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Greenland Hills Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Greenland Hills Dallas Texas

Greenland Hills is a residential neighborhood in the northeast of Dallas, Texas. It is bordered by Northwest Highway to the north, Abrams Road to the east, Easton Road to the south, and Mockingbird Lane to the west. Greenland Hills is a great location with easy access to major highways which allows for quick trips to downtown Dallas or the Richardson/Plano regions. Greenland Hills also offers outstanding schools, excellent parks, and recreation facilities. There are also a number of eating and shopping options close by. 

It is home to beautiful tree-lined streets and a variety of beautifully maintained homes that range in both size and design, ranging from classic bungalows to mid-century modern houses. With its easy access and variety of amenities, it’s not surprising the fact that Greenland Hills is one of Dallas the most sought-after neighborhoods. The residents are part of a close-knit community that has a lively homeowners’ association, and numerous opportunities to be involved in local issues. No matter if you’re searching for an ideal family home or investment property, or simply a wonderful area to call home, Greenland Hills is the best option. Discover the reasons why so many are choosing to live in Greenland Hills!


Greenland Hills History

Greenland Hills is a neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas, founded around the 1920s. It’s located close to the junction of Lovers Lane and Greenville Avenue. The neighborhood was initially developed as a luxurious residential community that included large houses, lots of green spaces, and curving roads that were designed to provide a feeling of privacy for residents. By the mid-1950s Greenland Hills began to decrease in popularity as families left and businesses began to take over the region.

Greenland Hills Today

Presently, Greenland Hills is a dynamic and vibrant area of town that has seen a revival in recent times. Many development projects have recently been created in the area, such as condominiums, apartments as well as office buildings, and restaurants serving a variety of dishes from across the globe. There are several trails and parks surrounding Greenland Hills, offering residents the chance to escape the bustle of their daily lives. The area has seen an increase in retail establishments, including clothes shops, grocery stores, and much more.


Cost of Living

Overall, the cost of living in the Greenland Hills neighborhood in Dallas Texas is reasonable to moderately high depending on individual needs and lifestyle choices.


Apartments and houses for rent in the region vary from $800 to 2,000 per month, depending on quality and size. The median value of a home is approximately $150,000. Costs for homeownership include taxes and insurance.


The public transportation system is not as extensive in the area, however, there are some bus routes that traverse the area. A majority of residents choose their own automobiles and the cost of fuel is low when compared to other sites. Additionally, Uber and Lyft both have their presence in this area and are available for transportation, too.

General Goods & Services

Electric bill Electricity bills are a bit higher than normal due to the summer heat months. The typical monthly electric bill could range between $70 and $200, based on the usage and the kind of house.

Prices for grocery items are comparable to other areas of town, with a wide variety of products available in retailers like Sprouts, Walmart, and Target. Prices vary from moderate to high.

This overview of the cost of living will give you an idea of what you can be expecting when you move to The Greenland Hills neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. If you are careful about plan and budgeting you will enjoy an enjoyable life, with a budget that is within your budget. Best of luck! Welcome to Dallas!


Local Economy

Greenland Hills Dallas Texas is one of the best communities to reside in Dallas because of its high-end living standards and its expanding economy. For job seekers, there are plenty of positions for professionals in technology, finance, medicine, and education. Entrepreneurs and business owners also have a variety of options in the areas of retail, arts, and culture, which helps make this unique neighborhood flourish economically. Local investments have provided for the development of the area which has led to jobs and an increase in property values over the course of time. In the end, Greenland Hills Dallas Texas remains an extremely wealthy neighborhood that has an impressive economy.

Job Opportunities

Greenland Hills Dallas Texas provides an excellent opportunity for prospective job seekers. Jobs in the fields of finance, technology medicine, and education are abundant due to the large number of professional and business owners who live in the region. Furthermore, businesses like boutique shops, spas, galleries, and restaurants offer excellent opportunities for those who want to work in small-scale enterprises or become entrepreneurs.

Household Income

This area is renowned for luxurious living where median household income is around $70,000 and house prices that range between $800K and nearly $4 million. This exclusive neighborhood is where you will find some of the wealthy residents of the city who are able to enjoy luxurious homes with many amenities, including luxurious restaurants, exclusive schools as well as golf courses country clubs, and recreation areas.

Local Investment

The economic activity in Greenland Hills Dallas Texas has been thriving over the years because of its large proportion of business owners as well as professionals. These people have created a variety of jobs in a variety of sectors, including finance medical technology, and technology. In addition, local investments in retail development, real estate as well as arts and culture have created an economic boom in the local area.

With its robust economic climate, Greenland Hills Dallas Texas is the ideal location for anyone looking for work or investment opportunities within the vibrant community.


Transportation Options For The Commute

The city located in Greenland Hills in Dallas, Texas has a complete and well-connected transportation system which includes public transportation, taxis vehicles, bicycles, and cars.


Public Transportation

There are buses available for public transportation, which are that are operated through Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Buses are frequently running throughout the day, and connect various parts of the city, including the downtown area of Dallas, North Park Mall, Cedar Hill State Park along with the southern part of Dallas County.



Taxis are accessible all over the city, with drivers frequently offering door-to-door service. Taxi companies generally accept cash and credit card payments. Some also offer discounts for seniors or students. Taxis are available in the streets or booked in advance.



Bicycling has grown in popularity in recent times, with dedicated bike roadways that offer access to important locations across the city. Additionally, numerous bike-sharing services offer commuters the option to get around town fast and efficiently.



Car ownership is commonplace within Greenland Hills, with many residents driving automobiles and making use of the city’s sprawling highway system. All in all, Greenland Hills provides its residents with an array of transportation options, making it simple to travel to and from the area. 


Average Annual Weather

Greenland Hills Dallas Texas has hot and humid summers, moderate winters, lovely springs, and cool, breezy falls. 



The average temperature during summer is around 95°F (35°C). Temperatures during the day can exceed 100°F (38°C) in the evening, while night-time temperatures typically stay over 70°F (21°C). The humidity levels tend to be very high during this time of the year.



The winters are mild and mild in Greenland Hills Dallas Texas, with an average temperature of 48°F (9°C). The nighttime lows can fall below 32°F (0°C) but seldom less than 20°F (-7°C). It is not common to see snowfall and the bulk of precipitation during winter comes as rain showers.



The cooler weather of fall is a welcome addition in Greenland Hills Dallas Texas. The average temp between September and October is 78°F (26°C) and November’s maximum temperature is usually around about 68°F (20°C). The rainfall during this time of year is usually approximately two inches (5 millimeters) each month.



Spring brings warm temperatures to Greenland Hills Dallas Texas with average temperatures for highs of 74°F (23°C). The amount of rain is fairly consistent throughout March and April and averages 2 to 3 inches (5-7 centimeters) every month.


Local Tip

To combat the heat of summer It is advised to be outdoors in the early morning hours or late in the evening, as temperatures are cooler. It is also essential to wear loose and light clothes along with plenty of fluids in hot weather. In winter weather, wearing layers of clothing is the most effective way to keep warm and comfortable. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella for those wet days!


Education System of Greenland Hills

Alongside these traditional choices, families are able to take advantage of a myriad of online learning options that offer students the opportunity to study from any part of the world. With a variety of educational options offered at Greenland Hills Dallas, families can tailor the education of their children to suit their specific needs. Whichever option they select parents and students alike are at ease knowing that they will receive an outstanding education in this vibrant city.

Public Schools

Greenland Hills Dallas has an extensive public school system made up of more than a dozen schools comprising elementary high, middle, and high schools. All schools that are public in the area are full of dedicated staff and administrations who are dedicated to providing their students with the best education possible.

Charter Schools

Alongside traditional public schools located in Greenland Hills Dallas, there are a variety of charter schools for those who want to explore alternatives for their children’s education. Charter schools have smaller classes and typically concentrate on particular subject areas or topics like science, math, and technology.

Private Schools

Private schools located in Greenland Hills Dallas provide an education that is typically designed to meet individual requirements and preferences for learning. These schools provide an individualized approach to learning. They also have smaller classes, greater parental involvement, and access to special resources. Certain private schools also concentrate on religion-based instruction or specific academic fields.

Religious Schools

A variety of religious communities have their own facilities for education located in Greenland Hills Dallas, including Catholic, Lutheran, and Baptist churches. These schools typically follow religious-based curriculums and teaching practices that reflect the faith of their particular denomination and values. The majority of religious schools include prayer in the school day and could be required to adhere to additional rules, such as dress code, or attendance at worship services.


For parents who want to be more active in the education of their children, it can be a viable option in Greenland Hills Dallas. Homeschoolers are accountable for making lesson plans and teaching materials that are in line with the state’s requirements and also for arranging field trips and other programs. They can usually customize their curriculum according to the interests of their pupils and talents.

In general, families living who live in Greenland Hills Dallas have access to many education options to make sure that their children get the best possible education. If you prefer public schools or charter schools and private schools or homeschooling, there’s something for all throughout Greenland Hills Dallas. Greenland Hills Dallas area.


Greenland Hills Local Government and Infrastructure

Greenland Hills, Dallas Texas is a small community located in the northernmost portion of Dallas County. The neighborhood is administered through the city of Dallas and is under its authority for local government issues.


The neighborhood is served by the Dallas Police Department. The police officers are committed to keeping the neighborhood safe from crime and offering high-quality service to the residents. They also take part in community outreach programs, such ones like Neighborhood Security Watch, and Citizen Patrols.

Fire Department

The protection from the fire within Greenland Hills is provided by the fire stations near the neighborhood. All fire stations are equipped with the latest technology equipment as well as highly skilled personnel who are adept at responding swiftly to any emergency that might arise within the area.


The area is served by a great school system. Its Greenland Hills Independent School District offers education for all levels from elementary to high school. Its emphasis is on technology, academics as well as extracurricular pursuits, so it’s not surprising that the rates of graduation in the district rank amongst the top among those in Dallas County.


Greenland Hills has several libraries nearby. These libraries have a vast assortment of magazines, books newspapers, as well as other items for residents to use for research.

Public Services

Greenland Hills residents Greenland Hills also have access to a wide range of public services, including recreation and parks as well as employment training centers and libraries, health clinics, and much more. These services help make life simpler to enjoy for those of all different ages.

Greenland Hills is truly an excellent location to live as a shop, work and play. With its lively community, outstanding public services, and thriving schools, Greenland Hills is the ideal place for families to make their homes.


Things To Do

Greenland Hills Dallas, Texas is home to a variety of activities for tourists and residents alike. If you’re seeking an adventure in the outdoors or just want to discover the city’s many tourist attractions, Greenland Hills has something for anyone.


For those who love the outdoors, there’s plenty to enjoy in Greenland Hills. The trails for hiking meander through the region, providing breathtaking panoramic views over the surroundings. Tourists can also go fishing or kayaking in nearby rivers and lakes. Athletes can participate in off-roading trips in the region’s difficult terrains. Other outdoor activities that are popular include the pursuit of birds, horseback riding cycling, golfing, and camping.


If you prefer to be indoors, Greenland Hills offers a range of activities to visit. There are numerous art and museum galleries within the region that showcase works by local artists. Malls and shopping centers provide lots of shopping options, while theaters are a source of entertainment for everyone. Foodies can enjoy some delicious local food at any of the numerous restaurants in the city. Other indoor attractions that are popular include bowling mini golf arcades, laser tag, and escape rooms.

Whatever type of thing you’re seeking, Greenland Hills has something for anyone. From outdoor adventure to indoor entertainment Visitors can take advantage of this lively area without leaving town!


Restaurants in Greenland Hills

No matter what kind of food you’re in the need of, Greenland Hills Dallas offers something for all! from fresh fish to Mediterranean delights to Mexican food, there’s something to please everyone’s tastes! Come and visit any or all three of these great eateries today.


Blue Fish

Blue Fish is one of the most well-known eateries in Greenland Hills Dallas, Texas. It serves fresh seafood dishes like Sushi and Grilled Salmon as well as Tuna steaks and also appetizers such as calamari and crab cakes. The menu also offers other dishes such as sandwiches and burgers. The restaurant offers a vast wine selection that includes wines from all over the world to go with seafood dishes.


Ariana Cuisine

Ariana Cuisine is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant offering a variety of Middle Eastern delicacies. The menu includes everything like hummus,  kebabs, and falafel. There are also many vegetarian options, such as a variety of salads, and vegetable platters. All of it is served by sipping various imported wines and beers.


Blue Goose Cantina

Blue Goose Cantina offers an assortment of Mexican-inspired dishes. The menu features classic favorites like burritos, enchiladas tacos, nachos quesadillas. There is also a selection of seafood options, including shrimp fajitas as well as fish tacos. Customers can enjoy their meal by sipping a variety of drinks, including margaritas, along with Mexican wines.



These parks within Greenland Hills offer something unique which makes it a great place for outdoor activities in Dallas. No matter if you’re searching for trails to walk or engage in sports with your family, these parks have something for anyone!


Glencoe Park

Glencoe Park is located in Greenland Hills and offers a range of activities for recreational like a baseball field, Basketball court, two playgrounds, and 2 picnic tables. It also features the jogging trail that runs through the park and is the perfect spot for visitors to take in the outdoors at its finest. There are many trees that offer shade on hot days. Children can also visit the numerous educational exhibits throughout the park that explain native wildlife and plants, and geology.


Abbott Park

Abbott Park is located near Dallas in the lower greenbelt and is home to tennis courts, playgrounds, sports fields, jogging trails, and picnic areas that have grills for barbecues. A small lake is an ideal spot to cool off or take in the peace of the natural world.


Tietze Park

Tietze Park is famous for its sprawling meadow which extends from the lake all the way to the wooded areas. The park has playgrounds and 2 pavilions, an outside stage, and many miles of trails that are perfect for running biking, or walking. 


Cochran Park

Cochran Park can be found within North Dallas near Forest Lane and Keller Springs Road and offers various recreational activities like court tennis, basketball courts, trails for jogging, and picnic areas. You will also find a playground for the younger ones to have fun.


Is Greenland Hills Safe To Live In

The area of Greenland Hills, Dallas Texas is thought to be extremely secure. The neighborhood is well-established and has been in existence since the 1960s. It offers a range of housing options ranging from houses for families to luxurious homes and is close to many of the most desirable amenities available in the city.

The rate of crime is low in Greenland Hills is low compared to other areas of Dallas which makes Greenland Hills a great choice for families or those seeking the security of a place to reside. Furthermore, the neighborhood is situated close enough to major airports and major highways that residents are able to access a wide range of transportation options in case of need.

The community also provides extensive green spaces that include playgrounds, parks, trails, and public gardens which all make Greenland Hills one of the most sought-after places to reside in Dallas. There are many restaurants, shops, and entertainment options that are within walking distance of the neighborhood.

In the end, the living experience in Greenland Hills Dallas Texas is an enjoyable and safe experience with numerous facilities and activities nearby. With its low rate of crime as well as beautiful green spaces and warm and welcoming environment it’s a wonderful location to live in. If you’re looking for an extremely secure and safe community with lots of things to do nearby, Greenland Hills Dallas Texas is worth a look.


Why Should I Live Here

The first and most important thing is that Greenland Hills gives its residents an excellent lifestyle. Due to its close access to Downtown Dallas, it offers easy access to everything that the amenities the city has to offer, but still feels like an intimate residential neighborhood. Its streets have gorgeous landscapes and trees which makes it a great spot to stroll around in peace or have outdoor gatherings. There’s a sense of belonging in the neighborhood that will make you feel at home within a matter of minutes!

Another great feature of this neighborhood is the wide range of housing choices for various budgets and styles. There are numerous single-family homes townhouses, condos, and condos all with their distinct style and charm. In addition, Greenland Hills is in close proximity to many excellent universities and schools which makes it a great area for families.

Greenland Hills also boasts a bustling business district with numerous eateries, and shops along with entertainment and dining venues. If you’re looking to buy some groceries or head out for an evening in the city – this neighborhood has it covered! There are parks and recreation facilities nearby that allow residents to go out to explore the outdoors and keep active and fit.

With its numerous advantages, it’s easy to see why a lot of people choose to make Greenland Hills home! If you’re searching for an appealing and convenient area to live in the Dallas area, this community is definitely on your top list of places to live.

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