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Love Field Dallas Texas

February 10, 2023 | Miguel Coronado
Love Field Dallas Texas

Love Field Dallas Texas is located in northwest Dallas, near the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Mockingbird Lane. It is approximately 8 miles northwest of downtown Dallas and 7 miles from the city’s main airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The closest major highway to Love Field is Interstate 35E. With easy access from both directions, Love Field can be reached within minutes from almost anywhere in the metroplex. It is also conveniently located within 10-15 minutes of several popular destinations including North Park Center Mall and Parkland Hospital. Additionally, many great restaurants are just a short drive away including Pecan Lodge BBQ and Al Biernat’s Steakhouse. There are numerous hotels surrounding Love Field as well, providing great accommodations for travelers.


Love Field Dallas Texas History

Love Field neighborhood in Dallas Texas has a long and interesting history. The area was first settled in the mid-1800s by German immigrants who were seeking a better life. During this time, the area was known as “Little Germany” and was home to many small farms and businesses that provided goods and services to the growing population.

In 1901, Love Field opened up for civil aviation operations and quickly grew into an important hub of activity in Dallas. By 1920, it featured two runways and had attracted some of the nation’s top pilots as customers. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh made his famous transatlantic flight from New York to Paris with a stop at Love Field on his journey back across the Atlantic Ocean. This event put Love Field on the map and helped to bring national attention to the area.

The 1960s saw a significant shift in the population of the neighborhood. Many of the original German-American settlers had passed away or moved away, replaced by African American families who were attracted to Love Field due to its proximity to downtown Dallas and good transportation links. This period also saw an increase in crime as gangs moved into the area, leading many people to move out in search of safer neighborhoods.

Love Field Dallas Texas Today

Today, Love Field is much quieter than it was during its heyday but still retains a rich history that can be seen throughout the neighborhood. The areas around Love Field are now populated with small businesses and residential homes, providing a vibrant environment for those who live and work in the area. The area is also home to a number of public parks, which are popular with families who enjoy spending time outdoors. With its convenient location and easy access to downtown Dallas, Love Field remains an important part of the city’s history and culture.


Cost of Living

Love Field, a neighborhood located in the heart of Dallas, Texas is known for its convenient access to the city’s many attractions and amenities. The cost of living in this bustling area, however, can be quite high. Depending on where you choose to live within Love Field, you could be paying upwards of two thousand dollars per month in rent alone. When all other expenses are factored into your budgets such as food, utilities, transportation costs, and other entertainment expenses you could easily find yourself spending more money than you thought necessary. With careful planning and budgeting though, it is possible to enjoy life in the Love Field area without breaking the bank.

Housing and Utilities

Love Field is a fairly expensive area of Dallas to rent, buy or live with an average housing cost of $1,222 per month. Utilities are also quite pricey in this area, with electric bills averaging around $190 monthly and water/sewer bills running about $110 a month.

General Goods & Services

Grocery costs in Love Field tend to be slightly higher than the national average due to the amount of organic and specialty food stores in the neighborhood. However, prices still remain reasonable compared to other areas in Dallas. The average grocery bill in Love Field generally runs between $200-$250 a month depending on your family size and what type of food you purchase.


Since Love Field is located within close proximity to downtown Dallas, there are many public transportation options available. Bus fares will cost $2.50 per ride and the DART light rail is only $3.00 for a single adult fare or $5.00 for an all-day pass. If you prefer to drive, monthly parking at Love Field can run anywhere from $50-$90 depending on where you park your car.


Local Economy

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant and growing local economy. The thriving commercial district offers a wide variety of businesses, from retail shops to restaurants, with something for everyone. With its close proximity to downtown Dallas and its easy access to major highways, Love Field provides an ideal location for business owners looking to establish or expand their operations in the city. In addition to providing employment opportunities for local residents, Love Field also attracts visitors from around the region who come to take advantage of the unique dining and shopping experiences available in this area. As part of its commitment to economic growth and vitality, Love Field regularly hosts events like farmers’ markets, festivals, art shows, and more that draw both locals and tourists alike.

Job Opportunities

Love Field is one of the major airports in Dallas, providing thousands of jobs for the local economy. The area surrounding Love Field offers a variety of employment opportunities in retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics, aviation services, customer service, and more.

Household Income

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, the median household income in Love Field was $62,896 as of 2018. This figure is significantly higher than the national median household income at that time ($61,372).

Local Investments

With its large number of businesses and steady job market, Love Field has become an attractive destination for local investors looking to bring their business ideas to reality. These investments have led to the opening of several new businesses in Love Field, including restaurants, hotels, and more. Additionally, a number of local development projects have been planned and executed to add to the area’s economic vitality. These projects include the construction of new office and retail space, as well as the renovation of existing buildings to better serve current and future business needs. Love Field has also seen an increase in private investment projects aimed at making the area more attractive for tourists and business travelers alike.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is a hub for transportation and travel. It is a major airport that serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as other states in the south. With an estimated eight million travelers passing through its gates annually, Love Field has become one of the busiest airports in Texas. The airport offers non-stop flights to destinations across the United States and beyond. The variety of airliner services at Love Field includes Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and more. Additionally, there are plenty of local ground transportation options for getting to and from Love Field such as shuttles, rental cars, taxis, limousines, buses, and vans.



are the most prevalent form of transportation in Love Field, Dallas Texas. Taxis are available to take passengers to their destination and can be hailed from the curbside. They accept both cash and credit card payments.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is also an option for travelers at Love Field, Dallas Texas. The DART bus service operates regular routes in the area throughout the day and night, providing economical public transportation for travelers.



Cars are another popular form of transport for people visiting or living near Love Field, Dallas Texas. There is a large variety of car rental companies servicing this airport including Avis, Hertz, Dollar Rent A Car, Budget, and National Car Rental among others. The airport also provides self-parking options for those who wish to drive their own car.



Finally, bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in Love Field, Dallas Texas as a form of transport. A number of rental companies offer bicycle hire services for those interested in exploring the city on two wheels. There are also plenty of bike lanes throughout the area making it easy for cyclists to explore the city safely. Additionally, major roads and highways provide safe routes for biking around the vicinity with dedicated bike lanes for commuters. In addition, there are numerous cycling trails located nearby allowing cyclists to enjoy views of nature while getting some exercise.


Average Annual Weather

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is a beautiful place to visit with its sunny skies and mild weather. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an extended vacation, the weather in Love Field provides perfect conditions all year round. With warm days and cool nights, visitors are sure to find something to enjoy regardless of the season. The area sees an average of 235 sunny days each year and temperatures rarely dip below freezing during winter months. In the summertime, the heat can be oppressive so it’s best to plan outdoor activities early on in the day or after sundown when temperatures have cooled off. Precipitation is moderate throughout the year and although thunderstorms occasionally pop up during wet seasons, extreme weather is rare.



Summer in Love Field in Dallas, Texas is hot and humid. Temperatures range from the low 80s to the 100s. In July and August, temperatures can reach 110F or more. Rainfall is common during this season with thunderstorms occurring frequently. The heat index makes it feel even hotter than it actually is outside. It is important to stay hydrated and wear light colored clothing when outside during the summer months.



Fall in Love Field starts off warm with temperatures rising into September and October before cooling off for November and December. Daytime highs are usually in the mid-80s but can drop into the 60s overnight. This season also brings abundant rainfall with occasional thunderstorms throughout the month of October as well as a higher chance of tropical storms and hurricanes as the year comes to a close.



Winter in Love Field can be mild but also bring some colder temperatures with average highs ranging from 40F to 60F and nighttime lows from 20F to 40F. Cold fronts can sometimes cause snow flurries or frosty mornings, which is important for anyone traveling during this season. You should check the forecast before heading out and dress accordingly for any cold weather activities.



Spring in Love Field starts off mild with temperatures rising quickly into April and May before cooling off again for June. Daytime highs are usually in the mid-80s but it’s not uncommon for them to reach up into the 90s. This season brings more sunshine than rain, although sudden thunderstorms can occur.


Local Tip

A local tip for when visiting Love Field in Dallas, Texas is to always check the weather forecast before heading out. Although temperatures can vary greatly throughout the year, there are usually extreme weather events that occur during certain times so it’s important to be prepared. Additionally, dressing according to the season and bringing an umbrella or rain jacket may help protect you from any unexpected weather conditions.


Education System of Love Field 

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is home to a thriving education system that has been providing quality instruction and resources to students for decades. With numerous public and private schools scattered throughout the area, Love Field provides a variety of educational opportunities for its residents. Whether you’re seeking early childhood education or higher learning programs, Love Field offers something for everyone. Public schools within the district are widely diverse and offer an array of specialized courses that cater to a wide range of student interests. From language arts to science and math, there are plenty of options available. Private schools provide an even greater range of educational choices with specializations like fine arts and technology-based instruction.

Public Schools

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is served by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). The district serves students from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve and includes 209 schools. Schools in Love Field include Ben Milam Elementary School, George C. Truett Elementary School, JL Long Middle School, North Dallas High School, and Skyline High School. All of these schools offer a variety of academic options for students including Advanced Placement courses, dual language programs, special education programs, and college preparation classes.

Charter Schools

There are several charter school options available to Love Field families as well. Charter schools are public schools that operate independently from DISD but still receive some funding from the state or local government. These schools are open to all students, and they focus on providing a tailored educational experience that meets the needs of each individual student. Examples of Love Field charter schools include The School at Sendero Springs, Uplift Peak Preparatory, and International Leadership of Texas-Love Field Campus.

Private Schools

There are also several private school options in the area. These schools receive no public funding but charge tuition for enrollment. Private schools provide a more personalized learning environment and offer specialized programs such as athletics, fine arts, or religious instruction. Examples of private schools located near Love Field include St. Monica Catholic School, White Rock Montessori School, and Good Shepherd Episcopal School.

Religious Schools

Religious schools are also available in the Love Field area. These institutions focus on providing a faith-based education to their students while still providing a quality academic program. Examples of religious schools in the area include Holy Family Catholic School, Prestonwood Christian Academy, and The Episcopal School of Dallas.


Families who desire an alternative to traditional schooling can enroll their children in homeschool programs or co-ops. Homeschooling allows parents to customize their child’s learning experience by choosing a curriculum that meets their individual needs. In addition, parents have more control over the type and amount of resources used for instruction and can tailor lesson plans around areas of interest. There are several homeschool support groups located near Love Field that provide resources and support for families who are homeschooling.


Love Field  Local Government and Infrastructure

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is a thriving and vibrant city with a strong sense of local government and infrastructure. The City of Dallas operates under the Home Rule Charter, which provides the framework for its citizens to govern themselves. Love Field is home to numerous parks and recreation facilities, including Bachman Lake Park, Joe Pool Lake Park, and Reverchon Park. These recreational areas are maintained by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, providing residents with plenty of outdoor opportunities. Additionally, Love Field has a variety of transportation options including public bus service with routes that run all over town as well as an extensive bikeway system so commuters can get where they need to go easily and safely.


The Dallas Police Department (DPD) is responsible for providing law enforcement services in Love Field. It is a full-service police agency with dedicated patrol officers, detectives, and specialized units to protect the safety of the community.

Fire Departments

The Dallas Fire-Rescue department provides fire protection and emergency medical services in Love Field. This includes responding to fires, and hazardous material incidents, as well as assisting with medical emergencies, vehicle extrication, water rescues, and more.


The J. Erik Jonsson Central Library located in downtown Dallas is the main branch of the city’s library system. However, there are several other branches located throughout the city including one located in Love Field that serves local residents.


Love Field is served by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). The district operates a variety of public schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools located in the nearby neighborhoods. Additionally, there are several private schools that cater to students living in and around Love Field.

Public Services

Love Field provides a range of public services to its residents including garbage collection, street maintenance, parks, and recreation programs, as well as code enforcement and animal control services. The city also offers public transportation services through its Dallas Area Rapid Transit system which includes buses and light rail lines serving the area. In addition, there are numerous community centers located in Love Field offering various activities for children, seniors, and adults alike.


Things To Do

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is a great place to spend quality time with your family. Located within walking distance of downtown Dallas and offering easy access from both the I-35 and the DART light rail system, Love Field is the perfect destination for day trips or weekend getaways. With an abundance of restaurants and attractions, there’s something for everyone at Love Field! Explore the interactive Air Park with flight simulators and a hands-on aviation exhibit, take in a live show at one of the theaters on-site, or relax in a park while enjoying some delicious local cuisine. Whether you’re looking for fun educational activities or simply want to enjoy some peaceful downtime together as a family, Love Field has it all!


Outdoor activities in Love Field include exploring the beautiful park areas, playing at one of the local playgrounds, jogging on the trails, and enjoying outdoor concerts. There are also two public golf courses, Northwood Golf Course and Stevens Park Golf Course – that provide great opportunities for a round of golf with friends or family.

Those seeking an educational experience can visit the Dallas Love Field Airport, which is located near the park. Here visitors can view a variety of aircraft and learn more about aviation history.


Love Field offers plenty of indoor activities as well, such as shopping at one of the many stores or having dinner at one of the numerous restaurants. For entertainment, check out The Majestic Theatre for live performances and movie showings. You can also browse through books and other media items at Half Price Books, explore art galleries at Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, or have some fun playing games such as pinball and pool at The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try getting a massage from Soothe Massage or taking a yoga class at Yoga Six. No matter what type of activity you’re looking for, Love Field has plenty of options to choose from.

Love Field is also home to the Dallas World Aquarium, which features more than 4,000 species of animals and plants. Visitors can explore the exhibits, learn about wildlife conservation efforts, and even take part in interactive programs such as animal feedings and educational tours. It’s an experience that everyone can enjoy!


Restaurants in Love Field 

Love Field in Dallas, Texas is home to a wide variety of delicious restaurants. Whether you’re looking for classic Tex-Mex, modern fine dining, or something in between, you’ll find plenty of great options in the area. From cozy cafes and family-run diners to upscale steakhouses, there’s something for everyone at Love Field. With so many choices available, it can be hard to decide which spot to try first! Fortunately, here is a helpful guide on some of the best restaurants located near Love Field that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Love Field Tacocinado Taqueria

Tacocinado Taqueria

Tacocinado Taqueria is a popular Mexican restaurant located near Love Field in Dallas, Texas. Tacocinado Taqueria is known for its delicious tacos with a variety of different fillings such as barbacoa, pollo, pastor, and carne asada. The meal also includes handmade tortillas and fresh salsas. They also serve traditional Mexican dishes such as burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and nachos.


La Jaivita Mexican Seafood Restaurant

La Jaivita Mexican Seafood Restaurant is another great option close to Love Field if you are looking for a seafood-focused menu. La Jaivita’s specialty dishes include fish tacos with freshly prepared cilantro sauce or shrimp fajitas cooked with bell peppers and onions. There is also a wide variety of ceviches, soups, and salads. Additionally, they serve a variety of Mexican dishes such as chiles rellenos and carne asada.


El Salvadoreño Restaurant

El Salvadoreño Restaurant is one of the best places to find Salvadoran cuisine near Love Field in Dallas. This restaurant serves traditional fare such as pupusas filled with cheese, pork, or beans and served with cabbage slaw or curtido. They also offer special dishes like sopa de res (beef soup) or tamales stuffed with chicken and tomato sauce. Other menu items include yuca con chicharron (fried cassava) or fried plantains for a unique flavor experience.



Love Field in Dallas, Texas is home to a variety of parks and open spaces that offer visitors the chance to enjoy time outdoors. From the historic Lee Park and Arboretum to the vibrant Bachman Lake Park, there is something for everyone at Love Field. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or enjoy some outdoor activities, Love Field has plenty of options for you. For those interested in history, many of the parks here tell stories about the area’s past, while modern amenities such as playgrounds allow families to have fun together. With so much on offer, it’s no surprise why Love Field is one of Dallas’ most beloved destinations.


Grauwyler Park

Grauwyler Park is a beautiful park located in the Love Field area of Dallas, Texas. This park offers plenty of open green spaces for activities such as picnicking and playing sports, along with amenities like tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and more. It is well-maintained by the city and features a large lake that provides ample opportunities for fishing.


Bachman Lake Park

Bachman Lake Park is another popular recreation spot near Love Field in Dallas, Texas. This urban lake offers plenty of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy. There are several paths around the lake perfect for walking and biking, as well as amusements like paddle boats, fishing boat rentals, and an onsite marina. Playgrounds scattered throughout the park offer children plenty of fun and safe places to play.


Overlake Park

Overlake Park is a 27-acre park located near Love Field in Dallas, Texas. It offers plenty of activities for visitors such as walking trails, bike paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas. It’s also home to the Overlake Golf Course where avid golfers can practice their swing or take lessons from professional instructors. There are even disc golf courses available for those who don’t have access to traditional golf clubs.


Hines Park

Hines Park is a large park located near Love Field in Dallas, Texas that features several attractions and activities for people of all ages. Families will love the many playgrounds spread throughout the park while fishing enthusiasts can enjoy some of the best freshwater fishing around at Hines Lake. There are also several miles of trails to explore and enjoy, as well as an onsite amphitheater for live performances. For the more adventurous types, there is even a BMX track located near the lake perfect for getting some airtime. No matter what activity you’re looking for, Hines Park has something for everyone!


Is Love Field Safe To Live In

Living in Love Field in Dallas, Texas is generally considered a safe place to live. The neighborhood has a low crime rate and the police are very active in patrolling the area. Additionally, there are plenty of businesses and restaurants that offer a vibrant atmosphere during the day, making it an attractive destination for locals and tourists alike.

The city of Dallas regularly ranks among the top 25 safest cities in America, which is reassuring if you’re looking to make Love Field your home. Furthermore, many residential areas around this neighborhood have been recently renovated or built from scratch, providing more options for people who want to settle down near work or shopping centers. Overall, the combination of low crime rates and recent developments makes living in Love Field relatively safe compared to other parts of Dallas.

For those who appreciate safety and convenience, Love Field is also close to the airport, making it easy to travel. The neighborhood is just a few miles from downtown Dallas, so there are plenty of public transportation options for getting around town. There are also several excellent schools in the area that offer quality education and after-school activities for children and teenagers.

Love Field offers many amenities that make living here enjoyable as well. There are numerous parks with trails and playgrounds, giving people ample opportunity to spend time outdoors. Additionally, this neighborhood has great restaurants with delicious food, shopping venues with unique goods, and entertainment spots for when you want to relax or have fun.


Why Should I Live Here

Love Field neighborhood in Dallas is an excellent place to live. Located just a few miles from downtown, it offers easy access to the city’s amenities while still providing a safe and comfortable suburban feel. It has numerous parks, trails, and open spaces that encourage outdoor activities like walking, jogging, biking, and picnics.

Love Field also boasts some of the best shopping and dining options in town. With its main shopping centers located right by Love Field Airport, residents can benefit from discounts offered at nearby stores or explore the variety of international cuisines available in the area. The close proximity to Love Field airport makes it easy for residents to travel anywhere they need to go without having to worry about long drives or stressful traffic.

The neighborhood is also home to some of Dallas’ best schools, which makes it an ideal place to raise a family. The local elementary school, Middle School and High School are all highly rated, ensuring that children receive the best education possible. Additionally, Love Field is filled with numerous parks and entertainment options that make for wonderful family outings.

Love Field is a great place to live for anyone looking for a safe, convenient suburban life in Dallas. It has plenty of shopping and dining options nearby, easy access to the airport, excellent schools, and plenty of outdoor activities available for its residents. Whether you’re young or old, there’s something here for everyone!

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