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Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park

August 26, 2022 | Erika Klamt
Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park

There are many reasons to camp on the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park located in Dallas, Texas. The RV park is situated in a stunning surroundings by lush green trees as well as rolling hills. The campsites are amazing. The park also has a variety of amenities that will ensure that your stay is both pleasant and comfortable. Facilities include complete connections for your RV and laundries, pool, a playground and a clubhouse. There’s also a store at the site where you can purchase all the RV or camping equipment you’ll need.

Another reason to stay in Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is its central area. Dallas is a big city that has plenty to do and see. It can also be costly for a stay at a hotel within the city. Camp with us at Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park allows you to explore all the attractions Dallas offers without the expense of hotel rooms. Additionally, the park is only a short drive away from the main attractions in Dallas.

If you’re seeking for an idyllic location for the next camping adventure or are looking for an affordable method to get a place to stay in Dallas look into visiting Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park. Its central location, spectacular views, and a wealth of amenities, it’s certain to delight all of your guests.

Why Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park Is The Best

Another thing I like the most concerning Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is the place of residence. It’s located in a stunning rural area, near Dallas, Texas. It means there are numerous activities to take part in both inside and outside the park. There are trails for hiking as well as horseback riding trails and even the fishing pond is on site. If you’re seeking for something exciting then you should head to downtown Dallas for the night in the city.

A great reason people is amazed by the RV park is that it has a wide array of facilities that other parks do not have. For instance, they have an outdoor pool, spa, as well as a lounge with the full bar and kitchen and even laundry facilities. This means that you will be able to truly enjoy your stay here without worrying about the small things.

Last but not least, people love Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park due to the staff working there. Everyone is extremely warm and friendly and always willing to assist you in case you require anything. They ensure that the park is kept clean and well-maintained. They’re always available to assist you with any questions you have. If you’re searching for the perfect spot to stay, It’s highly recommended The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park.

The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is situated within the heart of Dallas and provides its guests with the most comfortable camping experience available in the region. It has a wide range of campsites to pick from. All of them are well-maintained, clean, and provide spectacular views over the city. The personnel in Dallas Shady Oaks are incredibly welcoming and accommodating to ensure that every camper is provided with everything needed to make the most of their time. The prices for camping sites are very reasonable at Dallas Shady Oaks are very affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for families or groups who want to set up camp within the vicinity. Overall, Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is the ideal spot to stay if you’re seeking for an unforgettable camping experience in a gorgeous location.


The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park located in Dallas Texas offers a variety of amenities for guests. The park has full hookups for those who prefer to stay in their RVs. There is also an outdoor pool and playing area for children. The RV park also features laundry facilities as well as bathrooms for guests to utilize. Furthermore this Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park provides a wide range of things for guests to take part in like fishing or hiking and biking.

The RV park offers complete hookups, including 30 – and 50-amp power as well as a dump station. well-maintained restrooms that have hot showers and laundry facilities, the picnic area has playground equipment and a swimming pool. The RV Park is pet-friendly too.

Its RV Park can be found near Dallas, Texas, just minutes away from downtown. It is easy to access from major highways, and is located near many tourist attractions, such as Dallas Zoo, the Sixth Floor Museum and the Dallas World Aquarium.

Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park offers a range of recreational activities for guests, including fishing as well as hiking, biking, and fishing. This RV Park also is near to a variety of shops and restaurants.


The view of the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park in Dallas Texas is so beautiful due to the numerous trees that provide shade as well as that lush, green grass. The park also includes the pond, which is home to ducks as well as geese and playground for youngsters. There’s also a community center in which people can meet to play games or chat. The view from the park is amazing and definitely one of the places I’d recommend to anyone who is looking for an area to unwind and take in the beauty of nature.

The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is situated in a gorgeous wooded region near Dallas, Texas. The RV Park has a range of facilities for its guests, such as complete hookups, Wi-Fi, cable television, and a swimming spa. The campsites in the RV Park are spacious and well maintained, and the staff is helpful and friendly. This Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

It is located in the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is situated in the center of Dallas, Texas and offers guests an unforgettable and peaceful experience. It is an RV Park located on a gorgeous parcel of land covered by trees and boasts beautiful views of the city’s skyline. The RV Park provides a wide range of facilities for guests to enjoy, such as full hookups, cable television as well as Wi-Fi and laundry facilities, as well as a swimming pool. This Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is pet-friendly, meaning you are able to bring your pet along for the trip.


The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park can be found near Dallas, TX. It offers visitors the chance to take in the stunning weather. It is located in a wooded area, which provides shade and protection from sun rays.  The Park receives a fair amount of rain each year. This helps keep the grounds green and lush. Although the spring and autumn months are the wettest, there is enough rainfall to maintain grass and trees.

This place offers a wonderful place to spend the summer outdoors. The area has many hiking trails that run through the woods. There is also a wide variety of wildlife. The park is a great place to spend time with bird watchers, since there are so many species of birds.


The price of Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park located in Dallas Texas is $30 per night for a two-night minimum stay. The park is equipped with all hookups, WiFi, and cable TV. The laundry is also available located on the premises. The park is pet-friendly and also has a pool.

Things to Consider

The first thing to think about before you decide to stay in the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is the conditions. The average temperature for Dallas during summer is 96 °, so it is crucial to ensure all your loved ones are well-prepared for the hot temperatures. If you’re new to camping in temperatures this hot it is essential to ensure that your camp has plenty of shade and water available.

The weather in Texas can be very hot and humid in summertime. Be sure to look over the forecast and prepare in advance. If it’s extremely hot, you might be thinking about another date to stay. Ensure that your vehicle is in condition prior to leaving. You don’t want to experience any problems when you’re trying to relax on your vacation. Make sure to take all the things you’ll need for your excursion. This includes drinks, food, clothing, toiletries as well as any other items. Think about what you’d like to do when you’re in the campground. Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park provides a range of recreational activities, so make sure to explore them and make plans in advance.

If you’re planning to bring with you any pets, make certain to check the rules of the campground prior to your visit. Some campgrounds might not allow certain kinds of animals or have specific regulations regarding the animals.

Another aspect to consider prior to staying on the grounds of Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park is the kind of campground you’d like to stay at. There are sites that have full hookups, which include electricity, water as well as sewer connections. There are also basic sites accessible, but they don’t have hookups. If you intend to use any electronic device while in the camp it is crucial to ensure you are on a site that has all hookups.

It is also crucial to think about the kind of activities the entire family wants to engage in while staying on vacation at Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park. There are a variety of options available, such as biking, hiking, fishing and swimming. If you have children who are young it is essential to ensure that there are plenty of things that are available for youngsters to enjoy. Adults and older children may be interested in playing basketball or tennis on the court at the campground.

In the end, it is crucial to think about the costs to camp at Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park. The price of a camping spot will vary based on the season and the type of location that you pick. It is crucial to evaluate the prices of different campgrounds prior to making a final choice. If you do this you can be sure that you get the most value for your dollars.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to ensure that your camping experience in the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park located in Dallas, Texas is a memorable adventure.

Things to Do

There are plenty of activities for children at The Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park! There is an outdoor playground that includes an inflatable swing set and slides. There is also a basketball court as well as a volleyball court and the horseshoe pit. Additionally, there’s an open space that is perfect for play and running. If your children like fishing, they’ll be delighted to know the pond at the site is full of fish.

Alongside the fun activities, Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park has a range of amenities perfect for families. There’s a laundry facility located on the site and bathrooms with showers. In addition, there’s an area for picnics with grills and tables, ideal for cooking outdoors. If you have any questions while you’re there, helpful staff at the park’s offices are ready to assist you.

If you’re searching for an ideal spot to bring your family for vacation, make sure to look into the Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park! With many things to explore and do children are never bored. In addition, with all of the facilities that the park offers it is possible to unwind and relax during your vacation away from home.


There’s plenty you can do in Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park with your furry friend! You can go for walks through and play a game of fetch with them in one of the numerous areas of green, or allow them to cool off in the pool for dogs on the premises. If you’re seeking for something more adventurous, visit close by White Rock Lake where you with your pet can go swimming, explore along the trail, or kayak. Whatever you decide to do with your furry friend are guaranteed to have fun on the grounds of Dallas Shady Oaks RV Park!

Shady Oaks is an RV park with a pet-friendly policy located in Dallas, Texas. Pets are welcomed throughout the park including the dog run and trails for hiking. There are plenty of opportunities for animals in the park, including dog agility courses as well as obedience training classes. Staff members at Shady Oaks RV Park are happy to assist the pet owner with any queries or concerns they might have.

What People Are Saying

“The staff at Shady Oaks RV Park is amazing! They are always so friendly and helpful, and they go above and beyond to make sure that our stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The park is always clean and well-maintained, and the location is convenient to everything we need. We highly recommend Shady Oaks RV Park to anyone looking for a great place to stay in Dallas.” -The Smith Family

“We have stayed at Shady Oaks RV Park several times, and it has always been a great experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, the facilities are clean and well-maintained, and the location is convenient to all the attractions in Dallas. We would definitely recommend Shady Oaks RV Park to anyone looking for a great place to stay in the city.” -The Johnson Family

“Shady Oaks RV Park is our go-to spot when we’re staying in Dallas. It’s clean, quiet, and the staff is always so friendly and helpful. We highly recommend this RV park to anyone visiting the Dallas area.” -The Nguyen Family

Located at: 1911 Edd Rd, Dallas, TX 75253

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