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Bluffview Dallas Texas

February 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Bluffview Dallas Texas

Bluffview is an area in the Northwest region of Dallas, Texas. It borders the townships North Dallas and Highland Park to the east, Preston Hollow to the south, Lakewood to the west and Gifford to the north. Bluffview is easily accessible to major highways making it a perfect area for commuters who are looking for near access to Downtown Dallas. 

Furthermore, the nearby shopping malls offer a variety of amenities, ranging from boutiques and specialty shops to malls with more standard things. With its beautiful landscaping great schools, beautiful landscapes, and a wide range of real estate options, Bluffview is the perfect area for families seeking the peaceful and serene community that is easy to access in downtown Dallas.

The neighborhood is just a few minutes from downtown Dallas offering a variety of entertainment options, including top-of-the-line dining establishments, and music venues, in addition to access to numerous places of interest, such as The Dallas Museum of Art and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. In the end, Bluffview offers residents a distinctive blend of peace and tranquility with city-wide amenities which makes it a desirable location to live in.


Bluffview Dallas History

The Bluffview neighborhood in Dallas, Texas has a rich past that goes to the 19th century. The area was initially colonized by pioneers from Europe who were seeking to establish themselves on the expanding frontiers of the United States.

The influx of new settlers enabled the growth of businesses as well as housing development within the city’s limits and spurred development in the surrounding rural areas. Then, during World War II, Bluffview was turned into a small farming community. Bluffview was the home of many soldiers who returned from conflict and decided to settle there to rear their families.

Bluffview Dallas Today

In the present, Bluffview is a vibrant neighborhood that is known for its vast parks, community events that are active and vibrant nightlife. There are numerous restaurants and bars, as well as stores, art galleries, museums, and much more that are within the walking distance of this beautiful neighborhood. Additionally, many prefer living in this area due to its accessibility to Downtown Dallas and other attractions nearby.

All in all, Bluffview is a vibrant and welcoming area in Dallas. It’s a city in Dallas with something for all who live here or come to visit. With its long heritage, modern amenities, and convenient location, it’s no wonder that so many choose to call this neighborhood their home.


Cost of Living

Bluffview is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas. In general, the price of life in Bluffview is relatively high. The costs of household items like electricity, housing as well as transportation, and food can quickly add up, however, with careful budgeting you can be able to live comfortably in this coveted neighborhood.


The prices for homes in this region are among the most expensive in the city and can are ranging from $500k up to $3 million based on the size, location, and much more. The typical price for three bedrooms is about $1 million. Rentals are available between $1,000 and $1,500 monthly for an apartment or single-family home.


There is public transportation in Bluffview but it is not as extensive as in other areas within the City. There are a number of bus routes that pass through the area. Many people prefer to drive their own car for convenience. The price of gas can vary between $2.50 and $3.50 per gallon based on the time of the year.

General Goods & Services

Electricity costs in Dallas depend on the amount of usage and season. Based on the usage and the amount of electricity used, the monthly average electric price in Bluffview is between $80-$190, with an annual peak of up to $250.

Prices for groceries in Dallas are slightly higher than the average for the nation and differ according to the store. The price of items like eggs, milk bread, cereals, bread, and meat varies from $3 to $7 per item, depending on the brand and quality. Organic foods tend to be more expensive, with products priced between $4 and $9 per pound.


Local Economy

Bluffview, Dallas Texas is an active community that offers numerous employment opportunities as well as investment opportunities. Bluffview, Dallas Texas community is an ideal location to live and work with plenty of job opportunities and investment opportunities.

Job Opportunities

There are a variety of businesses located in Bluffview that employ local residents and provide employment opportunities for residents in the area. This includes financial institutions like mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, and stock brokers as well as retail stores such as department stores, clothing boutiques, and restaurants.

Household Income

Bluffview has an average household income of $60,282 which is significantly more than the US average of $55,322.

Local Investment

The market for real estate within Bluffview, Dallas Texas is also flourishing. The median home price in the Bluffview area is around $500,600. Rent prices for houses and apartments are also quite high with a single-bedroom home costing around $1,335 a month.

The local investment market is abundant in Bluffview. The neighborhood has seen an increase in investments from both private and public sources in recent times as a number of companies have set up to open in the area. These include shops, restaurants, and offices, in addition to new developments in the area of housing that seek to offer affordable housing for residents. There have also been significant investments in infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads, as well as public transport systems to make living and working in Bluffview more comfortable.


Transportation Options For The Commute

All in all, Bluffview Dallas has an extensive transportation system that serves commuters and visitors with a variety of options, including taxis and public transportation, automobiles and bike rides, ride-sharing apps, along with electric scooters. With these different types of transportation, residents can travel around town easily efficiently, and quickly. 


Public Transportation

The public transportation system is accessible within Bluffview Dallas with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) which provides train and bus services all over the city. DART runs trains, buses as well as light rail lines, and paratransit services that connect more than 200 destinations throughout the city including Bluffview. The price for DART varies based on the kind of service selected and the distance covered.



Taxis are readily available for those looking for the most convenient method to travel around the city. There are several firms that provide taxis for Bluffview which include Yellow Cab. The prices for these services are based on the destination as well as the duration of the trip.



Bicycles are another preferred mode of transport for those living in Bluffview Dallas due to the fact that the city features bike paths along the major thoroughfares, and designated paths through the parks as well as other open areas. Bikes are available for rental from various bike rental businesses located in the area or brought from your home.



The automobile is also a common choice for moving around Bluffview Dallas since many people depend on their cars to travel around the town. Parking options are different based on the place you’d like to go and whether there’s street parking available or not. Certain areas may need permissions for the overnight use of parking spaces, so be sure to verify local regulations prior to leaving your vehicle unattended.


Average Annual Weather

Bluffview, Dallas Texas is famous for its hot and humid summers. When you go to Dallas Texas, it’s always necessary to have protection from the sun. This includes sunglasses and sunscreen!



The average temperature during summer months is between 75-95° Fahrenheit. The temperature can exceed 100°F in the summer months, which are the months of June and July. It is crucial to dress in a comfortable manner and look for shade when needed as the heat index can be risky.



The winter in Bluffview is chillily ranging from 33-53° Fahrenheit. Sometimes, it snows however, it usually melts quickly because of the mild weather in the region.



The autumn in Bluffview is usually mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 57 to 85° Fahrenheit, on average. This is a wonderful chance to go on outdoor adventures such as hiking or camping due to the cooler weather that makes it more comfortable for longer durations of time without getting too hot.



Spring begins with a cool start however temperatures begin to increase by the end of April, with temperatures ranging from 43 to 68° Fahrenheit on average. This time of year is usually accompanied by afternoon thunderstorms, which provide relief from the increasing temperatures.


Local Tip

If you are planning to spend time outdoors for longer periods of time, it’s recommended to dress in light-colored clothing which reflects the sunlight’s rays, not absorb the sun’s radiation. Also, ensure that you keep hydrated when outdoors by drinking lots of fluids.


Education System of Bluffview

Bluffview Dallas, Texas is an area that offers a range of school choices for families to pick from. Whatever path the family decides to take, Bluffview Dallas, Texas offers a wide range of options for children of any age, to get an excellent education.

Public Schools

The public school system within the region includes a variety of middle and elementary schools, in addition to three high schools within the local area. These schools provide students with traditional schooling which helps them prepare for college or vocational education following the completion of their studies. 

Charter Schools

There are several charter schools that offer specialized curriculums that are focused on particular subjects or themes.

Private Schools

In addition, there are a variety of private schools in the vicinity, each school offers an individualized curriculum that allows students to discover their interests while also acquiring a solid education. 

Religious Schools

If you are interested in religion, there are a variety of temples and churches offering classes for children from the age of preschool to high school.


If you want an experience that is more personalized the option of homeschooling is also an option. With homeschooling, parents have the possibility of customizing their learning environment for their child in order to satisfy their individual requirements. Students who homeschool can take classes in co-ops or virtual schools or use community resources like museums and libraries for activities that are enriching.


Bluffview Local Government and Infrastructure

Bluffview, Texas City of Bluffview is covered by Dallas Police Department and Fire-Rescue Department. Bluffview is a city in the state of Texas. The local government is dedicated to providing a secure and healthy living space for its residents. Through the use of various programs that promote security for the public, the city will ensure that both residents and visitors have the opportunity to have a good quality of living in Bluffview.


The department offers 24-hour patrols, as well as responding to emergencies across the city. The police department is accountable for police work in traffic, which includes enforcing criminal laws, implementing police services to communities, and crime prevention strategies in the investigation of crimes, and carrying out special investigations.

Fire Department

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department provides fire protection and hazardous material management medical rescue, technical rescue, and life safety training to residents of the city and visitors. It is comprised of six stations scattered across the city, with more than 250 uniformed staff working at all times.


Bluffview is part of Bluffview is part of the Dallas Independent School District which provides instruction to students in the prekindergarten stage through high school. There are around 13 elementary schools and three middle schools and high schools.


Bluffview has several public libraries nearby. Bachman Lake Branch Library offers books magazines, audio-visual and other materials for teenagers, children, and adults. It also offers computer stations with meeting rooms for all different ages.

Public Services

The city of Bluffview has a wide range of public services, including parks as well as recreation centers, community centers libraries, pools, as well as other programs that enhance the quality of living for Bluffview’s citizens. There is also a department for public works which is responsible for maintaining the city’s sidewalks and streets and trash collection, as well as sewer and water service.


Things To Do

Whatever sport you’re searching for, Bluffview Dallas Texas is a great place to be! From shopping and museums to outdoor sports There’s something for all. So, grab your family or just go out on your own and start exploring! You’ll not be disappointed!


1. Explore and visit the Dallas Museum of Art – Take a few hours or an entire time to explore the museum’s vast collection, which includes exhibits that showcase art from all over the globe. The museum also holds special events and programming during the entire year like workshops and lectures.

2. Participate in a cooking class with a chef at Central Market – Learn how to cook delicious dishes using fresh ingredients at Central Market in Bluffview Dallas Texas. The classes will cover all kinds of food from Italian food to Mexican dishes and more, so there’s something for all!

3. Explore Local Stores Check out boutiques that are independently owned such as High Cotton Trading Company and shop for special products and gifts for your home Browse through the books of Interabang Books; or browse the furniture options on Hill Country Home.


1. Take a trip for an excursion Enjoy a hike in White Rock Lake Park – The park has nearly nine miles worth of trails suitable for an easy stroll or a strenuous hike. Take your camera, as there’s no telling what species of wildlife you might encounter!

2. Bicycle Along Katy Trail – Take pleasure in the picturesque trail that starts at Bluffview Dallas Texas all the up towards Downtown Dallas as well as beyond. The route, which is 33 miles long, takes you through many of Dallas’s most loved areas and has many places to rest and take in the beauty of nature on the way.

3. Have a picnic at Flag Pole Hill Park – Spend a day in the park that has an elevated view from Downtown Dallas. The park has plenty of tables for sitting back and having food or lunch. There’s even an area for play for children!

4. Go to Klyde Warren Park – This five-acre area is among the most well-known parks in town, and should definitely be added to your list of things to do. There’s plenty of green space for picnics and other activities such as croquet and bocce ball as well as its own food trucks as well as concerts all through the season.

5. Enjoy a boat ride in White Rock Lake – Rent the boat at White Rock Boathouse and explore the lake with your friends or your family! Kayaks and paddleboats are available for hire along with larger motorboats. Keep your eyes open for the various species of birds and other animals that live in the area.


Restaurants in Bluffview

Whatever you need, Bluffview Dallas Texas will satisfy your appetite. With its wide selection of eateries, there’s bound to be something that will suit your preferences. If you’re looking for traditional Tex-Mex or contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll discover it all at Bluffview Dallas Texas. Come visit and discover how it’s fast growing into one of the top dining destinations in the city!



Jose is a Mexican restaurant located in Bluffview Dallas Texas that offers an extensive selection of authentic Mexican dishes. From appetizers to main dishes, The menu is filled with classic Mexican traditional dishes such as tacos and burritos along with regional favorites such as carne asada and enchiladas. The ambiance at Jose is cozy and relaxing and has ample outdoor seating for outdoor dining when the weather is nice.


Celebration Restaurant

Celebration is another renowned Bluffview eatery that serves classic American home cooking. The menu includes everything from fries and burgers to salads and sandwiches. The menu is updated regularly and you’ll always find something fresh to taste. Also, there’s Happy Hour every night when guests can take advantage of discounted drinks and bar snacks.



Rise is a new restaurant located in Bluffview Dallas Texas that specializes in contemporary French food. They have a wide range of soufflés, cheese, and wine. On Saturdays, Rise also offers brunch specials such as Baklava French toast, eggs Benedict and toast.



With the number of parks across Bluffview Dallas Texas, there is plenty of choices for being outdoors and enjoying nature as well as recreational activities. From vast greenbelts that include pathways for walking to playgrounds that have slides and swing sets. The parks provide something for anyone seeking the outdoors within the city.


Bluff View Park

Bluff View Park is located on Bluffview Drive just east of the Dallas North Tollway. It is a grassy area with ample green areas. There are designated play areas for youngsters, with swing sets and slides. A large picnic area complete is accessible for the use of guests on rental or booking.


Bachman Creek Greenbelt

Bachman Creek Greenbelt is located on Northwest Highway near Royal Lane in Dallas Texas and provides beautiful views from Bachman Lake Park. This hidden gem is famous for its picturesque landscape and stunning foliage. The trails are well-maintained and make it the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing walk or hike. There’s also plenty of room for activities like bird watching.


Germany Park

Germany Park is located on East Lovers Lane in Dallas Texas and is home to two large play fields with playgrounds, picnic tables, and tennis courts. It’s the perfect spot to relax with your family and friends while taking part in sports.


Bachman Lake Park

Bachman Lake Park is located on the north-facing portion of Dallas, Texas and offers various recreational activities like bird watching and running along the trails. The park also has an observation tower with views of the city of Dallas and the surrounding neighborhoods. It also features an extensive playground for youngsters to enjoy as well as plenty of green space for relaxing or taking in the view. There are numerous tables for picnics scattered across the park for guests to sit down and enjoy the beauty it offers.


Is Bluffview Safe To Live In

Bluffview Dallas is a safe and desirable area to reside in. The area has seen significant growth over the last few years, which has led to more security precautions and quality of life. Bluffview residents have the lowest crime rate relative to other cities in the Metroplex.

The Dallas Police Department works hard to ensure that all areas of Bluffview are safe from criminals, such as having officers on patrol all day and evening. Furthermore, there are many security systems in place around the area, which are on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Bluffview has plenty of things for residents to take advantage of. There are numerous places to play, recreational centers, and trails that provide an opportunity for recreation and fitness. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and shopping spots within the vicinity. In the end, residents of Bluffview Dallas are a great alternative for people who want an area that is safe and secure with plenty of things to do within a short distance.


Why Should I Live Here

Bluffview is a wonderful neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas that offers residents an exclusive and easy living. The neighborhood is located to the north of the downtown area of Dallas, Bluffview is situated on the highest point in the city and offers stunning views of downtown and the surrounding area. Bluffview is home to well-maintained houses with lush gardens, parks with trails for walking, as well as amenities like supermarkets and restaurants within walking distance. Residents have easy access to every part of the city via vehicle or public transport.

If you’re looking for an active life, Bluffview offers plenty of opportunities to get healthy. There are numerous greenways and bike trails that are perfect for cycling or running. There are also a variety of playgrounds, parks, and pools, which offer entertainment for everyone in the family.

Alongside the physical facilities, Bluffview is also an excellent place to reside due to its solid spirit of family. Bluffview is home to a variety of social organizations like book clubs, homeowner associations, and gardening clubs, ideal for getting to know new people and making connections with friends from the past. Residents are also proud of their neighborhood and frequently take part in local activities to preserve the appearance of their homes as well as enhance their communities.

In the end, Bluffview is an ideal location for people who want convenience and a sense of community. With its proximity to downtown Dallas as well as its beautiful natural surroundings with plenty of recreational opportunities and a strong sense of community spirit, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people consider Bluffview the home of their dreams.

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