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Design District Dallas Texas

February 8, 2023 | Laura Torrealba
Design District Dallas Texas

Design District Dallas Texas is located in North Oak Cliff, a district of Dallas. The Design District is bounded by Interstate 35 to the west, Singleton Boulevard and Sylvan Avenue to the north, Stemmons Freeway and Riverfront Boulevard to the east and Westmoreland Road to the south. It stretches over two miles from northwest-southeast between these boundaries. Within Design District Dallas, there are many popular attractions such as galleries, restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs all within walking distance of each other. The area also includes a few unique parks for recreation, such as Klyde Warren Park which provides spectacular views of downtown Dallas. Many new businesses have opened up in this vibrant area that offers visitors something different than what is available in other Dallas neighborhoods. There are also several art galleries, boutiques, and showrooms that feature curated pieces from local artists. Design District Dallas is a great place to explore and experience the unique culture of Dallas. The friendly atmosphere, vibrant energy, eclectic mix of businesses, and diverse array of attractions make it an ideal spot for anyone looking to get out of the ordinary and into something special.


Design District Dallas Texas History

The Design District in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant and rapidly growing neighborhood with a rich history. Located just north of Downtown Dallas, the area was once home to warehouses and factories that helped fuel the industrial growth of the city. In recent years, however, it has undergone an extensive redevelopment project that has transformed it into one of the trendiest districts in all of North Texas.

In 2015, developer Westdale Real Estate Investment & Management began a large-scale effort to revitalize the area by bringing in new businesses and amenities such as high-end shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries, and more. This transformation eventually earned the district its “Design” moniker as this change brought with it an influx of designers and creatives who sought to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Design District Dallas Texas Today

Today, the Design District is a bustling area full of energy and activity. It has become one of Dallas’ trendiest neighborhoods with a wide variety of businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues for all to enjoy. There are also numerous art galleries and design stores that make this district a great place for shopping and browsing. The ever-growing streetscape is filled with eclectic shops and boutiques, along with plenty of outdoor seating areas that offer respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Design District remains an exciting place for both locals and visitors alike, offering something for everyone during their visit. From cutting edge fashion stores to modern restaurants there is always something to explore, making it one of Dallas’ most beloved neighborhoods. With its dynamic mix of businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the Design District is quickly becoming the go-to destination for many people looking for a unique and enjoyable experience.

The Design District in Dallas continues to be an ever-evolving area with new businesses popping up on a regular basis. It has become a popular spot among locals as well as tourists who come to explore its unique offerings and stunning architecture. Whether you are looking to relax and take in the sights or soak up some boutique shopping opportunities, this district is sure to have something that will capture your attention and draw you back time after time. The Design District is truly an exciting place to visit in Dallas!


Cost of Living

Design District, Dallas, Texas offers a cost of living that is below the national average. With its relatively low housing costs and easy access to amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment, it’s an attractive option for people looking to keep their budget in check. The area also offers numerous job opportunities with many large corporations and startups located nearby. Whether you are moving from out of town or just trying to save money on rent, Design District can be a great place to call home.

Housing and Utilities

The median home value in the Design District neighborhood of Dallas, Texas is $329,387. This is higher than the larger Dallas metro area median home value of $227,800. The median monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment can range from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on location and amenities in the Design District.

Electricity bills depend on usage and other factors like climate control preferences and appliance efficiency. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration data from 2019, Texans paid around 12 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh) with an average monthly electricity bill of about $111 for residential customers using about 914 kwh per month.

General Goods & Services

Shopping at grocery stores in the Design District is expensive compared to the larger Dallas metro area. The average cost of a basket of groceries (including milk, eggs, bread, cereal, and meat) in the Design District is about $50 more than the same basket in other parts of Dallas.


Public transportation costs are relatively inexpensive in the Design District compared to other parts of Dallas. A single ride on DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) buses or light rail trains costs just $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children and seniors over 65 years old. Monthly passes cost around $100 and offer unlimited rides within certain zones throughout the city. Additionally, there are several ride-share companies like Lyft and Uber operating in Dallas that provides an easy way to get around the city. The cost of a ride will depend on the distance and type of vehicle requested but generally costs around $10 or less within the Design District.

Overall, living in the Design District can be expensive due to higher median home values and grocery costs, but transportation is relatively inexpensive thanks to public transit options like DART. Additionally, electricity bills can vary depending on usage and other factors. With careful budgeting and resourcefulness, however, it is possible for residents of the Design District neighborhood in Dallas to find ways to manage their monthly expenses.


Local Economy

The Design District in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant area full of creativity and innovation. It is home to dozens of independent businesses that are contributing to the local economy in ways both large and small. From high-end retail boutiques to furniture stores, art galleries, and trendy restaurants, there’s something for everyone here. This dynamic district is also becoming an increasingly popular destination for young professionals and entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in a fun and exciting urban atmosphere. With its mix of artistry, culture, business opportunities, and economic growth potential, the Design District is helping drive the local economy forward. The district has become a major contributor to job creation as well as tax revenue generation for Dallas county.

Job Opportunities

Design District Dallas is a growing business and shopping district in the heart of Dallas, Texas. With over 150 businesses in close proximity, employees have plenty of job opportunities to choose from. Businesses include creative agencies, eateries, commercial art galleries, designer boutiques, showrooms, and more, making it an ideal place for design professionals and creatives to find work. The businesses also offer a range of other employment opportunities such as legal services, marketing and advertising firms, and financial institutions.

Household Income

According to the most recent census data from 2019, the median household income for Design District Dallas was $55,895 per year. This puts the area at just above the average annual family income in all of Dallas county which is $55,618. The median home value in the Design District was $339,000 the highest among all of Dallas’s districts. With its close proximity to Downtown Dallas and other popular neighborhoods, this area offers an attractive location for people looking for a safe place to live with high-paying jobs and plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

Local Investments

Because of its location and proximity to downtown Dallas, investors have been eager to get into Design District Dallas. Businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, galleries, offices, and more offer potential investors with excellent investment opportunities. The district has become a hot spot for real estate investments due to its increasing population growth and development projects that are underway. Additionally, local investments in infrastructure improvements have made it an attractive location for businesses to open and operate. With its abundance of job opportunities, high household income, and a steady stream of local investments, Design District Dallas is sure to keep offering plenty of opportunities for years to come.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Design District in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant neighborhood that offers plenty of options for transportation. With easy access to the DART light rail system and multiple bus routes, those living in or visiting Design District can easily get around by public transit. If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to travel around town, there are several different ride-share services available in the area as well. Additionally, Design District also has ample parking available so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot when you need it. No matter how you choose to get around, getting from point A to point B is made easy with all the great transportation options available in this lively Dallas neighborhood.



Taxis are a convenient and affordable way to get around Design District Dallas Texas. There are several taxi companies that operate in the area, including Dallas Taxi Cab, Yellow Cab, Uber, and Lyft. These services offer flat rate fares to major destinations within Design District Dallas such as The Dallas Contemporary museum or The Joule hotel.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is widely available throughout the district. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) runs buses and trains through Design District Dallas with multiple stops and routes. These routes include both local bus routes as well as commuter rail lines connecting the city’s major neighborhoods. Additionally, DART operates an express “Park & Ride” service which allows commuters to park their cars at a designated spot and take a direct bus or train to their desired destination.



Cars are a popular way to get around Design District Dallas. There are several parking lots available in the area and metered street parking is found throughout the district. The city also offers car share services such as Zipcar and Car2go which make it easier for visitors to access a vehicle without having to own one.



Bicycling is another popular option in Design District Dallas as the district is well connected with a series of designated bike lanes. Biking provides an excellent way to explore the area while avoiding traffic congestion, and there are several bike rental stores in the district that offer short-term rentals for those looking for an easy way to get around.


Average Annual Weather

Design District, Dallas, Texas is an up-and-coming neighborhood with a vibrant atmosphere. It has beautiful parks and walkable streets lined with inviting restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and other attractions. While the weather in the Design district can vary depending on the season, it generally stays warm year-round and enjoys plenty of sunshine. Summers bring hot days accompanied by refreshing evening breezes while winters are mild but occasionally get wintery temperatures or snowfall. No matter what the season brings, Design District is always an enjoyable place to explore and discover something new.



Summer in Dallas is hot and humid. The average high temperature during the summer months(June-August) is around 95°F (35°C), with lows between 73°F (23°C). Thunderstorms are common, especially in June and July. Rainfall usually peaks during this season, so it’s a good idea to schedule outdoor activities for the mornings or evenings when it is cooler.



Fall in Dallas brings pleasant weather with mild temperatures. Average highs range from 78-85°F (26-29°C), while overnight lows dip down to the mid-50s (13°C). The days tend to be sunny but rain can still occur occasionally throughout October and November.



Winters in Dallas are mild, with average highs from 48-63°F (9-17°C) and lows in the 30s (2°C). Snowfall is rare, but occasional cold fronts can sweep through bringing temperatures close to freezing.



Spring in Dallas brings pleasant weather with daytime highs ranging from 68-82°F (20-28°C). Rainfall increases during this season but it’s still mostly sunny throughout March and April.


Local Tip

Despite its reputation for hot summers, Dallas has great outdoor activities year-round. Residents enjoy taking advantage of the mild winter temperatures to explore local trails or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants with outdoor patios on a warm spring day. It’s important to stay hydrated and dress for the weather when planning outdoor activities.


Education System of Design District 

Design District in Dallas, Texas is home to some of the best educational institutions in the area. The district has a vibrant learning environment with top-notch academic programs, highly qualified teachers, and an atmosphere that encourages creativity and exploration. From public schools to private universities, Design District offers an array of choices when it comes to finding the right education for your children. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, Design District is dedicated to providing students with a quality education that sets them up for success in their future endeavors. Whether you are looking for a preschool or college-level courses, there is sure to be something within this district that can meet your needs.

Public Schools

The public school system in Design District Dallas, Texas is administered by the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). DISD consists of 230 schools that serve over 160,000 students. The district provides a comprehensive education for all children within the area and includes traditional neighborhood schools, magnet schools, specialty programs, and alternative schools.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are publicly funded and independently operated organizations within the state of Texas. They provide an alternative to traditional schooling through innovative teaching methods and curricula designed to meet specific educational goals. In Design District Dallas, there are several charter schools including Uplift Education – Design District Preparatory High School, Edible Schoolyard Dallas Learning Lab at CityLab High School, and Children’s Health Discovery Garden School.

Private Schools

Design District Dallas is home to many private schools offering a wide range of educational opportunities for students. These include both religious and non-sectarian schools, such as the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, The Hockaday School, and St. Mark’s School of Texas.

Religious Schools

Design District Dallas is home to numerous religious schools providing an education based on Christian principles and moral guidance. Some examples include Bishop Dunne Catholic School, Holy Trinity Catholic School, and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church & School.


Homeschooling is another popular option in Design District Dallas with parents choosing to educate their children at home instead of sending them to school. Homeschooling allows parents to tailor their child’s education while still following the Texas Education Code and providing instruction that meets the state’s required curriculum standards. Homeschooling families can join local homeschool support groups, enroll in online programs or classes, and/or seek private tutoring services to assist with educational needs.

Overall, Design District Dallas offers a diverse range of educational opportunities for children of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a traditional public school experience, a more innovative charter school approach, or an individualized homeschooling program – Design District Dallas has something for everyone.


Design District  Local Government and Infrastructure

Design District in Dallas, Texas is a vibrant neighborhood that has been revitalized over the past decade. It boasts modern infrastructure and local government organizations dedicated to promoting economic development and providing high-quality services to the community. The Design District offers an array of amenities including shopping, dining, entertainment venues, and culture. The city of Dallas works with the Design District Business Association to ensure that businesses are supported through various incentives such as grants and tax credits. The district’s infrastructure consists of well maintained roads, sidewalks, parks, plazas, lighting systems, and other features designed to make it an enjoyable place to live and work. Additionally, the city has implemented a comprehensive public transportation system which includes buses, light rail lines, and shuttles that make it easy for residents to get around. Local government agencies also provide services such as police and fire protection, waste management, street maintenance, and more. The Design District is a great example of how local governments can work together with businesses and the community to create a vibrant, livable neighborhood.


The Dallas Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency serving Design District, Dallas. It provides police services to all residents of Design District and surrounding areas. The department consists of a Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, four divisions, ten precincts, and many specialized units including SWAT, Bomb Squad, Special Investigations Unit, and Crime Scene Investigation. All officers are trained in the use of firearms and defensive tactics to ensure the safety of citizens.

Fire Departments

Design District has two fire departments – Dallas Fire-Rescue (DFR) and Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD). DFR covers most of the Design District and FWFD covers part of the district including the downtown area. Both departments operate advanced life support ambulances as well as fire engines and ladder trucks. The fire departments are equipped with modern technology and well-trained staff to ensure the safety of citizens.


Design District has numerous public libraries that offer citizens a place to read, research, and access resources. These include the Dallas Public Library, Fort Worth Public Library, Garland Public Library, and Oak Cliff Public Library. All these libraries provide free access to books, magazines, newspapers, and other media materials as well as internet access for residents in the district.


Design District is served by two school districts – Dallas Independent School District (DISD) and Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD). Both districts serve students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. DISD operates over 220 schools while FWISD operates over 170 schools. Both districts offer a wide range of educational opportunities including advanced placement and vocational programs.

Public Services

Design District is served by numerous public services, including sanitation, sewer, water, and electric utilities. Residents are also able to access transportation services such as DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and taxi cabs. Medical care is available at local hospitals and clinics in the district. The city also provides basic government services such as parks, recreation centers, and libraries for citizens to enjoy.  In addition, the city offers a number of cultural events throughout the year including art exhibitions, music concerts, and outdoor festivals.  Design District also has several shopping malls that provide citizens with an array of retail options.


Things To Do

Design District, Dallas, Texas is a great place to enjoy quality time with your family. The area boasts an array of charming attractions, from art galleries and local boutiques to music venues and outdoor spaces. With a vibrant culture and many interesting things to do, Design District provides plenty of entertainment for every member of the family. Spend the day browsing unique shops or take in some live music at one of the nearby venues. Enjoy leisurely strolls around the district’s spacious parks or explore its rich history by visiting cultural monuments like the Hall of State and Dealey Plaza. With so much to see and do, Design District is sure to please everyone in your family!


Take a stroll along the Trinity Strand Trail. This 7.8-mile, multi-use urban trail takes you from downtown Dallas to the Design District and allows you to enjoy views of both cityscape and nature.

Visit the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, where you can take in sweeping views over the Trinity River while walking or biking across its iconic 400-foot arch. You can even rent paddle boats and kayaks along the walkway and explore the stunning skyline up close.

Enjoy an outdoor concert at Klyde Warren Park, found in central Dallas near many of the Design District’s popular attractions. The park serves as a green oasis with games and activities for all ages, plus weekly live music and special events.


Take in some culture at the Dallas Museum of Art. Featuring collections from around the world, including ancient to contemporary works, this museum has something for everyone.

Explore the Nasher Sculpture Center, an oasis dedicated to modern and contemporary sculpture set within a tranquil garden landscape.

Shop until you drop at The Shops at Park Lane, a shopping center located near the Design District that features over 50 stores ranging from luxury boutiques to popular retailers like H&M and Forever 21.

Catch a movie or show at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Cedars, where each theater is equipped with comfy chairs that recline and offer in-theater dining and drinks.


Restaurants in Design District 

Design District in Dallas, Texas is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in the city. From casual eateries and fast-food joints to haute cuisine and fine dining establishments, Design District is a foodie’s paradise. With a variety of culinary offerings from all around the world, it can be overwhelming to decide which restaurant you should visit first. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dining experience or just a quick bite on your lunch break, you’ll find something that will satisfy your taste buds in Design District. From Mexican cuisine to Italian fare and everything in between, here are some of the best restaurants that you must try while visiting Design District in Dallas, Texas.


Town Hearth

Town Heart is a restaurant located in the Design District of Dallas, Texas. The restaurant specializes in American cuisine served with a modern twist. The menu features dishes such as steak tartare with quail egg, crispy pork cheek confit, lobster cavatelli pasta, and other delicious creations made from the freshest ingredients. Town Hearth also has an extensive wine list that offers something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to dinner service, they offer lunch and brunch options as well as happy hour specials throughout the week.


Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat is another great option for dining out in the Design District of Dallas. This spot is perfect for those seeking an upscale dining experience without sacrificing flavor or creativity. Rodeo Goat’s menu includes unique dishes like smoked brisket tacos, smoked beef tongue sliders, queso fundido with crispy pork belly, and jalapeno cheddar hush puppies. Diners can also enjoy a selection of craft beers on tap and an extensive wine list.



Bowlounge is a popular spot for lunch and dinner in the Design District of Dallas. This restaurant offers a variety of flavorful dishes including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and even vegan options. Bowlounge’s signature item is their namesake bowl which can be filled with proteins such as steak or chicken and topped with your choice of sauces and toppings to create a unique entree. They also offer other delicious menu items like poutine fries, french onion soup, and even tater tots covered in house-made cheese sauce.

No matter what you’re craving, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Design District of Dallas. From steaks and seafood at Town Hearth to burgers and sandwiches at Bowlounge, the restaurants offer delicious dishes that will satisfy any appetite. Plus, with an array of craft beers and wines, it’s easy to top off your meal with a drink or two. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch spot or a sophisticated dinner destination, these Design District eateries are sure to have just what you need!



The Design District of Dallas, Texas is home to some incredible parks that offer residents and visitors a variety of outdoor recreational activities. From local favorites like the popular Klyde Warren Park, to smaller, quieter areas such as The Cedars Neighborhood Park, there is something for everyone here in this vibrant district. With walking and biking trails, green spaces, playgrounds, and more, these parks offer a great way for families to get out and enjoy the outdoors together. Whether you are looking for a spot to relax or an opportunity to get active, these parks have it all! So come explore the beauty of nature in one of Dallas’ most stylish neighborhoods – the Design District has a park perfect for you!


Design District Playground

Design District Playground is a small park located in the heart of Design District Dallas. This park is a great option for those looking to spend time outdoors with their family and friends. It features fun equipment such as swings, slides, and monkey bars, as well as plenty of green space perfect for running around. The playground also has an expansive play area that includes a variety of activities such as basketball and volleyball courts.


Trammell Crow Park

Trammell Crow Park is a large public park located just south of downtown Dallas near the Design District. The park offers visitors plenty of open spaces for picnicking or taking leisurely strolls, along with sports fields and several playground areas. In addition to the playgrounds, there are also picnic pavilions, grills, walking trails, restrooms, and a dog park.


Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is one of the most popular parks in Design District Dallas. This urban oasis has everything from an outdoor roller rink to a dog park, along with many other amenities such as restaurants, a performance space, and plenty of green spaces for relaxing or enjoying some time outdoors. There are also art installations located throughout the park that showcase local artists’ work. Klyde Warren Park is the perfect spot for families looking for something fun to do in Design District Dallas.


Reverchon Park

Reverchon Park is another great option for those looking to spend time outdoors in Design District Dallas. Reverchon Park offers visitors access to various activities including baseball fields, basketball courts, a playground, and a disc golf course. The park also includes a botanical garden with trails for walking or biking, along with plenty of green spaces perfect for picnicking. Reverchon Park is the perfect spot for those in need of some fresh air and relaxation.


Is Design District Safe To Live In

Design District Dallas is a safe area to live in. The district has undergone extensive security upgrades, such as the installation of CCTV cameras and additional police patrols, which have resulted in significant crime reduction over the years. Additionally, many of the businesses located within Design District Dallas employ their own private security personnel to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Furthermore, there are plenty of parks, playgrounds, and public areas where families can gather safely.

The district also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with bars, clubs, and restaurants that all adhere to legal regulations regarding safety measures. In addition to this, many establishments frequently hire off-duty police officers or specialized security personnel who monitor activities closely during peak hours. Finally, there are several residential complexes located within the Design District that offer various levels of security features and amenities including gated entries, on-site surveillance, and property management.

Overall, living in Design District Dallas is a safe option for individuals and families alike. The district has an established record of being relatively secure, thanks to its investment in technology and personnel to ensure safety throughout the area. With its strong sense of community, ample attractions, and access to great amenities, residents can enjoy a peaceful yet exciting lifestyle without having to worry about their safety or security.


Why Should I Live Here

Design District in Dallas is a great place to call home. It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood that offers a unique mix of residential and commercial properties, making it perfect for those looking to live and work in one spot. The area has seen a revitalization over the last few years and now has plenty of bars, restaurants, galleries, shops, and entertainment options. With its proximity to Downtown Dallas and the Arts District, Design District makes it easy to get around without having to leave the neighborhood.

The real estate market in Design District is competitive due to its convenient location and growing popularity among young professionals. There are many modern apartments available at affordable prices, as well as luxury condos with spectacular views of downtown Dallas. No matter your budget, you can find something in Design District that fits your needs.

Design District is also a great place to live because of its walkability and green spaces. The streets are lined with beautiful trees and there are several parks throughout the area. You can easily go for a leisurely stroll or take part in one of the many outdoor activities the neighborhood offers, like running, biking, and yoga classes.

In addition to these amenities, Design District is home to some of Dallas’ most renowned art galleries, such as the Nasher Sculpture Center and Crow Collection of Asian Art. The area’s eclectic mix of restaurants and bars offers something for every taste, from upscale Italian cuisine to casual burger joints. And if you’re looking for some nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs to explore.

Design District is an exciting place to live and work in Dallas, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a modern home with easy access to all the city’s attractions or just want to be part of a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere, Design District has it all. Make the move today and start enjoying everything this unique community has to offer!

From its affordable housing options, walkable streets lined with trees, an array of hip restaurants and bars, bustling art galleries, parks, and green spaces perfect for outdoor activities like running and biking – Design District in Dallas is a great place to call home. The area has seen a revitalization over the last few years, making it a desirable option for young professionals, and offers plenty of amenities to make it an enjoyable place to live. Whether you’re looking for something modern or luxurious, Design District has something to fit all budgets. Enjoy living in close proximity to Downtown Dallas and the Arts District while never having to leave the neighborhood – move here today and start enjoying everything this vibrant community has to offer!

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