including food pantries, shelters, job training opportunities and other resources. Additionally, there are numerous government offices such as the post office, Social Security Administration Office, and Texas Department of Public Safety Office located in the area.


Things To Do

Redbird in Dallas, Texas is a great place to spend time with family. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Redbird offers a variety of activities and attractions that make it the perfect destination for a family outing. Whether you are looking to explore the city’s culture and history, or just want some quality time with your loved ones, Redbird has something for everyone. With its unique shopping experiences, art galleries, performance venues, parks, and recreation areas, there is plenty to do no matter what type of experience you seek. From breathtaking views at Reunion Tower or enjoying live music in Klyde Warren Park– there’s always something fun and exciting happening around every corner.


Visit White Rock Lake – White Rock Lake is an iconic part of Dallas and a great place to spend the day. Enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride around the 9-mile looping trail that encircles the lake, go fishing at one of the many piers, or head out onto the lake in your kayak or paddleboard.

Check Out Klyde Warren Park – This 5.2-acre public park sits atop Woodall Rodgers Freeway, connecting Uptown Dallas to Downtown Dallas and offering plenty of green space as well as activities for all ages. Take part in yoga classes led by certified instructors, join in on lunchtime educational seminars, take a spontaneous dance class, or just enjoy the beautiful setting with a picnic.

Tour the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden – The 66-acre garden is home to many different species of plants and flowers, as well as stunning views of White Rock Lake, and offers plenty of educational opportunities for all ages. Take in the beauty of springtime wildflowers or admire the thousands of roses that bloom each year in June, there’s something new to enjoy every season at the arboretum.


Check Out the Dallas Museum of Art – Located in the heart of downtown, the DMA is one of the largest art museums in America and home to an impressive collection of over 24,000 pieces. From iconic works by Monet or Picasso to student-curated exhibitions and interactive events, there’s something for everyone at this world-class museum.

Visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science – With 11 permanent exhibit halls filled with interactive activities and immersive environments, this science and nature museum has something for all ages—from curious toddlers to middle-schoolers learning about dinosaurs to adults exploring modern technology.

Take a Tour of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza – Learn more about the history of JFK’s assassination at this museum, which offers an up-close look at the events surrounding one of the most tragic moments in American history. The interactive exhibits provide a unique opportunity to explore and understand the event on both a personal and historical level.

Go Shopping at NorthPark Center – From luxury boutiques to local favorites, NorthPark Center has something for everyone, including a movie theater, a children’s play area, and plenty of dining options. It also has an impressive collection of works from some of the world’s greatest artists, making it a great destination for art lovers as well.


Restaurants in Redbird 

Redbird, Dallas is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood filled with many unique restaurants to explore. From family-friendly spots to upscale dining experiences, Redbird offers something for everyone who loves great food. Whether you’re looking for classic Southern cooking or creative fusion cuisine, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect restaurant in this thriving neighborhood. With outdoor patios, craft cocktails, and top-notch customer service, Redbird has become one of the most popular places in Dallas to find delicious eats. Whether you’re visiting or live nearby, be sure to check out what Redbird has to offer! Here are just a few of the amazing restaurants available here.



Luby’s is a diner-style restaurant that serves traditional American comfort food. The menu includes everything from burgers and fries to pot roast, chicken fried steak, and mashed potatoes. They also offer a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and breakfast items.


China King Super Buffet II

China King Super Buffet II offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with Chinese cuisine such as sweet and sour pork, egg rolls, General Tso’s chicken, chow mein, lo mein, fried rice dishes, and dim sum. In addition to the lunch and dinner buffets, they have a dessert bar with cakes and pies.


Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant

Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine, with a menu that includes a variety of soups, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Popular dishes are General Tso’s chicken, orange beef, broccoli with garlic sauce, shrimp fried rice, and honey walnut shrimp. They also serve American-style Chinese dishes such as egg rolls and kung pao chicken.

Overall, the restaurants in Redbird offer an array of delicious options to choose from for any meal. Whether you’re looking for traditional comfort food or Chinese favorites, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this neighborhood. Bon Appétit!



Redbird in Dallas, Texas is home to some of the most beautiful parks and natural areas in the state. From sprawling urban parks to more secluded areas that offer a unique glimpse into nature, Redbird has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend a peaceful afternoon or get your adrenaline pumping with nature-inspired activities, Redbird is sure to have something for you! With miles of trails and boardwalks winding through forests and wetlands, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. And if you’re looking for some fun on the water, several lakes provide the perfect backdrop for swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and fishing.


Boulder Park Trail

is the longest trail in Red Bird, Dallas, Texas. It winds through the hills and woodlands of this small suburb and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The trail is about 2 miles long and provides access to numerous parks including Blue Bird Park and Red Bird Park. There are also several picnic areas along the way so you can take a break to enjoy a snack or lunch while enjoying nature’s beauty.


Blue Bird Park

Blue Bird Park is an oasis of green right near downtown Dallas. It features several amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, walking paths, grills, and picnic tables where families can gather together for outdoor fun. The park also has two lakes that offer fishing opportunities for those with valid licenses.


Red Bird Park

Red Bird Park is a great spot for a family outing. It is home to trails, picnic tables, playgrounds, and sports fields. The park also includes a scenic pond where you can go fishing or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


Doris Berry Park

Doris Berry Park is located in Red Bird, Dallas, Texas, and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. There are several hiking trails that offer views of the surrounding area as well as a basketball court and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. Doris Berry Park also features grills and picnic areas so that families can have an enjoyable dining experience while taking in nature’s beauty. This park is perfect for people who want to get away from it all without having to leave town.


Is Redbird Safe To Live In

Living in Redbird, Dallas is a safe and secure experience for most of its residents. The area has an overall low crime rate and the police force is highly trained and dedicated to keeping people safe. The neighborhood is also known for being family-friendly, with many parks, playgrounds, and recreational activities available for residents to enjoy.

Redbird’s streets are clean and well-maintained. There are plenty of street lights at night to deter crime from happening. Additionally, there are numerous businesses in the area that offer security services to their customers such as private security guards or security cameras.

The local schools in Redbird have a great reputation for quality education. They strive to provide students with a high level of safety and security while they are attending school. The schools have strict security protocols in place to ensure that students and staff are safe.

In general, most people who live in Redbird feel very safe and comfortable living there. Residents take pride in taking care of the community and keeping it a pleasant place to live for all. There is plenty of amenities available for residents including markets, restaurants, parks, and other recreational activities. It is also close enough to downtown Dallas that residents can easily get around without having to worry about their safety. All in all, it is an ideal location for families as well as single professionals looking for a secure place to call home.


Why Should I Live Here

Redbird neighborhood in Dallas is an ideal place to live for many reasons. First, it offers lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and bird watching at nearby parks like Kiest Park, Southwest Center Mall Park, and Mountain Creek Lake Park. The area also has plenty of restaurants, shops, and other entertainment venues located along Redbird and Westmoreland Roads. Additionally, Redbird is conveniently close to major highways that lead to downtown Dallas or the airport.

The neighborhood also includes some excellent schools in the Dallas Independent School District. With a wide range of options from public schools to private institutions and magnet programs, there’s something for every student in the area. Plus, residents can take advantage of local libraries and community centers for educational and recreational activities.

Additionally, Redbird is a safe and affordable place to live. The area features low crime rates and plenty of housing options that fit any budget such as single-family homes, condos, and apartments. The neighborhood has many green spaces with open areas and trails that are perfect for walking or running around in the fresh air.

Overall, Redbird is an ideal place to live because it offers a great combination of outdoor activities, convenient amenities, quality schools, affordability, and safety. With so much to offer its residents, Redbird is sure to please!

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