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D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School

September 9, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School

D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is a great location to study engineering, science, technology as well as math (STEM). The school provides a wide range of activities and classes that let students discover their passions for STEM. Additionally staff and faculty are dedicated to providing an arduous and challenging curriculum to prepare students for academic success throughout secondary school as well as beyond. If you’re searching for an outstanding education that has an emphasis on STEAM disciplines and a focus on STEAM, then take a look at D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School in Dallas, TX.

The curriculum of the school is designed to test and inspire students to learn about engineering, science, technology, math, arts and sciences and prepare students for the college experience and beyond. In addition to a top educational program D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School also provides extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports, offering students a well-rounded education. In addition, the school offers an environment that is supportive and welcoming that makes students feel secure and valued.If you’re searching for a middle school that can prepare your child for success in the future, D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is the ideal option.


D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX has a long and long time of. The school was founded in 1892, as it was known as the Dallas High School for Girls. At its inception the school was renowned for its outstanding academics and its strong emphasis upon STEM education. It continued to expand and flourish over the next few years, and eventually became one of the most prestigious middle schools within the state of Texas.

Today, D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is known for its excellent academics and commitment towards STEM education. The school provides rigorous education that helps students prepare for academic success and career opportunities with STEM fields. The school also offers numerous enrichment and extracurricular activities that let students discover their passions and talents. D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is a truly unique space where students can study as they grow and  learn.

The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas, Texas is a public middle school which serves pupils in grades 6-8. This school belongs to the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). In the 2018-19 school year the school was home to a total of 1,086 students with the number of teachers was 61 (on the basis of FTE), for a student-teacher ratio of 17.8:1. The school has 456 students as well as 313 females.

The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School began in August in 2016 under the bond package that was approved by voters on November 13, 2013. The school’s name was inspired by Dr. Daniel A. Hulcy who was the DISD superintendent from 2006 to 2011. DISD superintendent from 2006 until the year 2011.

The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is 2 stories 96,000 square foot (8,900 m2)) building that houses 30 classrooms as well as a library, an multipurpose room, as well as an MakerSpace. The school was designed to hold around 1,200 students. The campus has an outdoor playground and a basketball court.

Why D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School Is The Best

The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is the best school for your child since it provides a unique educational program that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). This method of learning will ensure that your child is well-prepared for the demands of college and the 21st century workforce. Furthermore, the school has an emphasis on extracurricular activities as well as community service.

This can help your child learn important leadership skills. The staff and teachers at D.A. Hulcy is enthusiastic about education and dedicated to helping each child succeed. Teachers and staff will provide each pupil with the necessary resources and opportunities to realize their maximum potential. You will be able to receive a high-quality education at this highly rated middle school. If you’re looking for an institution that will engage and motivate the child in your life, D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is the ideal option!


D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is a public school for students from the grades of 6-8. The school has a STEM (science engineering, technology and math) emphasis and offers a wide range of clubs and programs that are related to these subjects. The school offers an array of facilities including computers, a library gym, cafeteria, and gymnasium. It also houses a range of classrooms equipped with the most modern technology.

The facilities of the school include labs for every one of the STEM disciplines, as well as a library that has printers and computers, and the makerspace, which includes 3D printers, among other technologies. The school also houses an auditorium, a gymnasium and a cafeteria. There are outdoor spaces for recess and sports and an area where students can grow their own vegetables. The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is a great spot for students to learn a course that will help them prepare for success in the coming years.


The curriculum offered at D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is designed to help students prepare for the college experience and career opportunities with a focus on Science Technology engineering, arts and Mathematics. The school provides an intense academic program that comprises Advanced Placement (AP) courses and opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities such as robots and coding classes.

In addition to the standard academic subjects, students attending D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School can also study STEAM-related subjects, such as engineering and computing. The emphasis of the school on training students for the college experience and in careers that involve STEAM is a good option for students who are interested in these areas.

The school’s courses are founded on the concepts of Project Based Learning and emphasize the use of hands-on learning activities. Apart from the standard academic disciplines, the school also offers classes in robotics, computer science as well as coding.The D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).


All the staff members at D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School in Dallas TX is highly qualified and skilled. Teachers are all certified in their respective fields and have plenty of knowledge that they can share with their students. The staff is welcoming and warm which makes the school a wonderful environment to study. Additionally, the school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities that give students the chance to discover their passions and acquire new abilities. The staff at D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School in Dallas TX is dedicated to giving a quality education for every student.

Student Outcomes

The price of D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School located in Dallas TX is around $1,200 for tuition and other fees. The cost is not inclusive of the cost of textbooks and other items that are necessary for the program. Total cost for the attendance (COA) for D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is approximately $14,950.

Nearby Neighborhoods

There are many communities that are in the vicinity of D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School in Dallas, Texas. The school is located in a commercial and residential area that has numerous parks, businesses and schools close by. The surrounding neighborhoods around D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School is populated by families as well as young professionals and retired people. One possibility could be Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff neighborhood which is situated just to the south from downtown Dallas. This neighborhood is believed to be on the rise and has seen a lot of new restaurants and establishments that have opened in recent times.

There are many avenues lined by trees, and there are lots of green spaces to take in and make it a great area to walk or take a walk or for the run. Another neighborhood in the vicinity can be found in Deep Ellum, which is well-known for its vibrant music and arts scene. It is a great location for anyone who likes visiting local stores and cafes, as well as catching live performances at one of the numerous venues that are located in the region. Also, for those who are seeking for an urban feel in Duncanville, the area of Duncanville is only a short drive away from the school. This is a place that has numerous trails and parks along with many eateries and shopping choices. Whatever neighborhood you pick you’ll find something you’ll enjoy near D.A. Hulcy “STEAM” Middle School in Dallas!

What People Are Saying

“I am so proud of my son and his academic success at D.A. Hulcy Middle School! The teachers and staff create a safe and nurturing environment that allows all students to thrive. I highly recommend this school to any parent looking for an excellent education for their child.” -Tiffany S.

“My daughter has attended D.A. Hulcy for two years now, and we absolutely love it! The faculty and staff are amazing, and they have truly helped her grow academically and socially. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send her here.” -Amy K.

“We are so pleased with the education our son is receiving at D.A. Hulcy Middle School. The teachers are top-notch and really seem to care about the students. We would highly recommend this school to any parent!” -John and Mary R.

“Our son has attended D.A. Hulcy Middle School for two years now, and we could not be happier! The faculty and staff are amazing, and they have truly helped him grow academically and socially. We would highly recommend this school to any parent!” -Amy K.

Located at: 9339 S Polk St Dallas TX 75232

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