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Best Water Parks in Dallas Texas

August 18, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Best Water Parks in Dallas Texas

There are many water parks near Dallas TX, but our website is the best resource for finding them. We have a comprehensive list of all the water parks in the area, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. Our website also has detailed information about each water park, so you can make an informed decision about which one to visit. We include information about the attractions at each park, as well as prices and opening hours.

You can also read reviews of water parks on our website, so you can see what other people think of them before you make your decision. This way, you can be sure that you’re choosing a park that will be enjoyable for everyone in your group. When you’re ready to visit a water park, our website makes it easy to find one near you. Simply enter your zip code and we’ll show you a list of all the parks in the area. Then, you can choose the one that looks best to you and make your plans accordingly.

Bahama Beach Waterpark


Located at: 1895 Campfire Cir Dallas TX 75232

Distance from Dallas: (9.1 miles)

As soon as you enter the zoo gates, you are enveloped in the sounds of lions roaring and birds tweeting. The first exhibit you come to is the African Savannah, where you can watch giraffes grazing and elephants bathing. You spend some time meandering through the different exhibits, admiring the animals and learning about their natural habitats.

As the sun begins to set, you make your way to the chimpanzee exhibit. You sit down and watch as the chimps swing from vines, play with each other, and groom one another. It’s fascinating to see them behave so similarly to humans. As you watch, you feel your stress melting away.

The day ends with a stroll through the beautiful gardens, where you take in the fragrant smells of the flowers and the peaceful sounds of the waterfalls. You reflect on all the wonderful things you’ve seen and experienced today, and you feel truly grateful. This was a perfect day indeed.

Jade Waters Resort Pool


2201 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas TX 75207

Distance from Dallas: (4.5 miles)

Jade Waters Resort Pool is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a perfect day in Dallas, TX. The pool is situated on beautiful landscaped grounds, and offers stunning views of the city skyline. The pool area is well-equipped with everything you need for a fun and relaxing day, including comfortable lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a refreshing poolside bar.

The Jade Waters Resort Pool is the perfect place to take a dip and cool off on a hot day. The pool is large enough to accommodate plenty of guests, and the water is always refreshingly cool. There are also plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the day, such as volleyball, basketball, and ping pong. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, you can also take advantage of the pool’s Jacuzzi.

No matter what your plans are for the day, Jade Waters Resort Pool is the perfect place to spend it. The friendly and helpful staff will ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a perfect day at Jade Waters Resort Pool in Dallas, TX.

The Cove Aquatic Center at Crawford


Located at: 325 S Prairie Creek Rd Dallas TX 75217

Distance from Dallas: (10.6 miles)

The sun is shining and the weather is warm as you arrive at The Cove Aquatic Center. You head to the locker room to change into your swimsuit and grab your towel. As you walk out to the pool area, you see that the water is sparkling in the sunlight. There are plenty of chairs and umbrellas for everyone, and the poolside bar is serving up refreshing drinks. You find a spot to relax and soak up some sun.

After a few hours of relaxation, you start to feel hungry so you head over to the snacks bar. You order a healthy lunch of a salad and a wrap. You sit down at one of the tables and enjoy your food while people watching. After lunch, you head back to the pool for a few more hours of fun in the sun. As the day starts to wind down, you grab your things and head home. You had a perfect day at The Cove Aquatic Center and can’t wait to come back tomorrow!

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark


Located at: 2970 Epic Place, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

Distance to Dallas: (18.9 miles)

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Dallas TX is the perfect place to enjoy a day of water fun with your family and friends. The waterpark features a variety of slides and attractions that are sure to keep you entertained all day long. There is something for everyone at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, so come on down and enjoy a day of fun in the sun!

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is head to the Wave Pool. This pool features gentle waves that are perfect for swimming, splashing around, and even surfing! After you have had your fill of the Wave Pool, it is time to hit the slides. There are a total of nine slides at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for you.If you are looking for a thrill, be sure to check out the Epic Plunge. This waterslide drops you nine stories in just seconds, so it is definitely not for the faint of heart! If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, the Lazy River is the perfect place for you. This river gently winds its way through the waterpark, allowing you to float along and take in all of the sights and sounds of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark.

After you have had your fill of the slides and attractions, it is time to head to the Epic Café for a bite to eat. The café features a variety of delicious food options, so you are sure to find something to satisfy your hunger. After you have refueled, it is time to explore the waterpark some more. Be sure to check out the gift shop before you leave, as they offer a wide selection of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark merchandise.

Balch Springs Water Play Park

Balch Springs Water Play Park

Located at 3201 Hickory Tree Rd Balch Springs TX 75180

Distance from Dallas: (15.3 miles)

Balch Springs Water Play Park is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day in Dallas, TX. The park has something for everyone, with a lazy river, water slides, and a splash pad. There are also plenty of shady areas to relax in when you need a break from the sun.

The lazy river is the perfect way to relax and float around while enjoying the scenery. If you’re looking for more of a thrill, there are two water slides that will definitely get your heart racing. And if you have young children, they will love playing in the splash pad.

No matter what you’re looking for, Balch Springs Water Play Park is sure to have something that will make your perfect day even better. So come on down and enjoy the fun!

Hawaiian Falls The Colony


Located at: 4400 Paige Rd The Colony TX 75056

Distance from Dallas: (28.9 miles)

A perfect day at Hawaiian Falls The Colony in Dallas TX would start with a early morning swim. The water would be refreshing and the sun would be shining. After a few laps, you would climb out of the pool and relax in a lounge chair. You would enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the smell of the ocean breeze.

After a few hours of relaxation, you would head to the beach for some fun in the sun. You would build sandcastles, paddle in the waves, and collect shells. As the day came to an end, you would watch the sunset from the beach. The colors in the sky would be beautiful as the sun set behind the horizon.

After a long day at the beach, you would head back to your room for a refreshing shower. You would then put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and head to the hotel restaurant for a delicious dinner. After dinner, you would take a walk along the beach before heading back to your room for a good night’s sleep.

Frog Pond Water Park at Farmers Branch Aquatics Center


Located at: 14032 Heartside Pl, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Distance from Dallas: (17.2 miles)

The sun is shining and the temperatures are perfect as you enter the Frog Pond Water Park at Farmers Branch Aquatics Center. You begin your day by diving into the refreshing water of the pool and swimming a few laps. You then make your way over to the slides, where you spend the next hour or so flying down them again and again.

After working up an appetite, you head over to the snack bar for a bite to eat. The food is delicious, and you enjoy people watching as you eat. After lunch, you spend some time lounging in a cabana by the pool with a good book.

As the afternoon approaches, you gather your things and head over to the lazy river. You float along lazily, enjoying the sights and sounds of the water park. As the day comes to an end, you take one last dip in the pool before heading home, tired but happy from a perfect day at the Frog Pond Water Park.

Rowlett Wet Zone


Located at: 5304 Main St, Rowlett, TX 75088

Distance from Dallas: (19.8 miles)

Rowlett Wet Zone is a great place to cool off during those hot Texas summers. There’s a lazy river, slides, and pools for all ages. You can spend the whole day here and never get bored.

Rowlett Wet Zone is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy all it has to offer. The prices are also very reasonable, making it a great option for families on a budget.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day of sun and water, Rowlett Wet Zone is the perfect place for you. With something for everyone, it’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. So head on down and make some memories today.

Hawaiian Falls Garland


Located at: 4550 N Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75040

Distance from Dallas: (20.1 miles)

On a warm, sunny day, there’s no better place to cool off and have some fun than Hawaiian Falls Garland in Dallas, TX. This water park has something for everyone, whether you want to relax in the lazy river or take on one of the thrilling slides. And when you’re ready for a break from the water, you can enjoy some delicious food or go shopping in the on-site stores. Here’s how to make the most of a perfect day at Hawaiian Falls Garland.

After arriving at the park and getting your swimsuit on, head over to Wai Lani Bay to jump into the action. This is where you’ll find some of the most popular attractions, like the volcano slide and the drop slides. Once you’ve worked up a appetite, make your way to one of the cafes for a bite to eat. The park has a variety of food options, so you’re sure to find something to your liking.

After lunch, it’s time to explore some of the other areas of the park. Check out Kaua‘i Klipper for a leisurely ride down the lazy river or Maui Pipeline if you’re looking for more of a thrill. And don’t forget to take a spin on the carousel or go on a shopping spree in one of the souvenir shops before heading back to your hotel.

Hawaiian Falls Garland is the perfect place to spend a day if you’re looking for some fun in the sun. With something for everyone, it’s easy to see why this water park is one of the most popular in Dallas. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and head on over to Hawaiian Falls Garland for a day you won’t soon forget!

Splash Factory

Splash Factory
Splash Factory

Located at: 601 E Grand Prairie Rd Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Distance from Dallas: (13.6 miles)

Splash Factory is a one-of-a-kind water park in Grand Prairie, TX that features over 30 different slides and attractions. With something for everyone, Splash Factory is the perfect place to cool off this summer. From thrilling waterslides to relaxing lazy rivers, there’s something for everyone at Splash Factory.

Splash Factory is home to some of the tallest and fastest waterslides in North Texas. Thrill seekers will love slides like the Viper, which plunges riders down a six-story drop, or the Blue Streak, which sends riders hurtling through a series of twists and turns. For a more relaxed experience, float down the lazy river or take a dip in one of the park’s two pools.

In addition to its thrilling slides and cool pools, Splash Factory also features a number of family-friendly attractions. Kids will love the splash pad, which has over 50 different water features, or the Kiddie Pool, which is perfect for little ones. The whole family can also enjoy the park’s arcade, which features a variety of games. Whether you’re looking for thrills or relaxation, Splash Factory has something for everyone. So come on down and cool off this summer at Splash Factory!

Things to Consider

Check the reviews – Have other people enjoyed their experience at the water park? Are they saying good things about it online? Checking reviews can give you some peace of mind before making your decision. Consider the cost – How much is it to get into the water park? Is there a discount for bringing your own food and drinks? Are there any additional costs for activities within the park? Knowing how much money you’ll need to spend upfront can help you budget better.

Think about the location – Is the water park close to where you’re staying in Dallas? If not, is it worth the drive or public transportation costs to get there? You’ll want to factor in travel time and costs when making your decision. Choose based on your interests – What kinds of activities are you looking for at a water park? Do you want slides, pools, a lazy river, or something else entirely? Make sure the water park you choose has the types of activities that interest you so you can make the most of your visit.

Go For It

If you’re looking for a great water park in the Dallas area, look no further than Splash Kingdom! With its massive slides, lazy river, and interactive play areas, Splash Kingdom is sure to please everyone in your group. And best of all, it’s conveniently located just a short drive from Dallas.

No matter what your age, you’ll have a blast at Splash Kingdom. The little ones will enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool or sliding down one of the smaller slides. For the older kids and adults, there are plenty of thrills to be had on the larger slides and in the lazy river. And everyone will love cooling off in the misting station on hot days.

In addition to its great attractions, Splash Kingdom also offers a variety of amenities to make your visit even more enjoyable. There are cabanas available for rent, so you can have a place to relax and take a break from the action. And if you get hungry, there’s no need to leave the park – there are several food and beverage options available on-site.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family or a place to cool off on a hot day, Splash Kingdom is the perfect spot. So head on over and see what all the fuss is about!

People Also Asked

What is the cost of a Water Park in Dallas?

Prices vary depending on which water park you’re wanting to go to! Prices can range from free admission at some of the splash pads to some ranging between $50-$100. Some water parks have season passes where guests can have unlimited access during the season for a set price and enjoy of the best water parks in Dallas Texas.

Is there a waterpark in Dallas?

Yes! Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is located in Arlington, Texas. There are more than 50 attractions and rides at the waterpark, including the Texas Giant, which is the tallest water slide in the world. There is also a lazy river and a wave pool. The park also offers several restaurants. Hurricane Harbor is available from late May through early September. No matter your age, come with your family and enjoy the best water parks in Dallas Texas.

Which Texas Water Park is the largest?

Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas is the largest waterpark. It boasts more than 50 slides, pools, and attractions on its 65-acre site. Another popular Texas waterpark is Hurricane Harbor Arlington. There are more than 50 attractions and rides at the park, including a lazy river and a wave pool. Typhoon Texas Austin, Texas’ newest waterpark. There are more than 30 attractions and rides at the park, including a lazy river and a wave pool. There are many, who visit the best water parks in Dallas Texas.

Why is salty water in water parks?

Salt helps keep the water clean in slides and pools. Salt is a chemical reaction that causes water to react with salt. This breaks down dirt and other contaminants making it easier to remove them. The saltiness in water park water also helps prevent algae growth. Algae can quickly overtake a slide or pool, making it unsuitable for swimming. Salting the water can make it unfavorable to algae growth


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