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Preston Highlands Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Preston Highlands Dallas Texas

Preston Highlands is a gated community situated just north of the I-635 intersection as well as Coit Road in Dallas, Texas. It is situated on more than 400 acres. The area is easily accessible to restaurants, shopping centers entertainment, and other facilities. Its central location makes it perfect for getting to downtown Dallas or any other Dallas suburb. Preston Highlands is bordered by Buckner Boulevard to the east, Walnut Hill Lane to the west, Royal Lane to the south along with Marsh Lane to the north. 

The area is filled with wonderful outdoor activities, including golf courses, parks swimming pools, and jogging trails. Preston Highlands is a place that provides residents with high-quality safety, luxury living, and stunning panoramic views of the Dallas skyline. It is truly a great location to live in.

Preston Highlands is a great area to live in for seniors, families, or professionals who are looking for peaceful living within North Dallas. Furthermore, its accessibility to highways and major routes makes the area a great location for commuters seeking quick access to downtown Dallas and the suburbs.


Preston Highlands History

The Preston Highlands neighborhood of Dallas, Texas has had a long and rich time. The community was created around1950s, to form part of the larger suburbanization scheme for North Dallas. The community at the time comprised about 1,400 houses on roads lined with trees, the medians curbed, and sidewalks. As time passed the number of homes increased to meet the increasing population and demands of the region.

Preston Highlands Today

In the present, Preston Highlands is an established neighborhood of the middle class that is located about 12 miles to the north of Downtown Dallas. Preston Highlands is famous for its vast lots with lush landscapes, and well-maintained trees in addition to its extensive selection of housing styles, which include traditional single-family ranches, homes, and modern townhomes.

Residents are able to enjoy a wide range of amenities, including four parks that are open to the public and two private schools, and a number of local dining and shopping establishments. The community is also serviced through The Richardson Independent School District, which runs seven elementary schools and four middle schools as well as three schools for high school students within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

Apart from its well-maintained houses and its central area near major highways and work centers, Preston Highlands is also recognized for its solid spirit of family. There are many annual events held in the neighborhood every year. These include the 4th of July celebration and fireworks display as well as the Easter egg hunt in one of the local parks and numerous other gatherings all through the year which unite old and new friends alike.


Cost of Living

Living costs within the Preston Highlands neighborhood of Dallas, Texas is quite reasonable. 


The median value of a home in the area is around $393,000. This is slightly more than the mean for Dallas ($351,400). The cost of renting a two-bedroom home in this area generally ranges from $1,100 to $2,000 per month on average.


The transport cost for Preston Highlands is quite manageable. The area is connected by major highways, as well as public transportation options like trains and buses. There is also plenty of parking for drivers of their own vehicles. The average monthly cost of transportation ranges from $50 to $150 depending on the use. In general, being a resident of Preston Highlands offers an excellent combination of affordability and convenience. 

General Goods & Services

The cost of electricity is relatively inexpensive within Preston Highlands due to its close proximity to a number of natural gas pipelines that power the majority of Texas. The average electric bill can range from around $90-$150 a month, based on consumption and usage patterns.

There is also a reasonable price for groceries In Preston Highlands as there are numerous local grocery stores within. Prices are comparable to the national average, and customers are likely to find bargains or promotions if they browse the shelves.


Local Economy

Preston Highlands, Dallas Texas is a flourishing suburban area located in the north-central area of the downtown area. The region has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and continues to attract businesses and families alike.

Job Opportunities

Preston Highlands’ economy Preston Highlands is strong and lively, with plenty of employment opportunities open to residents. There are many diverse industries in the region which are in search of skilled workers, including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare finance, retail education, energy, and technology.

Household Income

The household incomes of the Preston Highlands are on the increase and remain over that of the average for all states. Median household earnings are projected to be about $87,364. The rise in the average income could be due to the growth of new companies and jobs which have resulted from it.

Local Investment

Local investment opportunities have also been strong throughout Preston Highlands over the past several years, with many homeowners investing funds into their properties and businesses to improve them for greater livability or appeal to buyers. With numerous well-maintained communities and lots of shopping and entertainment options, there’s never been an ideal time to make investments in your local area.

Preston Highlands is a great area to be a resident, worker, and investor. With its high-quality economy, employment opportunities, high incomes for households, and investments in local businesses, there’s never been the right time to consider making Preston Highlands your new home. If you’re thinking about moving to the area, you are sure to be impressed by the amenities Preston Highlands has to offer. Welcome to your new home!


Transportation Options For The Commute

The transportation system of Preston Highlands, Dallas Texas includes a range of methods for getting within the town. 


Public Transportation

Buses run on a regular basis and provide reliable transportation throughout the city, too. 



Taxis are readily available in the entire area, allowing easy access to the major locations in the town.



Bicycles are a green method of getting around the neighborhood or traveling further from home. Walking is also a viable alternative for short-distance trips when the weather and time permits. 



Since car ownership is a common occurrence among the population and commuters, driving is a common mode of transport for those living in Preston Highlands. 

Overall, Preston Highlands provides residents with numerous alternatives for transportation options, making travel within the city simple and easy. It’s evident that Preston Highlands has performed a fantastic job of providing a reliable transportation system that can meet the requirements of all its residents. This means that everyone is able to move around and within Preston Highlands safely and quickly regardless of the mode of transportation.


Average Annual Weather

Preston Highlands in Dallas, Texas is a typical southern climate with mild summers and hot winters. Its average temperatures range between the lower 30s to the 90s all through the entire year.



The summer months are from June through August, Preston Highlands has an average temperature of 82°Fahrenheit (28° Celsius). At this time of year, the summer days can be long and bright with very little rain. It’s not unusual for temperatures to reach the 90s in the summer months, which is why it’s essential to dress in a suitable manner and protect yourself from the sun’s rays and dehydration.



Winters that occur in Preston Highlands are typically mild with temperatures typically fluctuating between 40- 60°F (4-16°C). It is not common, but it can be seen occasionally if temperatures drop to a certain extent in the months of December and January. Frosty temperatures are not uncommon, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re wearing warm clothes and a heater on hand for those colder winter days.



The fall season of the year in Preston Highlands can be quite enjoyable, with temperatures in the 60°F to the low 80°F (20-27°C). This time of year is drier than spring, as well as less prone to thunderstorms. It’s a wonderful season to go outside and explore the surroundings.



The time of spring for Preston Highlands is mild and it is rainy. The average temperature is in the mid 50°F up to the mid 70°F (12-21°C). The rainfall in this season is often frequent, but generally mild, with occasional storms during April and May.


Local Tip

Although Preston Highlands has a mild climate all year round, it is important to be aware of the weather forecast because temperatures can rapidly change during the seasons. Be sure to carry an umbrella during the season of spring! Also, ensure that you always drink plenty of fluids when out in the sun, and never leave your pet or children without supervision in the scorching heat. In addition, be sure to look for warnings for outdoor activities prior to going outdoors for any outdoor activity to ensure your safety.


Education System of Preston Highlands

The educational system of Preston Highlands Dallas, Texas offers a wide range of schooling options that meet the requirements of families. Schools are tuition-free and are funded by local taxes. 

Public Schools

The city’s public school district comprises the Dallas Independent School District (ISD). It offers students an outstanding education in more than 230 schools that include special education, magnet schools, classes, as well as careers and technology centers.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools are private schools that follow the state’s standards, however, they are able to be innovative in the way they teach children. Within Preston Highlands, there are two charter schools: IDEA Public Schools and Harmony Science Academy. Both organizations offer high-quality academic curricula for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Private Schools

Private schools also provide instruction in a wide range of fields, from traditional to specialized curriculums. There are a few private schools located in Preston Highlands including The Oakridge School and Covenant Academy.

Religious Schools

Religious schools provide educational programs that are based on the beliefs and values of religion. Within Preston Highlands, there are many religious schools like Ave Maria Academy, Sun Shire Christian School as well as Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School.


In addition, homeschooling gives parents the ability to personalize their child’s learning in accordance with their individual desires and requirements. There are numerous sources accessible at Preston Highlands for homeschoolers such as online courses, support groups co-ops, curriculum suppliers, and much more.

Whichever option you select for your family The Preston Highlands Dallas area offers many quality educational possibilities for students. You can be assured that your child will receive the best education possible, no matter the educational route you select.


Preston Highlands Local Government and Infrastructure

Preston Highlands is an excellent place to live due to the many public services that add to the overall well-being of the residents. With security from police, fire protection, a broad selection of educational institutions, as well as a variety of amenities for public access within the boundaries of the region, Preston Highlands is an excellent location for families as well as young professionals.


The safety of the neighborhood is ensured with the help of the Dallas Police Department, which has officers on patrol throughout the day and all night long to make sure there is security for everyone. 

Fire Department

Additionally, there’s an emergency fire station close by, with staff ready to quickly respond to different kinds of situations.


The system of education within Preston Highlands is serviced by many schools within the city’s limits which include private and public schools. Public elementary schools like Prairie Creek Elementary School Stemmons Elementary School, as well as Valley View Elementary School, provide an excellent education for students living in Preston Highlands. 


Public libraries are everywhere within Preston Highlands thanks to the Dallas Public Library system, with multiple branches across Dallas for residents to use free movies, books music, and other materials. 

Public Services

Additionally, public services such as utilities and waste management are also operating within the boundaries of the neighborhood to offer residents the most up-to-date sanitation methods along with energy sources.


Things To Do

These are only a few of the things you could enjoy at Preston Highlands Dallas Texas – from exploring the outdoors to indoor activities, there’s something for everybody!


-The trails are open at White Rock Lake. White Rock Lake is a vast natural lake with numerous trails to explore, along with fishing and boating areas.

-A bicycle ride or hike through Bachman Lake Park. The park is home to more than 11 miles of trails paved through woods, wetlands, and fields which makes it the ideal place for exploring outdoors.

-Family time in Flag Pole Hill Park. The park has plenty of open space for playing and picnics including playgrounds, fields with open spaces, and an amphitheater. The park also houses the iconic American flagpole.

– Visiting the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. You can walk through the 66 acres of gardens and trails, and enjoy stunning views from White Rock Lake and downtown Dallas.


-Touring The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This museum has dedicated to the life and death of John F Kennedy, with exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of his life.

– Exploring the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. With five levels of interactive exhibits on the natural sciences, technology, and mathematics, it’s the perfect location for family enjoyment.

-Shopping in the North Park Center. The mall houses more than 250 stores, restaurants, and boutiques as well being a two-story kids’ play zone.

-Production on The Dallas Theater Center. This theater has been operating for over 50 years and has hosted performances for children and adults alike. The theater also provides behind-the-scenes tours of its facilities.


Restaurants in Preston Highlands

Whatever your style is, there’s something that will please all when it comes to eating out at the restaurants of Preston Highlands Dallas Texas! No matter if you’re seeking informal Tex-Mex dishes or something more formal each restaurant will have something special to offer its patrons. In addition, the warm environment and easy access make it an ideal spot to enjoy a tasty dinner with friends and family. So, come to one of these eateries within Preston Highlands Dallas Texas, and give it a go!


La Hacienda Ranch

La Hacienda Ranch is a fantastic family-friendly restaurant at Preston Highlands Dallas Texas. The menu offers a range of classic Tex-Mex and American dishes like tacos, enchiladas, burger sandwiches, salads, and tacos. The vibe is laid-back and casual with live music happening at times. They also provide a full bar service and craft beer available to try.


Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a favorite in the area for several years. It offers delicious food including quesadillas, fajitas meats, ribs, and steaks, as well as chicken wings and many more. There are also plenty of appetizers for those who are looking for something lighter to share with their friends. The atmosphere in the restaurant is lively and welcoming, offering the atmosphere lively for gathering with friends and family.


Tacos Y Mas – North Dallas

Tacos Y Mas – North Dallas is a fresh approach to Mexican food that is located in Preston Highlands Dallas Texas. The menu is comprised of classic tacos and burritos quesadillas and nachos as well other more innovative options such as the famous “crunchy taco”. They also have a wide range of craft beers that go well with their tasty food.



The parks located situated in Preston Highlands Dallas Texas provide numerous possibilities for people to take a break and relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Each park has something distinctive that sets it apart from others. Whether you’re looking to go on a picnic with your family, an afternoon picnic with your family, or take part in some sports activities, there’s something for all. Go out and discover these amazing parks now!


Campbell Green Park

Campbell Green Park is essential to Preston Highlands Dallas Texas as it provides a space for families to get together and take in the beauty of nature. With its winding pathways, lush vegetation, and playgrounds it is the perfect spot for families to allow their kids to run freely and without any worries. There are benches for those who want to relax or enjoy picnics with their beloved ones.


Mimosa Park

Mimosa Park is located in the middle of Preston Highlands Dallas, TX. The park is charming and offers a variety of amenities that make it an ideal place for activities like a tennis court, a covered pavilion, a picnic area, and much more. It’s accessible every day of the week, so you’ll have plenty of chances for users to take advantage of the park’s facilities.


Fretz Park

Fretz Park is a very popular place located in Preston Highlands Dallas, TX because of its dimensions and the wide range of things it can offer. This park offers all kinds of trails for jogging, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic spots, and much more. 


Celestial Park

Celestial Park offers one of the most beautiful views in Preston Highlands Dallas Texas due to its huge green spaces. It is a popular spot for leisure activities such as walking trails, as well as bird watching, and many more. The park is also ideal for hosting parties or other events because it has plenty of space for large gatherings.


Is Preston Highlands Safe To Live In

Preston Highlands Dallas Texas is a secure area to live. The neighborhood has low crime rates and high involvement from the community, which makes it a great choice for people with children and those who are looking for an area that is secure to live in. Its Preston Highlands Homeowners Association works hard to provide safe environments by encouraging the participation of residents in local activities, coordinating neighborhood watch events, and adopting proactive methods to prevent crime. In addition, the region has an outstanding police force that actively investigates criminal activities and responds swiftly when required.

The neighborhood also provides many recreational activities that create a sense of well-being and security. There are many parks in close proximity to the area, including Harper Branch Creek Park with its beautiful trails, ponds as well as fitness facilities with playgrounds, as well as picnic places. Residents can also avail themselves of the nearby tennis courts, a pool, and other facilities. A lot of businesses are within walking distance of the neighborhood, and offer various options for entertainment, dining, shopping, and entertainment choices.

All in all, Preston Highlands Dallas Texas is a safe area to live, with low rates of crime and plenty of recreation opportunities for residents to make use of. The area is well-maintained, and the involvement of the community creates an underlying sense of security among the residents. With an excellent security system and a wide range of leisure activities in the vicinity, the area provides people and families with confidence regarding safety and security in their environment.


Why Should I Live Here

Preston Highlands is a great community to reside in for numerous reasons. It is located within North Dallas, this friendly neighborhood offers residents numerous amenities and opportunities. It is located close to major highways, which makes it easy to travel to the city. The region also offers lots of dining, shopping, and entertainment options within the vicinity.

The community itself is maintained with lush landscapes, well-maintained trees, and lawns. There are numerous outdoor activities to choose from, including cycling trails and hiking trails in the entire community. With its charming avenues, Preston Highlands creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for families or for a relaxing time with friends during the weekend.

The security of the community should be a factor when you decide to move into Preston Highlands. The community is supervised by a security force and has numerous surveillance cameras in the community to ensure security. The schools in the area are highly rated and provide the best education for children of all ages in the region.

The lifestyle of Preston Highlands offers something for anyone of any age or interest. From its easy access to its tranquil atmosphere, it is among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dallas. There’s always something going on So, come explore Preston Highlands – you won’t be disappointed! You’ll soon be captivated by the community.

When you consider all these aspects, it’s obvious the fact that Preston Highlands is an ideal location to live in. From its lively community to its fantastic amenities, this area offers something for all. If you’re searching for an enviable and safe neighborhood to call home and you’re looking for a place to call home, Preston Highlands is the perfect option. Explore the area to see what’s on the horizon You’ll surely discover your ideal home here!

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