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Billy Earl Dade Middle School

September 1, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Billy Earl Dade Middle School

Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas, Texas is a fantastic place to study. The school offers a range of activities and classes to satisfy the needs of students of all ages. Teachers are kind and committed to helping every pupil succeed. It is evident that there’s a feeling community in this school and the entire staff works to ensure that every student is successful. Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a wonderful environment to learn and grow.

Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a fantastic school situated in Dallas, Texas. The teachers are extremely friendly and have lots of knowledge in teaching. They also offer a wide range of classes to ensure that you discover the perfect fit for your kid. The school is well-equipped with a comprehensive curriculum and provides a variety of different extracurricular events. There are numerous groups and clubs your child is able to join. Billy Earl Dade Middle School is an excellent location for the child of yours to develop and develop.


Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a middle school located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas (USA). Serving students from the grades of 6-8. It is a school that is part of the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). The school was known for Billy Earl Dade, an influential Dallas ISD administrator and civil rights activist. Billy Earl Dade Middle School was designed to alleviate the overcrowding of the nearby T.W. Browne Middle School. The campus originally comprised two buildings: a main structure that contained administration offices, classrooms as well as a library, and an additional building with an auditorium and a gym.

The enrollment of the school grew slowly in its initial period, and it was able to accommodate more than 1,000 students. In response to this increase the school built a new wing that contained additional classrooms as well as science labs were added to the main building. In the 90s was when Dade Middle School was selected as a location for the new DISD “middle school reform” initiative. The program, which included changes such as longer class times and a focus on fundamental skills training – was created to enhance students’ academic achievement at middle schools.

The reform plan has had a positive effect on Dade Middle School, the scores of the school’s tests began to increase. As of 1996 Dade received the distinction of being an “National School of Character” by the Character Education Partnership. In recent times, Dade Middle School has maintained its position as a leader in academic and character education performance. It has been honored many times by the Texas Education Agency for its excellent test scores, and in 2006, it was designated as a “National Blue Ribbon School” by the U.S. Department of Education One of only two middle schools in the Dallas ISD to be awarded this distinction.

Now, Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a vibrant community with more than 1,100 students as well as 100 staff and faculty members. It continues to provide its unique technology-based magnet program, and its renowned academic standing has earned it the status of one of the most sought-after options for families living in the Oak Cliff area. Because of the hard work of its staff, teachers and administration, Dade Middle School remains an important source of pride for parents and students in the Dallas Independent School District.


Why Billy Earl Dade Middle School is the Best

Billy Earl Dade Middle School is the top school in the area due to the fact that it offers an intense academic program that helps students prepare for academic success throughout their high school years and beyond. The school also places a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities like music and sports which allow students to pursue their interests and gain new abilities. This provides students with opportunities to be involved in clubs, sports, and many other activities. Students are able to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

Additionally the school emphasizes inclusiveness and diversity, making sure that every student feels welcome and valued. This helps create a positive and a supportive learning environment for every student. In addition, the teachers of Dade Middle School are dedicated to creating a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere for every student.


The amenities at Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas Texas are top-notch. The school is equipped with a modern gym that is well-equipped and a huge cafeteria and modern science labs. The school also has a gorgeous library that has comfortable reading spaces. The classrooms are light and airy, while the grounds are maintained well. The infrastructure of Billy Earl Dade Middle School is unbeatable.

Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas, Texas has a range of facilities accessible for students to utilize. The school offers libraries, computer labs, a gym, cafeteria, and gymnasium. The library is available every day during the school year. The library is stocked with a range of books and other resources that students can utilize for reading pleasure or research. A computer lab accessible to students at all times during school hours. It has various computers with internet connection that students can utilize for assignments at school or for personal projects. The gymnasium is accessible for physical education classes as well as the after school sports team. The cafeteria is available for morning and afternoon lunch throughout the school day. It also has an outdoor playground which the students are able to use during recess, or even after school hours.


The curriculum offered at Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas, Texas is designed to satisfy the needs of every student. It offers a range of classes that cover essential academic subjects, and also electives that let students discover their passions. Apart from the traditional classroom it also offers various extracurricular activities and clubs to assist students in developing leadership abilities and develop character. The staff at the school is committed to providing a positive and stimulating learning environment for every student.

The primary academic subjects offered in Billy Earl Dade Middle School comprise English/Language Arts Math Science, Social Studies. Alongside these disciplines, the school provides a range of electives that include drama, music, art and dance. Students may also opt to be part of the athletic program at the school that includes a variety of teams competing at the state, local and national levels. The school also hosts several extracurricular activities and clubs, including students’ councils, the yearbook clubs and the environmental club. These clubs offer students the chance to learn leadership abilities and contribute to the community.

All the staff members in Billy Earl Dade Middle School are dedicated to helping every student succeed. The school provides a wide range of tools to aid students in their learning, such as tutoring programs after school as well as the homework help hotline. The school also provides several services that aid families with their child’s education, including parent-teacher conferences, as well as the family literacy evening. The staff at the school is ready to address any questions or concerns parents or guardians might have.


The teachers in Billy Earl Dade Middle School are committed to the success of their students. They strive to ensure that every child is able to realize their maximum potential. Teachers are well-educated and compassionate, and do their best to ensure that their students are successful. Administrators are helpful and are always ready to assist resolve any issues that may arise. The counselors are attentive and are always ready to listen to any concerns the students might have. The personnel of Billy Earl Dade Middle School is dedicated to giving a positive and enjoyable experience for every student.

Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas Texas has a dedicated and supportive staff that is determined to provide the best quality education for pupils. They strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning that allows every child to be successful. Teachers are highly skilled and have years of experience in teaching Middle school pupils. They are also very compassionate and committed to their students’ progress. Counselors are on hand to assist students in any social or academic problems they might be facing. The front office staff is accommodating and friendly and ensures that the school is running smoothly. The personnel of Billy Earl Dade Middle School is outstanding and truly cares about the success of their students.

Student Outcomes

The price of Billy Earl Dade Middle School located in Dallas Texas is $8,126 per year. This covers tuition room and board, as well as other costs. Financial aid is offered for families that qualify. Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a public school, therefore the cost could vary depending upon the district where you reside. If you have questions regarding the cost of attending school Contact the admissions department at the school.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Billy Earl Dade Middle School is located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. The school is located on a hill that offers views of the skyline of downtown. The neighborhoods around the school have a mix of old homes and modern construction, with its street trees and vintage bungalows. It is also close to restaurants and shops.

Oak Cliff is a culturally diverse area that has a deep sense of community. It is home to numerous musicians, artists and small business owners. There are several parks within the region, as well as being home to there is the Dallas Zoo. The residents in Oak Cliff have easy access to major highways, which makes it an ideal place to reside for commuters.

If you’re searching for an intermediate institution in Dallas with an array of students as well as a sense the community Billy Earl Dade Middle School could be the ideal choice for the child of yours. The school is in a prime location that has the ability to easily access major highways. There are numerous stores and parks. There’s a mixture of old and new constructions in the surrounding areas, with the perfect environment for every person.

What People are Saying

“It’s a great school, my son loves it here.” -Mia S.

“We love Billy Earl Dade Middle School! The teachers and staff are amazing and truly care about the students.” -Jessica H.

“This is an excellent school! The staff is caring and goes above and beyond to make sure the students succeed.” -John D.

“Billy Earl Dade Middle School is a fantastic school! The teachers are top notch and really care about the students.” -Amy R

Address: 2727 Al Lipscomb Way Dallas TX 75215

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