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Greenway Parks Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Greenway Parks Dallas Texas

Greenway Parks is situated in the middle of Dallas, Texas. It is located to the north of Northwest Highway and south of Lovers Lane, just west of Preston Road. The neighborhood is affluent and has a border with Park Cities to the east and Turtle Creek to the south. The park is situated between two intersections that are: Lorraine Avenue/Preston Road and Preston Road/Blackburn Street. It covers an amount of 24 acres. It has a vast greenbelt that includes twisting trails that are lined with lush trees. 

The neighborhood has been regarded by the Dallas Morning News as being one of the top locations to reside in Dallas because of its high-end facilities, well-maintained landscaping, and its convenient location close to major tourist attractions such as Highland Park Village, Uptown Districts, and The Dallas North Tollway. The residents of Greenway Parks can enjoy recreation activities, restaurants and shopping choices, and easy access to public transportation. Greenway Parks includes a variety of well-known schools, including Hockaday School, Ursuline Academy of Dallas as well as St. Mark’s School of Texas. In all, Greenway Parks is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city, which gives its residents an unparalleled quality of life.

The neighborhood has been regarded as being among the most sought-after communities to reside in Dallas due to its top-of-the-line facilities, well-maintained landscaping, and its central location close to important attractions such as Highland Park Village, Uptown Districts as well as the Dallas North Tollway. The residents of Greenway Parks can enjoy recreation activities, restaurants and shopping choices, and the ease of accessing public transportation. Greenway Parks has a variety of famous schools, including Hockaday School, Ursuline Academy of Dallas, and St. Mark’s School of Texas. Overall, Greenway Parks is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city, which gives its residents an unparalleled quality of life.


Greenway Parks History

Greenway Parks is an area of residential living located in Dallas, Texas that has existed since the early 1920s. At the beginning of the area, it was known for the large estate houses and beautiful parks that offered tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The development of Greenway Parks began with a real estate development venture led by philanthropist and oilman H.L. Hunt in 1925. He bought more than 400 acres in the vicinity of Turtle Creek, developed it into lavish estates, and then sold them to wealthy families that wanted to experience the beauty of nature away from the bustle and noise. In the following years, over 200 houses were constructed along the tree-lined streets within about a decade with many houses that feature English style, Tudor Revival, and Mediterranean architecture.

The 1930s saw further developments made to the area. These included the clubhouse and country club in 1939. Members could take advantage of swimming, golfing tennis courts, and much more. At this point, Greenway Parks had become well recognized as a prestigious area with great amenities for lifestyle.

Greenway Parks Today

Today, Greenway Parks is still one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dallas. The homes that were originally built have been restored and renovated for modern standards of living. A majority of these houses feature beautiful landscaping and modern amenities like luxurious swimming pools and outdoor kitchens that are ideal for hosting guests or just relaxing in the sun in warmer weather. There’s also lots of space for greenery in the vicinity like Lakeside Park which has plenty of wonderful trails for biking and hiking. Furthermore, The Country Club with its golf course is still open to members, as are regular events such as art shows and music concerts.

Greenway Parks is a storied neighborhood that has witnessed numerous changes throughout the years but is still one of the most sought-after zones even to this day. With the tree-lined street’s gorgeous parks and stunning homes, it’s easy to understand why it is still attracting wealthy buyers looking for an oasis in the middle. Those who make Greenway Parks home, have the luxury that comes with living near downtown while being capable of escaping to their private oasis in a matter of minutes.


Cost of Living

The cost of living for residents of The Greenway Parks neighborhood in Dallas, Texas is slightly above average when compared to the rest of the United States. 


The median price for a home in the area is $400,400 which is slightly more expensive than the median national price of $227,025. The cost of renting a property in Greenway Parks is priced about $1,160 per month, on average.


The positive side is the fact that transport costs can be affordable in the region. Gasoline prices are generally lower than in most areas of Texas with around $2.15 per gallon in April 2020. The public transportation system is also cheap, with one-way tickets costing just $1-3 USD, depending on the location. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft are readily available in the region in case you need them, however, they could become more costly than public transportation when surge pricing is implemented.

General Goods & Services

Electricity bills are typically very expensive due to the summer heat as well as mild winters. If you’re not cautious about your energy usage, an electric bill could easily increase by a third or even triple in certain seasons. On average, monthly electric bills can range from $120 to $300 depending on your usage.

Food items located in Greenway Parks tend to be slightly more expensive than in the other areas of Dallas. The cost of a gallon of milk can cost about $3.50 A pound of ground beef is typically going to cost around $5.50 and 12 eggs can cost as much as $2.00.

In general, the price of life in Greenway Parks is slightly higher than average when compared with the other areas of Texas and the United States as a whole. Costs for housing can be costly, but transportation costs and food is reasonably priced. If you are careful with your budgeting and conserving energy, it’s feasible to reside comfortably in this area without spending a fortune!


Local Economy

Greenway Parks is a thriving neighborhood that is located in Dallas, Texas. It’s where you will find a wide range of businesses and families and is a popular place for people looking for quality employment opportunities and economic growth.

Job Opportunities

The market for jobs for job seekers in Greenway Parks is booming with numerous employers offering attractive salaries for qualified candidates. The unemployment rate for the city remains very low, at 4.2 percent. Most jobs are in the hospitality, healthcare education, finance, and retail sectors. A lot of companies are headquartered in the region due to its booming economy and business-friendly environment.

Household Income

The household income remains extremely high for the area, with a median household income of approximately $72,000 per year. This is greater that Dallas County overall ($56,000).

Local Investment

The city has also seen an increase in investment from private firms and also from state, federal, and local government officials. These investments have allowed Greenway Park to improve infrastructure, create jobs, and also strengthen the economy. 

Greenway Parks is a community that is growing and provides its residents with numerous jobs, in addition to being a fantastic location to live in. Greenway Parks continues to draw increasing numbers of investors every year because of its thriving economic activity and increasing population. This vibrant area is likely to thrive for many years to come.


Transportation Options For The Commute

There are plenty of options to transportation options in Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas. If you’re seeking traditional taxis or public transportation, a vehicle rental, or a jump scooter You are certain to find a way to get to your destination that is suitable for your needs.


Public Transportation

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a bus service and light rail across the city, with services that connect to Greenway Parks. Tickets for single-use use can be purchased through the internet as well as at kiosks at every station.



Dallas is home to a large taxi network that includes several taxi companies operating in the city such as Yellow Cab. 



Dallas is home to a vast network of paths and bike lanes which makes it simple for cyclists to move around the city. There are several rental stores situated near Greenway Parks that offer short-term bikes so that those who don’t have their own bikes can benefit from this type of transportation.



There’s an extensive road network within Greenway Parks, making it easy to move around with an automobile. Parking is readily available in the vicinity, however certain parking lots might require an additional fee.


Average Annual Weather

Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas is a place that experiences four seasons all through the year.



The summer within Greenway Parks can be hot, humid, and sweaty, with the temperatures in the daytime often reaching the upper 90s or even higher. In the summer months, it’s essential to drink plenty of water and avoid sunburns. There are frequent thunderstorms during summer providing an essential relief from the summer heat, but also the risk for flash flooding.



The winters within Greenway Parks can be cold and wet, with snowfall that is not uncommon, but it does not occur often. The temperature can dip into the 20s on certain nights, but the majority of days are warm and sunny in comparison. Ice storms aren’t uncommon and therefore residents should exercise extreme care when walking or driving during the winter months.



The months of fall in Greenway Parks are usually mild and relaxing, with gradual changes as the seasons change from one direction to the other. Fall temperatures fluctuate from the upper 40s up to the mid-70s. 



The temperatures can vary from the 50s to the 80s during the spring, with frequent rain. However, this season is pleasant for outdoor activities, such as walks and picnics.


Local Tip

One of the best tips for those visiting Greenway Parks is to check adjacent White Rock Lake or one of the parks in the vicinity like Arbor Hills Nature Preserve or Bachman Lake Park for a wide range of leisure activities. 


Education System of Greenway Parks

The educational system in Greenway Parks Dallas Texas encompasses many education options. All of these make Greenway Parks Dallas Texas a fantastic area to live, learn and expand.

Public Schools

The public schools provide free secondary and primary education for all children living within the district and are which is funded through local taxes.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately run public schools operating with their own charter agreements with the local or state school board, usually providing alternatives to public school education in the traditional sense. 

Private Schools

Private schools are not government-run institutions that have tuition charges and are not governed by the regulations of the government. 

Religious Schools

Religious schools offer instruction based on faith generally that is based on the teachings of a particular religious tradition. 


The term “homeschooling” refers to the parents taking on the responsibility for the education of their kids at their home, rather than sending them to schools outside their homes. 


Greenway Parks Local Government and Infrastructure

Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas is home to a range of local infrastructure and government services. 


The police department of the city is managed through the Dallas Police Department and includes police patrols, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and community relations as well as special operations, and support services. The police provide excellent service through partnerships with public safety agencies as well as other organizations in the city.

Fire Department

Additionally, the city has its own fire service that offers education, prevention, and suppression services in Greenway Parks and the surrounding areas. Firefighters tackle fires within structures or buildings outside. They also provide rescue efforts in times of emergency, such as accidents with a vehicle or hazardous material incidents.


As for schools within Greenway Parks, the Dallas Independent School District provides services to the region. The district offers a wide range of opportunities for education, such as advanced placement courses as well as special education services. college preparatory courses; international languages; after-school programs and extracurricular activities, professional development opportunities, and more.


Greenway Parks is served by the Dallas Public Library system. Libraries provide a variety of programs, such as book clubs, stories time computer classes as well as summer reading programs, and much more. In addition, libraries provide access to digital resources like audiobooks that can be downloaded, eBooks, magazines, and many more.

Public Services

Greenway Parks is also home to various public services. They include recreation centers, parks libraries, libraries, and transportation systems. In addition, the city is home to many cultural venues, such as galleries and museums, performance places; historical sites; green spaces, and much more.


Things To Do

Greenway Parks in Dallas, Texas provides a wide range of activities for any age and interest.


Outdoor activities are plentiful in the form of miles of trails for you to ride or hike while enjoying the lush greenery. There are also numerous places for picnics and playgrounds that allow families to gather and create lasting memories. If you are looking for an activity-based adventure, the parks provide court tennis, basketball courts batting cages, disc golf courts, and numerous other facilities.


If you are looking for indoor entertainment, Greenway Parks has something for anyone. There’s a Dallas Zoo located nearby providing visitors with a close and personal look at the most beautiful creatures in nature. There are a variety of museums that offer interactive exhibits that focus on history and science in addition to other topics. There are also a variety of excellent eateries to pick from in the region.

Whatever thing you are interested in, Greenway Parks has something for every person. If you’re seeking an easy day in the sun or an adventurous adventure indoors, Greenway Parks offers something for all. Come explore this lively Dallas neighborhood and find out the reasons why it remains an extremely popular spot every year!


Restaurants in Greenway Parks

Whatever you pick which one you choose in Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas you’ll surely enjoy delicious and fresh food from all over the globe. No matter if you’re seeking an intimate dinner place or just a night out with your friends, all of these restaurants will deliver a memorable dining experience. If you want to experience the best in unforgettable meals, make sure to visit Adelmo’s Ristorante, Shinsei Restaurant, and Mesero – Inwood Village. 


Adelmo’s Restaurant

Adelmo’s Restaurant is a warm Italian restaurant located situated in Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas. Serving the finest Italian food available, Adelmo’s serves classic dishes like pasta and parmesan chicken as well as fresh salads, appetizers, and salads such as bruschetta and calamari. There are also specials on the menu every day that includes seafood food to delicious pizzas. With a vast wine selection to complement your meal, Adelmo’s promises an unforgettable dining experience.


Shinsei Restaurant

Shinsei Restaurant is another popular alternative for customers who are looking for high-quality Asian dishes at Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas. The restaurant is famous for its contemporary approach to traditional Japanese dishes as well as sushi dishes. Specialties include Peking duck rolls and spicy tuna tacos and the famous teriyaki beef. Shinsei also has a wide range of sakes to go with your dinner.


Mesero – Inwood Village 

Mesero Inwood Village is the go-to place for Mexican food located in Greenway Parks, Dallas Texas. Offering a variety of traditional food items like tacos Enchiladas and fajitas The restaurant also offers distinctive dishes like its famous margarita pizza. The menu is supplemented by a wide selection of mezcals and tequilas which can be used to create craft Margaritas or just plain.



No matter what kind of activity you’re doing, there’s something you can do in Greenway Parks in Dallas, Texas. You may be searching for an outdoor activity or simply want to sit back and soak in the beauty Parks in the area are a great place to visit for guests of all different ages. Go to any of these parks and take a look at what they have on provide!


Flippen Park

Flippen Park, located in Dallas Texas is a vast park within Greenway Parks Dallas Texas, with plenty of green areas to explore. It is home to two baseball fields along with numerous hiking trails, playgrounds as well as picnic tables. There are courts for volleyball and basketball along with a children’s garden, as well as an off-leash dog park in which Fido can enjoy a game of fun. There are restrooms at the park during summer during special events that take place in the park like musical performances or festivals.


Germany Park

Germany Park is another great location within Greenway Parks Dallas Texas to enjoy an outdoor adventure. The park is full of open spaces that include grassy fields as well as wooded areas that are perfect for walking or for other pursuits. Visitors can also take advantage of its trails for walking as well as picnic tables and playgrounds. The park also has tennis courts with sand as well as skateboard ramps for people who are looking to pump their adrenaline.


Weichsel Park

Weichsel Park is located near the well-known White Rock Lake in Greenway Parks Dallas Texas. The park has a range of facilities, such as an off-leash dog zone and two basketball courts, 2 baseball fields, trails for walking as well as an outdoor amphitheater which is used for performances or other special occasions. There are several spots for picnics and restrooms available during the summer when bigger gatherings are held in the park.


Cherrywood Park

Cherrywood Park is another great location within Greenway Parks Dallas Texas to go to when you’re looking for a breath of fresh air. It is a vast open space, including grassy fields, as well as wooded areas that have plenty of trails perfect for walking. The park also includes two basketball courts, two baseball diamonds, and picnic tables, making it an excellent choice when going to Greenway Parks in Dallas Texas.


Is Greenway Parks Safe To Live In

Greenway Parks in Dallas, Texas is a secure and safe neighborhood. The neighborhood is safe and has low rates of crime. It also is a serene setting for residents. The area is also well-maintained, with beautiful landscaping, tree-lined roads, and sidewalks that are ideal for walking. The neighborhood is regularly patrolled by police officers from the local area who ensure the safety of the residents. In addition, all houses are protected by high fences, which provide an additional layer of protection for the community from intrusion by criminals.

The parks around offer many outdoor activities for kids and families to take advantage of. There are numerous playgrounds in the neighborhood, and tables for picnics where people can get together for meals or simply enjoy the outdoors. Greenway Parks also has access to restaurants, stores, and other facilities and residents are able to enjoy everything available.

In general, Greenway Parks in Dallas, Texas is an excellent location to reside and work. The neighborhood offers a tranquil atmosphere with low rates of crime and easy access to a variety of facilities and recreational opportunities. With the ongoing neighborhood watch programs, secure streets, and welcoming environment it’s not difficult to understand why people are drawn to make Greenway Parks their home.


Why Should I Live Here

Greenway Parks is a perfect neighborhood for people who want to reside in a tranquil living, safe, and lively residential neighborhood. The area offers a wide array of facilities that make living there an enjoyable experience from the beginning. Within walking distance, there are numerous grocery stores, such as Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market in addition to banks and bars, restaurants, pharmacies, and much more. Nearby, there are great schools that range from pre-K to 12th grade. Additionally, there are numerous parks within the vicinity for residents to take advantage of.

Greenway Parks has plenty of green space for residents to make the most of every day. From playgrounds for dogs to basketball courts and soccer fields, there’s something for everyone in the area. Because of its central location close to downtown Dallas, you’ll be able to move around the city without driving too far.

In simple terms, Greenway Parks is the ideal spot for those who want a serene secure, and lively neighborhood. With its numerous amenities, green spaces, and emphasis on safety, it’s the perfect spot for families and professionals alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for entertainment or simply want to spend time with family and friends, this neighborhood is perfect!

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