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Lake Highlands Dallas Texas

February 7, 2023 | Yamilet Timaure
Lake Highlands Dallas Texas

Lake Highlands, a neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas, is located in the northeast region of the downtown area. It is bordered by Northwest Highway to the southern side, White Rock Lake and Garland Road on the east, and US 75 to the west. The northern border is marked through Greenville Avenue and Royal Lane.

The region is where you can find popular recreation spots such as Flag Pole Hill Park and White Rock Lake Park, which provide residents with numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits like fishing as well as hiking, swimming, and boating. Other amenities within the vicinity include eateries, shopping malls, and even schools. In addition, there are two golf courses within the area in the vicinity -The Audubon Golf Course and Tenison Park Golf Course -which are a complete pleasure for avid golfers.

Lake Highlands is served by three school districts, Dallas Independent School District, Richardson Independent School District, and Plano Independent School District -making it a perfect location for families with children who are in school. Additionally, Lake Highlands is also home to excellent public transportation options, including trains and buses that link Lake Highlands to other parts of the city.

All in all, Lake Highlands offers its residents a relaxing lifestyle in a comfortable and secure setting. The gorgeous natural surroundings with the convenience of facilities make it a desirable alternative for those looking for an ideal home that is far from the bustle and hustle that is downtown Dallas. It’s not surprising that the area remains an extremely sought-after location in Dallas real estate.


Lake Highlands Dallas Texas History

Lake Highlands, a neighborhood located in the northeastern region of Dallas, Texas, is popular for its welcoming environment for families and an incredibly strong feeling of belonging. The area was once the home of Native American tribes before settlers started arriving in the latter part of the 1800s. The year 1910 was the time that Lake Highlands was incorporated as an independent city and remained as such till it was annexed to Dallas in 1975. City of Dallas in 1975.

Through its long history, Lake Highlands has been an active area for local business. Through the years, a variety of renowned eateries, shops as well as other businesses have opened in this area, including well-known shops such as Kroger, 7-Eleven, and Albertsons. The majority of the commercial appeal stems from the proximity of major highways, including Interstate 75 as well as the North Dallas Tollway.

In the past, Lake Highlands has become an appealing area to live in because of its top schools, parks, and recreation opportunities. The region is home to a variety of well-respected private and public education institutions like Richardson ISD, Richland College, and Northwest Bible Institute. In addition, there is a wide range of outdoor pursuits available at Lake Highlands with more than 40 parks within the city’s boundaries.

At the present, Lake Highlands is known for its lifestyle and its varied housing market that ranges from single-family homes to condos and apartments. Despite the rapid growth of these parts, this tight neighborhood is dedicated to maintaining its small-town appeal while also taking advantage of opportunities for development that will benefit the future. With its easy access to entertainment, shopping, and employment chances, Lake Highlands is an ideal place to live.

Lake Highlands Dallas Texas Today

At the present, Lake Highlands is known for its high quality of life and its varied housing market, ranging from single-family homes to condominiums and apartments. Despite the rapid growth of Lake Highlands, the close neighborhood is dedicated to keeping its small-town beauty while also exploring the latest development opportunities that could help the future generation. With easy access to entertainment, shopping, and employment possibilities, Lake Highlands is an ideal place to live.

Furthermore, the many amenities such as excellent schools, parks, and recreational activities make it a desirable alternative for people who wish to be part of a lively and friendly community. There are numerous possibilities for eating out or relaxing in the numerous bars, restaurants, and establishments within the city limits. But what truly makes Lake Highlands apart are its residents who foster an atmosphere of belonging and belonging.

In the end, Lake Highlands is an established Dallas neighborhood that has deep origins in the city’s past. Though it has grown and changed with time, however, it retains its distinctive charm and solid feeling of belonging. With access to high-quality schools as well as parks and other facilities, Lake Highlands is an attractive option for people looking for the most secure and welcoming location to call home. It’s one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the region there’s no reason to wonder why the majority of people decide to reside in this area. No matter if you’re looking for the perfect home or simply going through town, make sure to visit Lake Highlands and experience all it offers.


Cost Of Living

Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood. It provides a pleasant cost of living near the heart of Downtown Dallas. The cost of living for residents in Lake Highlands is 9 percent more expensive that the average for all of America with housing expenses being the highest cost with a rate of 17 percent higher than the nation’s average.

Housing And Utilities

The cost of living for residents of Lake Highlands Dallas Texas is very competitive. The median price for three-bedroom homes is about $310,000. This is less expensive than the national average and slightly higher than other areas of Dallas. Rents are also affordable and a one-bedroom home is available for around $1200 per month. Water electricity, garbage, and electric depend on the service provider but are typically estimated to cost between $100-$150 per month.

The cost of groceries in Lake Highlands can be considered moderate when compared to the rest of Dallas. The majority of items such as fruits vegetables, dairy products, and meats will be priced slightly higher to just under average when compared with the other cities. The prices for convenience products and food items, like organic and imported food items may be more expensive than in other areas of Dallas.

General Goods & Services

The general goods and items in Lake Highlands are moderately priced. The prices for items like furniture, clothing electronic equipment, and other household items may be a bit below or above average when compared with the other areas of Dallas. Services like haircuts, auto repairs, pet maintenance, lawn care, and so on tend to be priced on average or slightly more expensive than the average.


The costs of transportation are moderate within Lake Highlands compared to other areas of Dallas. Most residents utilize personal automobiles for their daily journey, however, public transportation is accessible through the DART rail and bus systems. The monthly cost for an annual pass that gives unlimited travel on public transit is $80. There are also a variety of ride-sharing services that operate within the region. Prices vary based on the distance traveled, but they tend to be somewhat more expensive than traditional taxi services.


Local Economy

The economic activity in Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is an active and diverse one. It’s home to a variety of firms, both small and big. The biggest employer in the region is Health Care Services Corporation, with more than 8,000 employees who provide medical assistance for those who are in need. Other big employers comprise AT&T, Walmart, Kroger as well as Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse. These five companies employ about 14,500 employees in the area of Lake Highlands.

Alongside the bigger companies, there are a number of smaller enterprises all over Lake Highlands that contribute to the local economy. These range from cafes and restaurants cafes to auto repair shops as well as retail stores. A lot of residents employ freelancers and contractors for diverse online services, including web design, writing, and programming.

Job Opportunities

Lake Highlands is a rapidly expanding area in Dallas which is the home of several major employers. The largest employer in the region is Dallas ISD, which employs more than 1000 employees in different jobs. Local companies are also flourishing and creating opportunities for those looking to find work. There are small businesses such as bakeries, coffee shops, large retail stores, construction firms as well as food delivery services, and much more. With this wide array of opportunities for employment within the community, Many locals will find a job that matches their abilities and the best working setting.

Household Income

The median family income of households for households living in Lake Highlands is significantly higher than in other areas in Dallas. According to the U.S Census Bureau 2018, American Community Survey 5-Year estimates the median household income for households in Lake Highlands was $87,949. This figure is more than the Dallas-Fort worth average of just $61,195. The figures also showed that the rate of poverty for those aged 15 or over was 4% in contrast to 13 percent for Dallas-Fort Worth in general.

Local Investments

Lake Highlands has become an appealing region for investors because of its excellent quality of life and its promising employment opportunities. It has also led to numerous commercial developments happening in recent times like new offices, retail outlets, and luxury homes. These developments have brought businesses to the region which has created even more jobs for locals and also brought an increase in capital to economic activity in the area.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Transport that is in Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas is excellent and makes it simple for residents to move across the region without any hassle. There is a myriad of options for getting from one spot to another, such as public transportation, car-sharing services as well as biking.



Taxis are a reliable method of transport within the region for those seeking short excursions within the city. Local taxi firms offer affordable prices and provide reliable service. The passengers have the benefit of booking rides from any place within Lake Highlands, allowing visitors to explore the city without worrying about transportation. Taxis also offer door-to-door services for those who do not want to wait in lines at station stops for trains or bus stops.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is an attractive alternative to travel around Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas. It is known as the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and offers light and bus rail services across the city. Local buses run along major roads, and express buses connect the residential areas to entertainment and employment centers within downtown Dallas. Light rails that are convenient allow easy access to some of the most sought-after places to visit located in Lake Highlands, such as White Rock Lake Park and Flag Pole Hill. With low-cost fares and regular times, DART can help commuters move quickly and without the hassle of problems with traffic or parking fees.



Cars are the most popular means of transport for residents of Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas. The area is connected to major highways, making it possible for commuters to get around the area swiftly and efficiently. Parking spaces are available on many streets as well as in private parking lots, which means motorists need not think about finding a parking spot once they arrive at their destination. Furthermore, rental cars are readily accessible for people who don’t have their own car or would prefer to use a lease-to-own option.



For those who are looking for an eco-friendly, affordable method of getting around town, bikes are an excellent option. The mild climate of Lake Highlands makes cycling more enjoyable all year round, and being flat makes it possible for cyclists of all levels to get around easily. Numerous bike lanes can be all over the area which provides cyclists with secure routes that are free of cars and pedestrians. There are also a variety of bicycle rental businesses within the area that provide affordable prices and convenient pick-up places. You can explore the region on your own or participate in guided tours, biking is an excellent option to travel around Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas.

All in all, Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas provides residents and visitors with a range of transport options that will meet their requirements. If you’re looking to enjoy the convenience of public transport or the convenience of your own vehicle There is something for all residents in the area. With taxis, cars bicycles, and public transportation all readily available, visitors are able to easily travel around town without having to worry about the time frame or cost. Therefore, no wherever you’re going within Lake Highlands, you’ll be capable of getting there swiftly and comfortably.


Average Annual Weather

Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is a community that is able to experience all four seasons during the year. The temperatures in spring range between the mid-50s in the evening and moderate to low 80s throughout the daytime. The rain is not as frequent but typically is seen between March and May. The summer months are the time when Lake Highlands shines with sunshine as the days get hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, on average. In the months of June and August, it’s normal for storms to roar into town during the late afternoon or in the evening.



Summer months in Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas are characterized by hot and humid temperatures. The average temperature ranges from the mid-80s up to the upper 90s but they could easily exceed the 100-degree mark or even higher. The humidity levels are high at this time of year, creating an uncomfortable climate for many. It is normal to see rain during the summer and generally in brief bursts of severe rain. Storms can occur frequently too, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of the weather forecast before heading out to the city. Locals advise wearing light clothes and lots of sunscreens to shield the skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.



The autumn seasons in Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas provide a pleasant transition from summer heat to cold winter. The temperature ranges from the mid-60s to the low 70s with humidity levels remaining high but dropping as we move closer to winter. It is not so heavy as in summer or spring typically occurring with light showers or brief downpours. There are storms that can occur frequently during this time of the year It’s crucial to be aware of the forecast before you head out. A light jacket and sunscreen are advised for outdoor activities in this season.



The winters that occur in Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas are generally mild, with temperatures that range from 40-50 degrees. In certain instances, the temperature can fall to as low as freezing or even below, but it is extremely rare. It is almost impossible to find snow in this area, with only the occasional snowfall at times throughout the year. The amount of rain falls is high in the winter months, usually in large quantities that could cause flooding issues in specific regions. Be sure to layer up and check the weather forecast prior to leaving are essential precautions to be taken when winter arrives in Dallas.



The springtime months offer much-needed respite from the hot summer heat and offer the ideal weather conditions for outside activities. The average temperatures vary between mid- and upper-60s, and humidity levels are decreasing gradually. It is normal for the rain to fall and often occurs in small flashes. Storms are common at this time of the year, therefore being aware of the weather forecast is crucial to avoid dangerous situations. Locals recommend wearing breathable clothes and sunscreen on hand for any outdoor activity.


Local Tip

Like all times of the year, the residents from Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas have some suggestions for people who are visiting or living in the region. It’s essential to be aware of the weather forecast and plan for any outdoor activities. The importance of layering is for cooler seasons as temperatures can change drastically during the day. Sunscreen is also recommended frequently to shield yourself from harsh UV rays while outside.

In the event of rain, it is recommended to dress in waterproof clothes and keep an umbrella with you throughout the day. By keeping these suggestions in mind you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty which Lake Highlands has to offer all year long!


Education System Of Lake Highlands Dallas Texas

It is the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) is committed to providing high-quality education for all students of Lake Highlands, Texas. With more than 270 schools and a student body of more than 161,000 students, DISD is the largest school district in Texas and is among the districts with the fastest growth across the United States.

At the elementary school level, the children go to Pre-K until 5th grade. They are focused on developing academic abilities while also preparing children with the values of respect and accountability. Secondary education covers 6th through 12th grade, where students are able to select from a variety of elective courses and advanced studies. In this phase, students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities and investigate their interests further.

Public Schools

The Lake Highlands area of Dallas is serviced through Richardson Independent School District (RISD). RISD offers a broad range of education from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The district is known for its innovative educational programs and initiatives that are created to meet the unique requirements of every student. Furthermore, RISD houses several unique academy programs like Leadership Academy and Emerging Technology Academy for students with specific interests and career goals with regard to. In addition to these programs that are specialized the district also provides dual credit classes that allow students in high schools to earn college credit while still attending high school.

Charter Schools

There are also a number of charter schools that are located in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. They are Uplift Education, the Optimus Preparatory Academy as well as the Kipp Dallas Fort Worth Public Schools. These charter schools provide students with an opportunity to develop in a setting that is designed to provide personalized instruction. Uplift Education provides a holistic learning experience using the “My Core Values” program that is focused on character-building, development of leadership as well as global understanding. Optimus Preparatory Academy offers a college-preparatory curriculum along with enrichment courses like robotics and coding. In addition, KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools offer dual-language immersion programs, in addition to extracurricular activities such as debate and outdoor adventure clubs.

Private Schools

The private school segment in Lake Highlands is made up of two schools: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and The Oakridge School. St. Thomas Aquinas is the sole Catholic school within RISD and provides an academic program that is rigorous and complemented by religious classes, such as Bible studies and everyday Mass. Oakridge School Oakridge School specializes in providing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for students in the pre-kindergarten stage through 12th grade. The IB model lets students discover different languages and cultures and prepare them for successful careers in the competitive world market.

Religious Schools

Students looking for a spiritually-based education have a number of options in Lake Highlands Dallas Texas including Dallas Christian Academy, Prestonwood Baptist Academy, Holy Trinity Episcopal School, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center as well as numerous homeschool programs. Dallas Christian Academy is a private, nondenominational, school that offers a comprehensive education that focuses on spirituality, academics, and the development of character. Prestonwood Baptist Academy offers students from pre-kindergarten up to 12th grade a Christian-centered setting where teachers strive to establish an atmosphere of excellence.

Holy Trinity Episcopal School believes in providing an academically challenging curriculum that promotes values like integrity, respect, justice, and dedication to serving. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center provides academic and spiritual education in their kindergarten and toddler classes.


Parents that want to give their children an opportunity to learn at home have plenty of options within the Lake Highlands area including several support groups for homeschoolers in the area. A lot of these support groups offer parents the necessary information regarding homeschool laws and rules, curriculums, activities, and field excursions. Homeschoolers also have the benefit of the opportunities to play athletics through organizations like Dallas Home School Athletics.

The Lake Highlands area of Dallas is a vibrant area that offers families a range of options for education that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. In addition to traditional schools, there are special charter schools, as well as private institutions This area, is well-equipped for giving its students the highest quality of education. If you’re looking for the IB program or you want the child’s education to be at a church school, there’s a wide range of choices available within Lake Highlands Dallas Texas. With so many options to choose from it is possible to find the ideal institution for your child of yours.


Lake Highlands Dallas Texas Local Government And Infrastructure

Lake Highlands is a neighborhood located in North Dallas, Texas. The neighborhood is part of the bigger, larger City of Dallas. The local administration for Lake Highlands is managed by the City of Dallas. The city’s mayor chooses commissioners for various boards like the Board of Zoning Adjustment, Plan Commission, Library Board Board of Zoning Adjustment, Plan Commission, Parks Board, and Library Board. Citizens are invited to join these sessions and provide their opinions on any issues that arise during the meetings.

The infrastructure of Lake Highlands includes two airports: Addison airport which is situated less than 15 miles from the area and Love Field Airport which is situated about twenty miles from the neighborhood. There are several major highways that are within reach, which include US Route 75, Central Expressway, and Lyndon B Johnson Freeway. The public transportation system is Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) provides trains and buses in addition to connections to other areas of the city.


Lake Highlands is served by the Dallas Police Department, which is split into four divisions for patrols as well as various specialized units that include burglary and robbery as well as auto theft, gangs, traffic enforcement, vice/narcotics intelligence, and criminal investigations. In addition, the Dallas PD works with local companies to keep the crime rate lower in the region by encouraging citizens to be involved with Neighborhood Watch program. Residents are also encouraged to contact 911 in case they need help or believe they’ve witnessed the perpetrator of a crime.

Fire Departments

Lake Highlands is a Lake Highlands community protected by three fire stations that are operated by Dallas Fire-Rescue Department (DFD). The stations comprise Engine 10 situated on Skillman Street near Abrams Road Station 21 situated at Royal Lane near Audelia Road and Station 34 situated at Ferndale Road near Central Expressway. It is the DFD that responds to calls for assistance including accidents involving hazardous materials, fires medical emergencies, and automobile accidents.


Lake Highlands Public Library Lake Highlands Public Library is an extension part of the Dallas Public Library system. It offers the ability to access millions of magazines, books newspapers, and other media for recreation or research. There are computers with internet connection accessible to users of public. The library also holds a variety of activities throughout the year, including stories for children, story time for children and reading clubs for adults, and special guests or workshops on current issues in the community.


Lake Highlands is home to various elementary schools, including Fults, Moss Haven, Merriman, and White Rock. There is also a middle school named E.D. Walker Middle School as well as Lake Highlands High School. The three schools are part of the Richardson Independent School District and provide a variety of extracurricular and academic opportunities for students to take part in.

Public Services

Lake Highlands residents have access to public transportation services through Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses as well as light rail lines that travel across the city. There are also banks as well as restaurants, grocery stores parks, churches, and other facilities which make it a great area to live, work or visit. Additionally, the city provides vital services like sanitation and water to ensure that living in Lake Highlands is safe and comfortable. The city also has numerous parks with trails, and open spaces, along with libraries and community centers to offer recreational opportunities for everyone of all different ages. There’s something for all ages at Lake Highlands!


Things To Do

Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is considered to be the city within the city. It is located close to White Rock Lake, this distinct neighborhood has something for all. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping, eating or just enjoying the outdoors, residents will be able to keep them entertained and busy.


Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is also a great place to enjoy indoor activities that entertain everyone. If you are a fan of art, a trip to the Play Street Museum – Lake Highlands. Your child will enjoy this amazing visit with activities for kids.

For those who are looking for an interactive experience Why not take a look at one or more of Lake Highlands’ many escape rooms? With clues and puzzles to work through this activity for team building, it is a great choice for families and friends. If you’re a fan of traditional board games or puzzles, then why don’t you visit one of the game bars within the vicinity?

Lake Highlands has many entertainment choices for cinephiles. You can’t go wrong with the extensive selection of films in AMC Theaters or the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! Both cinemas offer an amazing variety of movies from every genre, and feature state-of-the-art audio and digital technology which means you’ll never lose a moment on the screen!

If it’s art galleries theaters, escape rooms, or game bars, there’s something for all to enjoy at Lake Highlands! With numerous indoor activities, you don’t have to worry about the weather – which makes Lake Highlands a great destination for all the family.


Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities for everyone of all age groups. There’s plenty for all to enjoy from the stunning trails and parks that provide an array of activities like biking and hiking. Lake Highlands North Park, located only a few minutes from Lake Highlands, is one of the most well-known spots in town. It provides recreational opportunities along its 9 miles of coastline with trails that are perfect for walking or running. Fishermen will also be able to find numerous spots to test to catch a fish!

If you’re looking for exciting excursions you can book an excursion on a kayak or the opportunity to take a guided bicycle ride. There is a chance to explore the nearby White Rock Creek by kayak while listening to the birdsong as well as the gentle ripple in the river. If cycling is your style, you could go on a guided bike ride along some of the beautiful trails that are found in Lake Highlands and surrounding areas.

It is also a great place to visit. Dallas Zoo is also located close by and is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones or family. With more than 2,000 animals across the globe, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this thrilling attraction! Animal lovers will love watching the various species in close proximity. Then, have a bite in one of the many eateries in the area.

If you’re a fan of outdoor and natural activities, Lake Highlands offers plenty of activities that are guaranteed will keep you entertained! From biking and hiking paths to guided kayaking excursions, and an excursion to the zoo to find something ideal for the next trip!

The best thing about Lake Highlands is that there is something for everybody! With so many choices inside and outside in the open, this Dallas neighborhood is filled with things to do that will keep all ages entertained. The options range from escape rooms, art museums, and galleries to bike trails and parks You can enjoy the most of both in one spot. Why not make plans for your next adventure in Lake Highlands? It’s a great idea!


Restaurants In Lake Highlands Dallas Texas

Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas is a lively and bustling area that offers a wide range of eating options for any taste. From fast-casual restaurants to gourmet eateries, There is the perfect food in this vibrant area.

Whether you’re looking for a casual snack or an evening feast, you’ll find something delicious at one of these Lake Highlands restaurants. From traditional Mexican fare to spicy Cajun seafood boils, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud. So grab a friend or two and enjoy some of the best dining that Dallas has to offer. Bon appetite!  ​


The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is a more casual take on seafood. This popular spot serves up all manner of fresh, spicy seafood dishes. The menu includes everything from shrimp to oysters, crawfish to snow crabs, and even king crab legs. Everything is served in a zesty Cajun-style garlic butter sauce that gives the food its signature flavor. The atmosphere is lively and fun, with a long line of loyal customers waiting for their orders every night.


Balsas Mexican Restaurant

Balsas Mexican Restaurant is another great option for Mexican cuisine in Lake Highlands. The menu features all the classic dishes, from tacos to enchiladas, as well as some unique specialties. Their signature dish is the Balsas Plate, a generous portion of grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp served with rice and beans. Other favorites include the quesadillas and chile rellenos. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of tequilas and margaritas to round out your meal.


Juaritos Mexican Restaurant

Juraitos Mexican Restaurant is a great spot for those looking for traditional Mexican fare. The restaurant has a fun, relaxed atmosphere and serves up an array of classic dishes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. From tacos to enchiladas, flautas to burritos, Juraitos has it all. Specialties include housemade guacamole and fresh salsas that are made daily.



Lake Highlands, a neighborhood located in northwestern Dallas, Texas is home to many local parks. From a vast dog field and athletic area to a peaceful urban green space The parks of Lake Highlands provide activities for anyone of any age. Just from along the North Central Expressway, the area is easy to get access to all of these parks!


Lake Highlands North Park

The 123-acre Lake Highlands North Park features athletic fields, tennis courts, and a playground. This park is great for families and groups looking to enjoy outdoor sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, and cricket. The park also includes a one-mile jogging trail and an off-leash dog park with separate areas for large and small dogs.


Watercrest Park

This multi-use trailhead provides access to the White Rock Creek Trail. The 6.6-mile path connects numerous parks and preserves, including Lake Highlands Park, Flag Pole Hill Park, and Samuell Grand Park. It is perfect for activities such as walking, running, biking, rollerblading, and fishing along the way. There are four trailheads that provide access to the White Rock Creek Trail from this area.


Forest Meadows Park

Located near the North Central Expressway, Forest Meadows Park is a quiet, serene place to relax and enjoy nature. This park consists of 11 acres of native trees, grasses, and plants, perfect for bird-watching or just taking in the sights and sounds of nature. There are also several benches throughout the park from which to observe or meditate.


McCree Annex Park

McCree Annex Park is a great place for community members and visitors to get together. This 6-acre park features a playground, a picnic area with grills and tables, and an open field perfect for throwing around a Frisbee or kicking around a soccer ball. There is also plenty of green space for families to enjoy and explore. In the summertime, this park often has outdoor movies or other family-friendly events taking place!

Lake Highlands offers something for everyone when it comes to local parks. Whether you’re looking to get outside and engage in active activities such as running or sports, or just relax in nature’s beauty, there are plenty of options available within this neighborhood in Dallas, Texas!


Is Lake Highlands Dallas Texas Safe To Live In

The area of Lake Highlands, Dallas Texas is a secure and safe area to reside. The area has seen significant improvement in the past few years, with an increasing number of measures to prevent crime as well as community-based activities. The police in the area are vigilant in making sure residents are safe and respond promptly to concerns of suspicious activities. There are several parks for families to take advantage of outdoor activities, such as bicycle trails and playgrounds.

The market for housing within Lake Highlands offers a variety of choices that range from luxurious apartment homes to single-family homes that are at different price points. A lot of these homes come with modern amenities, like pools and fitness centers, recreational rooms, and so on. Families can locate a home within their budget while still being secure in the community’s additional security measures.

The public schools located in Lake Highlands are well-regarded, with numerous charter and magnet alternatives to pick from. There are top universities within a few minutes distance from the area which makes higher education accessible to all students. There are also many local entertainment options like libraries, shopping centers, movie theaters, and other things.

Lake Highlands is an ideal area for families who want to make Dallas home while remaining secure and safe. With its many homes and public services, it’s easy to understand why so many have chosen this region as their home. People who live here can be sure that they’ve done every step to make sure they are safe and secure within this vibrant community.

All in all, Lake Highlands is a well-secure and safe area to reside in Dallas Texas. The neighborhood has seen substantial changes over the past couple of years due to a rise in the number of crime prevention actions and activities for the community. Residents have the opportunity to take advantage of great housing options ranging from luxurious apartment homes to single-family homes at different price points, as well as feel safe with the added security measures in the area.

There are also top public universities and schools within a short distance and a variety of entertainment choices for families to take advantage of. In all the lifestyle in Lake Highlands is an ideal option for those who are looking for an incredibly safe and cozy location to call home.


Why Should I Live Here

Lake Highlands is a desirable neighborhood in the northeast of Dallas, Texas. Its accessibility to downtown Dallas and the close retail centers makes it a great place to reside. It has one of the top schools in the region such as Lake Highlands High School, which is consistently ranked among the top-performing school districts in Texas. The neighborhood is friendly and family-friendly, with lots of green spaces for outdoor activities.

Lake Highlands residents Lake Highlands also enjoy easy access to downtown Dallas and Love Field Airport. With an array of dining options bars as well as clubs, museums attractions, and other venues for entertainment within a few minutes of each one, There’s something for everyone in this area. There are many parks that offer great opportunities for cycling or hiking.

Lake Highlands offers a variety of housing choices, ranging from new houses to older homes that have been updated. There are townhomes and apartments in the area, too. Residents have moderate crime rates and secure areas that are close to parks, schools, stores as well as recreation facilities. In addition, there are a number of churches that are within close vicinity for those who would like to attend religious services.

In the end, Lake Highlands is an ideal location to live in because it offers something for anyone – whether searching for top schools or a lively lifestyle. Because of its access to Downtown Dallas and its easy access to entertainment options, this area offers plenty of opportunities for development and enjoyment. If you’re seeking an area to live in that has everything you need accessible then take a look at Lake Highlands. It’s the ideal place to call home in Dallas.

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