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Bayles Elementary School

August 19, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Bayles Elementary School

Bayles Elementary School located in Dallas TX is a great school with a high focus on academics. The teachers are dedicated to helping their students achieve and offer plenty of help. The school’s curriculum is rigorous and will prepare students for the high school level and even beyond. There are many extracurricular activities that are available which allows students to be involved in something that they are passionate about.

In the end, Bayles Elementary is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for the best education available. Bayles Elementary School located in Dallas TX is an excellent school for students to go to. The staff and teachers are committed to the success of their students and the program is rigorous and challenging. The school also provides an environment that is warm and welcoming for their students. In the end, Bayles Elementary School is an ideal choice for families who are looking for the best schooling for your children.

Why Bayles Elementary School Is The Best

There are numerous reasons to think about Bayles Elementary School located in Dallas TX for your child. The school offers a solid academic program with an emphasis on the preparation of students for academic success at college and beyond. The school also provides many extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports, and other opportunities for enrichment.

In addition the school has a clear determination to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone in the school. The personnel of Bayles Elementary School is committed to helping every child achieve their maximum potential. All of these elements come together to create a great learning environment for your child.

The school provides a challenging educational program designed to prepare your child for academic success in secondary school, and afterward. The school’s strong dedication to character education will help your child grow into an ethical and respectable young adult. Bayles Elementary School’s Staff at Bayles Elementary School is kind and helpful, and committed to helping every student realize their potential to the fullest extent.

The school is home to an array of students that provides your child with the chance to study and appreciate diverse cultural backgrounds. The school is situated in a secure and friendly community and you can be assured you’ll be protected and content at Bayles Elementary School.


Bayles Elementary School is one that offers the opportunity for students to achieve. The school is an intense academic program as well as many extracurricular activities. The school also has a strong dedication to the community. Bayles Elementary offers a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the school. The school has a modern structure and classrooms that are large and equipped. The library is well-stocked with books and materials which support the syllabus. A computer lab is available in which students can connect to the internet and utilize educational software.

The gymnasium is big and includes bleachers for spectators. It also has an outside playground. The academic curriculum in Bayles Elementary is challenging and stimulating. Students are provided with daily instruction in writing, reading and math, as well as sciences, and social studies. Additionally, there are special programs in the fields of music, art and physical education.

The school is committed to a dedication to literacy and provides various options to assist in reading instruction. Bayles Elementary provides many opportunities for students to be involved within extracurricular sports. There are numerous clubs and organizations that concentrate on artistic, academic or athletic pursuits. Students can also take part in volunteer projects that aid the community. The school is a lively and diverse student population. Students are from different backgrounds and cultures.

Bayles Elementary is committed to creating an environment in which every student feels welcome and valued. Bayles Elementary is a great location for students to grow and learn. The school offers a rigorous academic program, an array of extracurricular activities, as well as an unwavering dedication to volunteering in the community. All of these elements provide a learning environment favorable to learning and personal growth.


Bayles Elementary School provides an intensive and well-rounded education that is aligned to standards set by the State of Texas’ academic standards. The school provides a secure and nurturing environment for learning where students are respected and supported throughout their personal educational journey. They provide a range of services and programs to accommodate the needs of the diverse students.

The bilingual and dual-language program offers instructions both in Spanish as well as English for pupils who have been born Spanish or are traditional speakers of Spanish. The school also offers an accelerated program for gifted and talented students for students with exceptional skills at one or two aspects of academics.

In addition to their class schedule, Bayles Elementary School offers extracurricular opportunities like the orchestra, band, choir as well as dance as well as theater. The school also has an extensive after-school program that provides a wide range of activities and clubs for the students. The curriculum at Bayles Elementary School is designed to be challenging and engaging for every student, preparing students for the success of middle high school, secondary school and beyond.

Bayles Elementary School believes that every student can be educated and achieve their maximum capacity when they are given a chance to achieve this. They’re committed to giving their students the support and resources they need to achieve their goals.


The staff and teachers at Bayles Elementary School are committed to providing an excellent education for every student. They strive to create an enjoyable and safe learning environment where each child is able to thrive. The faculty also commits to continuous professional development to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in teaching. This means they can offer the highest quality educational experience for pupils.

Apart from being outstanding teachers, the staff of Bayles Elementary school are warm and compassionate people who are truly concerned about the health of their pupils. They will always go above and beyond to assist children in need or to answer any questions parents might have. It is evident that everyone at Bayles Elementary School truly cares about the students they teach and are committed to giving them the best education possible.

Student Outcomes

As per The Dallas Independent School District, the cost for Bayles Elementary school amounts to approximately $7,893 annually. It includes fees, tuition as well as other expenses. However, there are discounts or scholarships that can lower the price. It is crucial to get in touch with the school directly to inquire about prices and the financial aid options available. The school also has a compulsory annual fee of $120. The fee covers the costs of field trips as well as other activities. It also covers the annual fee of $50 for insurance.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhood surrounding Bayles Elementary school consists of commercial and residential homes. There are numerous small businesses that line Main Street, and several cafes and restaurants. These streets have trees, and there are lots of green spaces around. The school itself is set in a natural setting with a playground as well as a basketball court. There’s also a community center that is located close by, and provides residents with a space to socialize and meet. In general, the area surrounding Bayles elementary school is peaceful and secure, making it the perfect spot to create a family, or comfortably in retirement.

There are many neighborhoods located close to Bayles elementary school within Dallas, TX. The first one is one called the Vickery Meadow neighborhood. The area is known for being a multicultural community, with numerous ethnic groups being represented. The area also houses many people who are refugees or immigrants. The other neighborhood in the vicinity is the Oak Cliff neighborhood. The neighborhood is famous for the area’s Hispanic culture as well as its arts scene. Thirdly, the closest community is located in the Downtown Dallas area. The Downtown Dallas region is home to a wide range of cultural and business establishments.

What People Are Saying

“Bayles is a great school! The teachers are soooo nice and the campus is beautiful. My daughter loves it here!” – A mom

“Best school in Dallas ISD! The staff is amazing and my child has learned so much.” – A dad

“We love Bayles Elementary! The teachers are great and my son has really flourished here.” – A mom

“This is an excellent school! The teachers are top notch and the students are learning so much.” – A dad

“We are so happy with Bayles Elementary! The staff is fantastic and our daughter is doing great.” – A mom

“This is a great school! The teachers are wonderful and the students are learning so much.” – A dad

“Our experience at Bayles Elementary has been amazing! The teachers are top-notch and the students are thriving.” – A mom

Located at: 2444 Telegraph Ave, Dallas, TX 75228

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